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  • Never underestimate the traffic along Katipunan Avenue. So you think just because we live a few minutes from school and that a lot of jeeps pass by our dorm we can dilly-dally in the morning? Nah-uh. You're forgetting two very significant things: Ateneo and Miriam. With all the school services and cars taking up most of the lanes in Katipunan, we can't afford to not leave early. I've experienced feeling nauseous while riding the jeepney all because I was afraid of being late for my English class. Thankfully though, the traffic is moving (albeit very slowly) and once you get past Ateneo and Miriam, it's like blasting off to outer space: super bilis na.

  • UP Diliman is bigger than the Vatican City. Yes, a fact so true it hurts. Because that only means getting lost in UP is really not impossible. The first few days we were so baffled by everything, from what jeep we would ride (Ikot or Toki?) to where we would eat. It was such a huge place that undeniably any freshman would feel overwhelmed. I actually brought my map with me every single day (Haha, everyday I'm tempted to sing "Backpack, backpack!" and call on The Map) but of course I don't bring it out on public for fear of being preyed on by the upperclassmen. Heehee.

  • Despite its size though, UP Diliman is still a small world. Imagine, I cross paths with people I know a couple of times everyday! I saw former Paulinians, some acquaintances, and even Ayiene! I repeat, I SAW AYIENE!! :) Haha. I lab you Ayiene! 3 beses na tayo nagkikita! :) Haha, special mention siya dito. That's because we had no means of communications whatsoever, and yet we saw each other three times already! How cool is that. And take this, the other day Inna forgot her phone in the dorm when she left earlier than I did so I brought it with me because we planned that we would see each other after class naman. And who would've thought that the exact time we were looking for each other, we would walk by the same road?! Unbelievable, I tell you. Haha.

  • Coins are treasures. To some, coins are burdens to their purses, always heavy and noisy. But to me -- well, imagine the look on a treasure hunter's face when he finally unearths the chest filled with gold coins -- it is undeniably vital. Just riding the jeepney almost every two hours is enough justification for their significance. I won't last a day without bringing out my beloved elephant coin purse. Sooo.. donations for loose change, anyone? :)

  • Never leave home without your umbrella ella ella eh eh eh. This week we experienced major rains and intense heat, and in both of those occasions, we were able to survive thanks to the trusty folding umbrella. In times of crisis, it's your ultimate weapon. Right now, I don't know how I ever managed to leave the house without an umbrella before.

  • It's okay to get stranded in the Gym. Our Walking prof stood us up on our first meeting, so Drea, Inna, and I were all stuck in the Ylanan Gymnasium because during that time the rain started pouring. We had no choice but to go inside and sit in one of the benches. And guess what we did? We watched the UAAP Basketball and Volleyball teams (men and women) and the UP Pep Squad practice! Our eyes were feasting! We didn't know where to look. We were surrounded by sweaty, hot, sexy athletes.. whoooooo! A fantasy for some of you perhaps. Haha :))

  • Recite, recite, recite. Though it feels awkward at first to recite without having to stand up, I learned that the best way to get yourself known to the teacher is simply to raise your hand and answer your question. So what if you seem eager or excited? Unlike high school, your teachers don't know who you are, or who your sisters are, and you don't get to wear a nametag, so you really have to make an effort to get yourself known to the teacher -- in a positive way of course. All together now, "Yes, Ma'am!"

  • Being too early is not always good. Inna's blockmate Regine and I apparently have Kas1 together so we went to our rooms after the three of us ate lunch at CASAA last Thursday. Our class was at 1:00 and we arrived at around 12:45. We came in with the teacher already discussing about Manuel Roxas. We were so terrified because we were late for our first meeting! My gahd! After about fifteen minutes or so, someone raised his hand and asked if he could leave because he still had to go to his Math class (which is practically on another planet.. the Math building is completely on the other side of the campus). I was a little shocked, I mean it has only been what, ten minutes? And then slowly it hit me. WE WERE IN THE WRONG CLASS! I asked my seatmate, and turns out we were in the 11:30-1:00 class!! It's a good thing the teacher didn't get mad at us or nobody else noticed. Haha. Regine and I couldn't stop laughing!! I swear I will never ever attempt to go inside a classroom again when I'm early for my supposed time! :))

  • Walking is inevitable. Despite the presence of Ikot and Toki jeeps, walking is unavoidable. Because time is gold, you can't afford to ride a jeep that will still travel all around the campus when your next building is just a five-minute walk away. So everywhere you go in UP, people are walking, walking, walking, and yes, walking. Add the fact that my PE is Walking for Fitness (yeah, yeah, laugh all you want), and well, let's just see how sexy I get after two months. HAHA :P

  • It's great to have new friends, even better when your old friends are friends with your new friends. (Haha, how many times did I mention "friends"?) So far, in my block, I'm closest with Andy and Jamie. I met Andy's friend Ria last Wednesday. Turns out, Ria is the classmate of Drea in Chem16. Then the other day, Andy, Inna and I ate together for lunch, and then later, Andy and Inna hung out while I was in my Math class. How cool is that? :) It's great that everyone gets along so well even if it's just the first week of class.

  • Not all teachers are terrifying. My Eng11 and Math1 teachers are pretty cool. In fact, I think I'll be enjoying their subjects because they're so down-to-earth and very understanding. My SocSci and Physics profs are kind of scary and intimidating but I guess I just really have to find their "kiliti" so that I won't piss them off. It will probably take me lots of determination and perseverance to get the fear out of the way and let the Uno save my day. Haha, rhyming :)

  • You can survive even if you don't have a television, Internet, and a microwave. Yes, because Inna and I were able to breeze through a week without all of these! Imagine that. It was not that easy of course, because we had to settle for a sometimes poor radio reception, rushing to the nearby Internet shop for printing of a paper, and eating out (in cheap but delicious restos around the area). But all in all, we survived! I'm so proud of us. Independent women.. Girl I didn't know you could get down like that, Charlie how your angels get down like that? HAHA THEME SONG! :))

  • Super special ang Centennial Freshmen. As in! Instead of the usual kits freshmen usually get, we received a CD containing all the things we need to know to "survive" in UP. Sosyal ah, Flash pa. And in CAL (College of Arts and Letters), we got so many freebies too! Stressballs, Boy Bawang, poetry books, brochures, envelopes.. you name it, we got it! :) Ehem. I guess dapat lang naman noh. Centennial Freshmen only come every one hundred years. :)
and probably the most biased but for me the truest of all things I've learned and discovered this week:

  • UP IS THE BEST SCHOOL FOR ME. (Take note of the ME part..) Despite the rally during our Freshman Assembly on our first day, the nerve-wracking pressure of maintaining good grades, the constant texting of my friends in Manila who have already seen each other this week, and the never-ending exhaustion.. I know I wouldn't be happier anywhere else :) I'm extremely proud to be a Centennial Freshman of the University of the Philippines, Artista deKALibre ng Kolehiyo ng Arte at Literatura :) Oh yeah.

I hope your first week all went well. I'm excited to read all about it in your blogs. Adieu!