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this got me laughing :))

You have to check this out. This is hilarious! :)) You should definitely try it.

Take that! Apparently I look like Song Hye-Kyo and Zhang Ziyi. I've tried using my other photos and either one of them always shows up on my Celebrity Look Alike. I was laughing my head off yesterday, and up until now as I watch the morphing process. It's creepy in a funny kind of way. But it's not so bad, I mean they are considered two of the most beautiful Asians out there, right? Hmm. Does this mean supah-stardom isn't too far away? Then again the whole purpose of this website is to find your celebrity twin so.. down, girl. NYAHAHA :)

I was playing Shuffle with my radio this morning just to kill boredom. To those unfamiliar to this little game of mine, it's basically just getting your mp3 player set in shuffle mode. In the absence of an mp3 player (poor little iPod, I keep on forgetting to charge it), I used my FM radio. Then, ask a random question and the song or line that plays after you press the button would be your answer. Pretty easy. So just out of nowhere, I asked the question, "What is life?" And alas, it's Butch Walker with Mixtape. I sang along immediately with my roller brush as my mic. Halfway through the song though, I asked myself, "Life is a Mixtape!?" suddenly remembering my question. It got me thinking for a few moments. I suddenly recalled back in Grade 6. I know our generation probably didn't get that much experience with the cassette, but we did have our version of the mix tape -- the mix CD, of course. So CD burning was just beginning to become a fad, and since I belonged to the senti and dramatic class, we all wanted one! I was one of the people in class immediately listed down the songs I wanted on a one-fourth sheet of paper, gave it to my classmate who goes to a "pa-burn-an ng CD" (HAHA, that's what they called it!) and paid her Php 50, I think. After a week, I eagerly received my very own personalized mix only to be met by my classmate's words, "Wala yung ibang kanta na gusto mo kaya pinalitan na lang." I was very disappointed. I carefully selected those songs. But it was there already. Unfortunately, the forward/rewind buttons of my Discman back then were busted so I had no choice but to listen to all of it. I didn't like some of the songs, especially the rap and the metal rock ones (because I only listened to cheesy songs then, HAHA). However there was nothing I could possibly do because I was stuck with that crappy Discman. I don't know why I just didn't transfer to our other CD players, but I spent the rest of the evening listening to every track. There were so-so songs, unknown songs, but of course the few from the original list I made that were there truly made me happy. And isn't life like that? There are moments we really would rather just skip but we can't because there really are no fast forward buttons to click. Or rewind buttons to send us back to much happier times. Or pause buttons for the times we wish the world would stop when we do. But it doesn't. Life will keep on playing and playing and playing until it comes to its end. Only then can we truly say that we enjoyed the whole thing.

So I guess the bad songs (and the bad songwriters) will always find their way into our lives, but I hope we don't forget that there are good songs too, enough to keep us elated for the next tracks or so.

Hope you like the layout as much as I do. :)

Guess who? ♥