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quickie post.

I just hate PLDT right now. Imagine taking away from me the only thing that really keeps me sane: The Internet. For almost a week already I've been dying out of complete boredom, getting so jealous of friends who have uploaded new pics or have just blogged, and just watching some lame ass shows on cable. The funny thing is I have all the DVDs and CDs of movies and shows to watch at home but I just can't bring myself to watch them yet. I really have no idea why. And because of that I've spent my days reading (and finishing) books. As of today I've finished three books since Sunday, and still currently reading Eclipse. Waah! I'm such a geek. Haha.

I was so happy last Sunday because I finally got myself a copy of Eclipse! I called all the Fully Booked, Power Books and National Book Stores in Metro Manila and only to be saddened by a "Sold out na po," from the branch manager. Even the Fully Booked at Bonifacio High Street disappointed me! But thank heavens for Fully Booked at Rockwell. I think it just might be the last copy in the Metro? Hmm. :) I'm trying, really trying, to read it as slowly as I can because I don't want to finish it right away just yet. So I temporarily placed it in my bookshelf first and only vow to read it before I go to sleep. Haha. Of course, that only makes me miss Edward even more! :)

Yesterday was the Distribution of Cards. For the (outgoing) Seniors it also meant the receiving of our yearbook photos, souvenir CDs and DVDs from our Grad Ball and other main events. Everything was placed inside a brown envelope with your name written on it. I can't help but feel nostalgic all over again as I look at it. It's my last "souvenir" from SPCP, and it contains some of the best memories of my Senior year. I looked at my official yearbook photo, the one that looks like I had a nose job, and I can't help but laugh. I will forever be immortalized in this photograph. This is how the generations of Paulinians after me will remember me years from now -- with a nose job. Thank you very much, Photoshop. I also can't help but smile at my grades because they all turned out pretty good despite the hemorrhages our Periodic Exams gave. It was the highest average I've had in quite some time.. so I was extremely happy. All my motivation strategies worked! I successfully stirred myself to exert my best efforts especially in academics. My Senior mantra "Last year mo na to, Karla!" brought forth a positive effect! Haha. I hope I can continue challenging myself like this for the next years of my school life. GEEK MODE, activated! :))

Today is American Idol day! Yeheyy! I have a confession to make.. I think I'm falling hard for Jason Castro! Ayayay! I know the Archuletans out there will call me a traitor.. haha. But seriously, ever since their entry on the Top 12, Jason just becomes cuter and cuter every week.. especially the time he sang Michelle by the Beatles! I so love him already. :) Haha. I'm falling for the Dreadhead!

Dreadhead! ♥

I'm here blogging at my mom's office because my tita will fetch me. We'll be going to UP later to submit my Medical and Dental certificates. For the past few weeks me and my friends have been busy accomplishing our colllege-related tasks. All this school talk is making everyone in my barkada excited. My future La Sallite friends went their yesterday and reserved their slots, and checked out their future condos (sosyal talaga haha!), the future Thomasians have been learning how to commute to their school, the future Mapuans are getting ready for their future no summer break life (by making gala and outings!) and the UP peeps.. wala lang. Haha :)) Sa May pa kasi yung enrollment and everything else.

OMG I think I have to go already. Shoot, bitin ang Internet time ko oh. Anyway I'd really like to apologize, hindi pa ako nakakapag-bloghop masyado. But rest assured the moment our Internet gets fixed I'll be dropping by your blogs right away. I miss the Internet world so much! Haha. :)) Sorry for the sabog post.

Adios mi amigos! :D

[EDIT] Wooooow, God is soo good to me today! Aside from my successful submission in the Medical-Dental Certificates in UP, and my relaxing trip to Trinoma, I arrived home and found out we already have Internet! Yeheyy! :) I love this day! Okay, off to my bloghopping duties! [/EDIT]