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what? second week pa lang?

It's funny how I've only been going to school for two weeks and yet everything feels normal already. Is it just because I'm having waaaay too much fun, or is it because I'm probably too busy to notice? Either way, I'm glad I've adjusted well (so far) to the college life.

Okay, first things first. I know you're all secretly dying to know about this. And yes, I was there. Hell yeah. I wouldn't miss it for the world! :P

June 18, 2008
(Photo courtesy of GMANews.TV)

I SAW IT. Or should I say, ITs? Whatever. I was there! We were there! Front row. Less than a foot away from the hundred naked men of the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity. I swear I have never screamed so loud in my entire life. Andrea, Inna, and I waited for hours just to see them.. and when we finally did, my golly wow, I don't know if we screamed of delight or horror. Haha! Imagine, one hundred BIRDS (for lack of better terms, haha) right in front of our faces! ALL SHAPES AND SIZES!! @_@ We were so ecstatic -- different emotions were running inside our heads! We waited so long for that moment.. and yet it just felt so awkward to look. But of course we HAD to look because we WAITED for that. OMG. And to top it all off, some even removed their masks! MY GOD! O_O I think I'm scarred for life. I pray to God I never see those men again, I can never ever look at their faces without thinking about their.. eww. Erase! Erase! Words could not express the excitement and uhm, uneasiness of the situation. But what the hell, it was the UP OBLATION RUN, for Pete's sake! Of course we were glad to finally witness it -- and on our second week! Finally. Binyagan na kami sa UP!

FYI, the real Oblation Run happens every December, so this was really just a special one held in celebration of our Centennial Year. The frat men who ran last Wednesday are the alumni of the Alpha Phi Omega from batch 1975 until the early 2000's I think. Which explains the beer bellies and the.. ugh, nevermind.

Drea has a video by the way. If you want to see it, let us know. Haha :))

In other news..

SCHOOL WORK. Assignments and papers are starting to pile up. Photocopiers are our saving grace! I just read 35 pages of Laissez-faire grounds and limits, and finished the outlines for our SocSci 2 (Social, Economic, and Political Thought) report on Adam Smith. I'm in the middle of making the first of two essays for our Kas 1 (Philippine History) on Tuesday. I have yet to read the three poems, and write a reaction paper on one of them for our English 11 (Literature and Society). Can you say busy? But so far, carry ko pa naman. I really am thankful for the convenience of my schedule -- classes every Tuesday to Friday only, and just three classes a day. This helps me focus more on the subjects and gives me ample time to fulfill the requirements. Hopefully, I can survive pa the next few weeks :)

AS STEPS. Have I mentioned how much I love our campus lately? Aside from the fact that its hugeness helps me eliminate fat (haha, that's because I try to walk from one building to another when I can!), I also admire its very laid-back feel. People sit on the floor, benches, lobbies, either alone or with friends, either studying or just hanging out. Nobody cares about how dirty your pants will get, or how dyahe it is to be a loner. In UP, you do your own thing. One of my favorite parts of the day is in the late afternoon, when it starts to rain, and I wait for Inna to finish with her ES1 class (Eng'g drawing). That's the time I sit on the AS steps, and take everything in. Sometimes I open my Math or SocSci book and read a chapter or two. Or I people watch, and observe the lovey-dovey couples, or very studious anti-socials. Often, I just look at the beautiful trees and can't help feeling mesmerized by the alluring campus I now am a part of. It's breath taking, especially after an afternoon shower or heavy rain. I still can't believe I really am studying in UP sometimes, because a part of me will always have St. Paul as my "school". But when I sit in the AS Steps, I don't feel so alone. In fact, as cheesy as this might sound, I feel like I belong.

DORM. Inna and I are fantastic roommates. And I'm not just saying that in a prejudiced way, but we really click. We were close in high school, but just the two of us rarely hanged out. Admittedly, I was really nervous at first because I thought we might not get along. Well, turns out everything is the complete opposite. It's like we're sisters already! And we managed to survive for two weeks already.. which means we're independent and capable of living on our own! If it weren't for her, I'd probably be all depressed and gloomy every day, but because we're together, it makes living away from home a little bit easier. Miss you, Roomie! :)

FRIENDS. I'm soooo glad for all the people who've been making my college life easier and much more enjoyable. Without them, I might have gone bonkers right now. First, there's my SPCP-UP friends: Inna, Drea, and Cars. (I have got to think of a better name for the four of us! Argh). Of course nothing beats having your HS friends around, so when we get to hang out, it's like being home. Aww, mushy. Pero totoo. Sometimes kasi diba, kayo-kayo lang talaga nagkakaintindihan on certain things. I'm always extremely delighted when I get to hang out with them. Second, Trixie. She's one of my best friends who is studying in Ateneo and also living in our dorm. I love this girl to bits. It actually makes me feel relieved knowing that I still have my closest friend with me in QC. I can always just go to her room and knock on her door whenever she needs me, and vice versa. She's another person who makes college life less alienating, and more comforting. Then my new friends in my different subjects. It's such a relief knowing that I get along well with my seatmates and groupmates. It makes the subject less stressing. And of course, my new very close friends in our block: Andy and Jamie. It's not that I'm not friends with Rose and Cathy, but it just so happens that every after Eng 11 class, our group splits up into two, and I get to hang out with Andy and Jamie more. We love eating taho after Eng 11, and the other day we all just had a "serious" talk about our past lives.. haha. It's great to know there are actually people who feel the exact same way I do -- and they're my good friends. I'm looking forward to spending more time with them :)

UP Babies!
Karla, Cars, Drea, Inna

The Taho Trio!
Andy, Karla, Jamie

Whew! Sorry for the tremendously long post. I guess I'm just really overjoyed with how this week turned out. AAAAND, add the fact that I only get to use the Internet on weekends, so ipon talaga ang mga kwento. Haha.