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new beginnings.

It's that time of year, the time I've been fearing yet looking forward to all the same. It's when new paths unfurl, new chapters unfold, new episodes begin. It's the dawn of a different era -- also known as College.

Today was La Salle's first day of classes. I woke up early just to greet my Archer friends and wish them luck. I spent the last weekend making kulit to my close friend Nica, asking her how she feels about going to college. As usual, I was even more excited than she was. I was able to chat a little with Kaila, Mendo, LA, and Nica a little before their classes began. They told me about their blockmates, their subjects (Trigo as the first class of the first day of your first year as a college student!? UGH), their professors -- everything a mother usually asks after her child's first day at school. Haha. After a few moments, my phone went back to its usual idle mode and I figured they were probably having their classes already. A little smile plastered across my overly-giddy face -- college na sila! Whooo! Ako rin, malapit na! I was certain my heart skipped a beat or two.

But it wasn't just a big day for the La Sallians, it was for me as well. Today, I went to our dorm with my tita and our helper. We cleaned the bathroom, fixed the bed, added some things.. it was like being on those reality shows where you redecorate a totally boring room into something really trendy. I customized my side of the room only, because I'm certain Inna would want to do her own. Most of my things were pink.. pink hamper, pink trash can, pink trays, pink caddies.. haha. Can you say Barbie?! Also, we bought some racks for the bathroom since I am in charge of that (Inna is in charge of the kitchen stuff). We also bought a mattress and some blinds for the windows. In general, I liked how our room turned out. Okay.. so it wasn't as fabulous as you may think it is because it's still unfinished, but I'm glad to say it looks a little more "homey" now. I think we're going back again this week to put some clothes and other things I might need. I can't wait to actually live there already! Inna and I are going to be like.. hmm, Monica and Rachel? Or Brooke and Haley? We'll see.. we'll be moving next week, I think? Whooo! Exciting :)

I can't help but think though, as thrilling as everything seems to be, soon things will really change not just for me but for everyone else. The "idea" of going to college that we all imagined in high school will almost immediately be replaced with the "reality" of being in college. Sometimes I still can't believe that I'm 16 and going to my dream university. It still feels like I'm just imagining all this somehow -- just like last year. But now they really are here, and things are bound to change. And unlike all the other changes in my life that I absolutely disliked, this is one thing I'm welcoming with open arms.

I can't wait for this new chapter to begin :)

(And that new chapter includes new notebooks and G-techs, I hope! I have a good excuse to get myself new ones, I just hope I don't drop and/or lose them because God knows how much they cost! Grabe! Parang gasolina lang ah! I still like it though. Haha. Admit it, you do too! :P Okaaaay.. this parenthetical sentence has gotten way too long. It must end. Now.)

P.S. I apologize for the lack of updates this week. I've been attacked by Laziness with a capital L. I don't know why I just couldn't get myself to write anything serious. Oh well. I'm back for real this time :) BTW, I still have more BKK pics to upload on my Multiply so just check it out there, okay?