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just a day, just an ordinary day.

So I promised Nikki D. that I'll answer the tag but because today is a very special occasion, I decided I'll modify it just a little bit.


  1. She loves George Clooney. George is like my mom's Nathan Scott. Every time she sees her on E! News or Daily 10, or any other entertainment show I swear I see her eyes turn into hearts and she gets kilig like a teenage high school girl. :)

  2. Her favorite author is Danielle Steel. She has read every single one of her novels. I swear! When we pass by the Danielle Steel section in book stores, she always knows what's new, what's old, and what's just been reprinted. That's why it's kind of tricky to give her DS books because I don't know if she's read it or not. But luckily, the time I did buy her one, it was one of the new novels.

  3. She plays the piano. That's just one of the many things we have in common. I grew up in a family that plays the piano (my grandma does too) so it's just natural that it follows in the family. But admittedly my mom is the better player between the two of us. Among her sisters, she was the only one who really pursued this craft. She kept some of her pieces back when she was still studying so now, it's my turn to play them -- and fortunately I can still read them even if the paper is quite old and yellowish. Haha. Some of our favorites are Fur Elise and Minuet in G by Beethoven.

  4. She has more ear piercings than me. I only have two, one on each ear. But she has four! I can still remember the day she went home and suddenly she had two piercings on each ear! I was like, O_O! Haha. I think she also wants to get her belly button done.. and..

  5. She wants to have a tattoo. Not the real one, I hope. But she really wants to have one on her back, like Mandy Moore in A Walk To Remember. Between the two of us, sometimes she's the one who acts like the teenager because I have to stop her from getting all these on her! Haha.

  6. She looooves Koreanovelas. Our house is overloaded with Korean DVDs. Secret Lovers, Lovers, Lovers in Paris, Coffee Prince, How to Marry A Millionaire.. name it and she's watched it, even before they showed in on Philippine TV! Not only is she in love with the lead actors, but she adores the Korean girls' style -- from hair to fashion. Sometimes I think she can understand Korean already. Haha.

  7. She loves watching Date My Mom with me. It's our favorite show. Haha. We laugh at the moms because they're more eccentric than their daughters! And sometimes we pity the guy who picks the perfect mom but has the ugly daughter. LOL :)) She keeps on telling me that we should join that show and in the end she'll get the guy to say, "Ana, I do not want to date your daughter. I want to date you." NYE. Haha :)) But if we do join, I'm pretty sure we'll win! :P

  8. She was a Paulinian from St. Paul Manila, so we kind of understand each other when it comes to high school related stuff. It's not difficult to talk to her because she isn't close-minded. And I know she went through all the same things when she was in high school. She was also very kikay then (she was a member of PRU -- the club for the pretty usherettes), and a heartthrob too! She always had dates from La Salle, San Beda, and the Ateneo. I have a very strong feeling that if we became classmates in high school, we'll either be the best of friends, or the worst of enemies since we're so alike yet so different! Haha :) And did I mention she looked real hot in her Paulinian uniform?! Compared to her, I look like a nerd! :P

  9. She brought me to the Vanessa Carlton concert last Friday at Trinoma. She knows how much I love Vanessa, so we went all the way to Quezon City (from her office at Makati), and bought Php 1500 worth of shoes just so we can get tickets! Vanessa was sooooo amazing! IDOL TALAGA! I swear it was one of the best nights of my life -- and one of the best bondings with my mom! :P (I posted the pictures and videos at my Multiply, you can check it out there)

  10. SHE READS THE TWILIGHT SERIES. Yes. She was so intrigued by the series that I've been going gaga over, that she desperately wanted to know if it was worth all the money and traveling we did (we went bookstore-hopping all over Metro Manila just to buy the sequels). And so I let her borrow the first one, and needless to say, she was hooked! She read it in less than a week. And now she's in the middle of Eclipse. I don't know if she can get any cooler than that -- now she feels like every other teenage girl in the world: in love with Edward, and wants more! (We even surfed the Twilight Movie website together and loooooved every bit of it!)

Those are just 10 of the thousands of great things about my mom. She's not just my mom, she's also my best friend. We dress alike, we talk alike, we think alike.. I tell her almost everything! We may have fights or arguments every now and then, but that's just because I know she loves me. I know that one of the most difficult relationships to handle in life is one's relationship with your mom, but I also think it's one of the best. I'm so lucky to have her because (as Regina George's mom put it) she's not just a regular mom, she's a cool mom!

Happy Mother's Day, Mommy! I love you! :)

And Happy Mother's Day to your moms too!