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we've only just begun..

I know every other UP-D Freshman out there has been rattling and panicking over the pre-enlistment for the past couple of days. The sudden crashing of the server, the fear of choosing difficult subjects, the apprehension over the schedules and order of subjects.. all these are more than enough to cause a newcomer to go berserk.

Yesterday, I finally got myself pre-enlisted. At first I was quite annoyed because of the thought that WE had to choose our subjects. We had blocks but we only had the core subjects enlisted, unlike the other universities where the school already arranges everything for the freshmen. However, I also realized what a great advantage that was. I was able to weed out the subjects I didn't like and wasn't really good at (aka CHEMISTRY) and at least be able to focus on the subjects I do enjoy. It also gave me and Inna, my future roommate, to have a class together which is PE. And at least I can work the subjects around and organize our subjects according to how convenient they are for us. I guess this is one of our perks. And now I'm completely satisfied with my schedule. Though of course there are still some classes I'd rather take, or I'd want to go home earlier, I have to make sacrifices. Compromise -- as Edward Cullen puts it.

So, I guess this is our first taste of the UP lifestyle -- the stress, the anxiety, and the excitement! They say nothing can ever compare to your first college experiences, especially when everything seems so awkward and unfamiliar. But I'm pretty sure I can survive my first year. I'm crossing my fingers! :) I caaaan't wait for June 10! Now I just have to know the route of the UP Ikot and Toki. Hehe.

I'm in B-11, by the way. Hello, future block mates, if you're out there! Haha. :)

And before I forget..
Happy Birthday to my three very good friends,
Mikka, Trixie, and Cars!

Burger! Burger! Hahaha :) See you soon, guys!

P.S. Ang saya talaga ng PE namin ni Inna :D