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heroes are not born, they're built.

When your dad leaves for a business trip, your maid goes on vacation, and you don't have any siblings, that usually means you're stuck with your mom. And for some it's a bad thing. But for me it isn't.

So today, out of boredom (and laziness to cook and clean up, haha) my mom and I went to SM to watch Iron Man. She didn't want to go initially, saying that it's usually my dad who is my movie buddy and that she does not fancy those action-packed movies -- even suggesting the Aga and Anne movie. HAHA. But I won her over, using the fact that she used to have a huge crush on Robert Downey Jr. when he was on Ally McBeal, and that Gwyneth Paltrow would be in it. So Iron Man it was!

I enjoyed the movie! Sobra. It wasn't your average superhero movie because it was certainly interesting. First, the actors. I initially thought Robert Downey was too old for the role, but he carried his role well. And besides, Tony Stark's character obviously had some age, class, and experience, he was perfect for it. It was also quite a surprise to see Gwyneth Paltrow there because usually the leading ladies aren't really big A-list stars. It was refreshing to see her in a less serious role for once. The special effects were terrific too, and I think, unlike most hero movies, it really had a touch of reality in it. I loved how his "machines" were all so human because they talk back! Haha. My mom kept teasing me na baka sa sobrang ka-geek-an ko, I'd program my gadgets like that too. LOL :)

As some of you may know, I'm in love with superheroes. Not the comic-book-guy kind of love, but just a regular teenager completely looking up to crushing on these fantastic (non)humans. I mean, who doesn't want to have superpowers and unwavering strength? I concoct thoughts of me wearing that red, gold, and blue costume and flying away as Wonder Woman. But what really captivates me more are those without the genetically altered DNAs though, the ones with only their willpower and resolve to change the world. Like Batman. And that's how Iron Man came to be. He was awaken to the truth that he was part of the problem, so he found a way to be the solution. It wasn't easy but his efforts did pay off. Well, I wouldn't really tell you all the ending of course, but do you honestly think there's a superhero out there who didn't deliver? :) He was still human though, no spider bites, no Krypton ancestry, no cosmic ray exposure -- just really mad Math skills.

It got me thinking though. His obvious passion for Math paved the way for his exceptional abilities. So did the creator and producers somehow want to send some kind of subliminal message that we should take Math and Science seriously because it IS useful in real life? Most of the superheroes are, undeniably, geeks and nerds who excelled in class right? Peter Parker and Mr. Fantastic, to name a few. Maybe in some weird way it will encourage all of us to do well in these normally hated subjects because it will be the key to "greatness." Haha.

Whatever, I'm going to be a writer anyway :P

And now the plates and silverware are summoning me. (Un)fortunately, I have to go and hone my superb dish washing skills. Since we have no maid, and because I am just the dutifully obedient daughter that I am (HAHA!), I have been volunteering my services and not complaining. You can call me Lababo Queen now. Haha.

Let me leave you with this.

Now this really, really, really got me thinking.