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little miss random.

I thank God for this Internet shop. I'm a suki here already, especially every Tuesdays and Thursdays! :) It keeps me sane.

In the groves of the academe..

As usual my SocSci2 class is constantly keeping me stressed simply because I don't learn anything from it. Our professor just keeps on repeating the same things she says every meeting; we aren't moving forward in our lesson! We've been talking about The Republic for more than a month already! The other SocSci2 classes already had their long tests, and are now in Chapter 11 of our book. Us? Chapter 3. Guh-reat. I have a very strong feeling that she will resort to rushing the lessons at the very last minute. I am (not) looking forward to my first taste of self-studying and cramming for SocSci2. Hurrah?


By the way, I forgot to share something a piece of really great news last time: I already received the results for my first Physics long test. And I got.. *drum roll* 48/50!! :) :) :) Thank You, Lord! I heaved a huge sigh of relief after that. Hopefully, my geeky prowess (if you could call it that, HAHA) will not fail me come long exam week -- which is next week! O_O Panic mode.

Tomorrow, long test for Eng11. August 5, long test for Kas1. August 8, long test for Math1. *hyperventilates* Okay, inhale, exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Haaay. Is there such a thing as academic nebulizer?


Yesterday, I was able to get myself a copy of Paramita's self-titled second album. Unfortunately, it is a pirated version I found in some underground place here in the university (haha, undisclosed location), BUT!! I promise I will buy myself an original copy of their album because that's how much I love them. You all know Paramita is my ultimate painkiller. So last night, while Inna was taking a bath, I popped the CD in my trusty radio-slash-CD player, and just like that everything else just blurred away and I cried. I cried because Ria Bautista's voice is just so haunting. I cried because their music always unleashes the sentimental in me. I cried because the words of the song hit so close to home. But most of all, I cried because in those few moments the reality of everything dawned me -- I keep on denying the separation, the departure, the severance. I miss the people I used to just always have with me, the places that used to be just there, and the feeling of being at home. I always just brush these feelings aside because I know soon I'll forget if I don't think about it. And I thought I have been successful. But why, upon hearing the familiar sound of my favorite OPM band, do I feel like I'm stuck in the past?

Paramita sure knows how to unleash the emotional in me. :P

Thank God, it's Friday tomorrow!

Things I look forward to on Fridays (and Wednesdays):
  • Hanging out with my guh-reat friends Andy, Jamie, and Ria! Sabaw kami lagi. We real cool. :P
  • Math1. I'm weird, but I like my Math class. And the people in the Math building. Haha :)
  • English11. Because our prof is so coooool. Beyond words. I'm an Ick-ist. Haha!!
  • PE. Because I get to hang out with Drea and Inna.
But tomorrow.. there's a huge possibility that there won't be afternoon classes in preparation for the UPCAT. No classes stump Math and PE big time. So sana. Sana. Sana. Wala talagang klase. Kailangan ng mga Seniors ang matinding preparasyon para sa kanilang UPCAT noh! It's the biggest test of their lives. Their future depends on it. Di ba, Seniors?

(Wehh. Ayoko lang talaga mag-klase haha)

Wag kabahan sa UPCAT, mga takers. Read my previous post if you're going to ask me for tips. Or better yet, read this. Haha, shameless plugging of one's own post :))

OMG. I just remembered. It's our long test for Eng11 tomorrow! O_O Wish us luck!


I have LOTS of pending photos stuck in my digital camera. But I have great friends who are religious and devoted Multiply-ers. I admire you for being such consistent updaters. Haha :) I shall, I shall, when I have the time :P

Karla, Jan, and Reg
Seatmates sa bus!
(I told you I have bangs and brown hair! :P)


of UPCAT, wounds, unos, and mountains.

I speak with a wounded foot.

Back story first: We had our first practical test for PE last Friday. Two times around the Academic Oval in 46 minutes. And no, you have no right to say, "Two times lang pala!" unless you've actually measured it and walked around it yourself!! Anyway, it was obviously a CHALLENGE, considering that we had to WALK. I suppose this is the hardest thing about walking -- you have to control yourself from running. All those times I could've just skipped or hopped or run or ANYTHING that would make me move faster.. I couldn't do, because I had to WALK. So see, my PE is not "chicken" contrary to popular belief. It caused such a pressure on my legs and foot -- to the point where I had a huuuge blister on my talampakan!! T_T As in. I had to go to the infirmary to get it cleaned (and the skin cut, ugggh!!) and disinfected. It hurt like hell. But it was okay because.. NAKA-UNO NAMAN AKO!! My time was 45 minutes and 10 seconds! So.. it was all worth it. Now I know how it feels. ALL FOR AN UNO! :) Haha.

But the problem was.. field trip the next day. T_T

Last Saturday was our field trip for Kas1 at Mt. Banahaw, and boy was it the bomb! :) It was my first official educational trip NOT in St. Paul, but quite surprisingly I had a blast. This is of course thanks to my ever lovable KAS-mates, who made the whole trip extremely unforgettable! Sobrang saya ng TTh 1-2:30! :) Syempre, as usual, I was the resident Joker at Singer.. representative ng aming class! Haha. Go Karla. Kapal na naman ng face ko di ba! :) Carry naman :) Pero of course, despite all the happiness sa bus, I can't disregard the fact that I had to climb the mountain with a HUGE WOUND ON MY RIGHT FOOT! Imagine the pain I had to go through. And don't tell me I shouldn't have joined, because I already paid! :)) Pero okay lang, because my very gooood friends Regine and Jan helped me! Grabe, super thankful talaga ko because if it weren't for them assisting me, I might as well be a helpless little prey for all the wild animals out there. Haha.

Anyway, Mt. Banahaw is the Holy Mountain for the Rizalistas in Quezon. They have this belief that it is the New Jerusalem, and that God transferred His holy land here in the Philippines. It was interesting listening to the different sects of Rizalistas and their doctrines. Some saw Rizal as the new Jesus, while some merely saw him as a great symbol of our nation. Whatever their beliefs were, it was certainly more than our usual respect for our hero. A part of me never really understood WHY they saw him that way, but of course that is probably because I grew up learning Catholic doctrines, so in a way there are prejudices in me. But nevertheless, it was a very thought-provoking experience. Immersing oneself in a different culture makes one more aware of his/her own beliefs. It might have been quite a painful "climb" out there, but it was definitely worth it! :)

I want to post pictures, but I am here at the friendly internet shop here at the SC again, so I can't afford to. (Besides I'm researching for Eng11) I can, however, refer you to my very masipag KAS-mates Chantal and Reg, and also Joseph, who have uploaded the pictures already. Super saya, I swear :P



To all you Seniors out there: I'm sure most of you are experiencing symptoms of extreme nausea, dizziness, confusion, and brain-hemorrhages, for the past few days or so all because of ANXIETY. And I can't blame you. I, for one, went through the whole ordeal. It definitely wasn't easy, especially if like me, UP is your ultimate dream school. The pressure of getting there is emotionally and sometimes physically paralyzing -- the thought of not passing brings tears in your eyes. I completely understand. And I know I cannot simply say, "It's just a test, you can do it!" because we all know it's not just A test.. it is THE Test that will determine your future. (It goes for all the other universities' entrance exams as well)

And so, to hopefully help ease your suffering, I give you this:

Haha, okay so it's just a link to my blog post after my own experience with the dreaded UPCAT. It isn't that big of help, I suppose, but because I was inspired by one vandal from the ladies' CR at the Math Building, I want to get this across: "The UPCAT is just a phase, it too shall pass." After a few hours or so, the whole thing will be a thing of the past. So might as well make the most out of it! Do everything you know you can do RIGHT NOW because after it's over, that's when it ultimately becomes what it really is -- just a test. But right now, you can still do whatever it takes to make it worth your Php 500. So it really is up to you, dear Seniors :) After all, you wouldn't want to be regretting in the end right? I mean, who likes the whole "I wish I could've done better.." moments right?

And I've been getting this a lot lately: Do I have any tips? Hmm. Don't get intimidated by your seatmate. Arrive early. Bring extra pencils. Bring your map with you so that you don't get lost. Shade the circles properly. And the most frequently asked question: regarding the right minus wrong thing.. YES, RIGHT MINUS WRONG SA UPCAT. Pero you only lose 1/4 of a point or 0.25 for every mistake you make. To risk it, or not? It really is up to you. If you think you can eenie-meenie-miney-moe yourself out of it, then great. But what I did was I tried to make the smartest guess I can for those I think I can answer, and just really left the out-of-this-world types blank. Except of course the math part. I have to try and answer.. or else blank yung Math test ko! :P And also! May reading comprehension :) Wala lang, it wasn't really a problem for me because I'm a fast reader, pero if you are not, I suggest you read the questions first, then the paragraph. It works :)



out of the darkness, comes the Knight.


Heath Ledger gave me goosebumps. I must agree that it is probably his greatest work. IMY Heath! Christian Bale was superb too. He lived up to my expectations -- and he's still as hot as ever too! :)

Those who haven't seen it ought to die out of jealousy right now.

I love Batman pa rin talaga!
This movie gave me all the more reason for me to fall deeper in love with the Caped Crusader.

(P.S. We watched at IMAX; the 3pm showing. Paglabas namin, super daming tao.. and guess who I saw? ERIC SALAMAT!! Haha. Wala lang. Last week I saw four UP Players: Martin Reyes (who smiled at me!! Major kilig mode!), Czarlo dela Victoria (who was with Martin), Mark Lopez (nakasabay ko sa jeep, also smiled at me), and Migs De Asis (who Ria introduced to me!).. and now, Eric! Haha. OMG UAAP Fangirl alert! Haha. Sana si Chris Tiu na yung neeeext!! :D)


how my July 15 went.

11:27 AM

So I just came from a "trek" from the distant land (and mountain?) called the National Institute of Physics. Today was our first long test for Physics 10. All weekend long I studied for this test because after all it was my first long test EVER as a freshman, as a college student, as a UP student. I was so determined to do good on this test that for every moment possible, I thought about it. I reviewed during commercial breaks of the UAAP, I read in the jeepneys, I recited the laws inside my head. I guess I was pressuring myself but I don't know, I guess you can blame it for desperately wanting to make a good first impression. So, I must say it got me up all night tossing and turning, to the point of waking up at 2:00 in the morning, gasping "Law of Areas! The planets sweep equal areas at equal times!" (luckily my roommate Inna did not get awakened by this, LOL) This morning, I woke up extra early, wanting to get the test over with right away. I wanted to push the second hand just so I could speed up the time. I just want it to be OVER! It was driving me insane.

It's over.

How was it, Karla?

Well to tell you honestly it was certainly not unlike any Physics test I ever took in my entire life. No computations, no mathematical formulas, no equations. Just objective questions on concepts and theories. You see, this is why I love Physics 10. It is the perfect subject for the Physics geeks like me who love the topics, but hate going through the tedious details. The whole test was composed of Matching Types, True or False, Multiple Choices.. and then the Essays. The dreaded Essays. I'm a writer, I suppose I should not be afraid of essays, but the problem isn't with the capability to write and explain, but explaining them briefly. I knew all the concepts, but what was challenging was presenting it in brief and concise sentences. For an hour or so, I struggled to keep my sentences short, but full of meaning. It was hard, really, especially for a girl like me whose mind never stops running out of things to say. Thankfully, though I got out alive. As I trekked my way back to mainland, I must say I felt good knowing that I was able to answer the test, that I knew the answers to all the questions, and that hopefully my review paid off.

So what's the point of this blog entry? Am I supposed to give a moral or something? Well not really. I just happened to have some free time in my hands, and I wanted to blog about this. Because the whole ordeal of taking this test literally got me bonkers all weekend long. And wala lang. Gusto ko lang i-share.

Haha. I'm weird :)) And I'm hungry too. I'm off to Engg to meet with Inna and Reg. Gutom na ko. Happy lunch y'all! :)

3:44 PM

Just got back from my SocSci2 class. We were dismissed early, so yehey for me. I'm back at this Internet shop because I have nothing left to do. Oh wait, I have something to research about pala. The Republic by Plato. Geeeez. You know, I hate Socrates. I have only read the first few chapters and yet Socrates gave me a headache. At some points of the book, I'm like, "Dude! Shut up!" Haha. He keeps on asking and asking and asking and asking.. unquenched thirst for knowledge? LOL. But what can I do, I must read the entire thing lest I fail my SocSci2 class. Honestly it's my most challenging subject this sem. Aside from a very difficult professor, our lessons are so.. inconsistent. One meeting we're discussing Greek mythology, and Plato the next. We even talk about the Persian Wars, and James Bond. WHAT THE HECK? What are we supposed to study!? And every meeting we're threatened with surprise quizzes.. so I read all my notes.. tapos wala. Our prof just talks and talks and talks and talks and.. zzzzzzz. T_T I really hope I pass this subject.

It's raining again today. And yes, I'm one of the romantic-sentimental-mushy rain lovers, simply because it makes you feel so.. well, romantic, sentimental, and mushy. Haha. But now I'm starting to love rain more.. when I'm in UP. I don't know but to me, UP is soooo beautiful when it rains. The trees, the walkways, the buildings, the people.. hay. When I look around everything just feels so tranquil. For a moment, I don't hear the jeepneys or the noise or the laughters or the shrieks. Just the raindrops.

I walked all the way from AS to here (Shopping Center). It wasn't raining as hard as it did during lunch time, but it was drizzling. I didn't want to ride the jeep despite the Free Rides today (thank God for Tuesdays.. and thank God for Accenture! Just another day at the office for the Tiger. LOL) because I wanted to admire the scenery. I'm starting to appreciate walking more because I become more aware of the things around me. It's like my senses are automatically put on alert mode not just for safety purposes but also for entertainment. Like the one time I was walking from AS to Engg in the Beta Way, I saw a guy proposing to a girl to be his girlfriend. Major AWWW! It's the little things like that that I really enjoy when I walk. I notice things. I see things. I hear things. I feeeel things.

Oh shoot. Writer hormones on the rampage! :)) I'm getting overly sensitive. Ooooh, maybe I should write a poem or something?

Anyway. Today is Chris Tiu's birthday!! :D As much as I love the UP Fighting Maroons, nothing beats my first true basketball love: number 17 of the Blue Eagles! :) Maaaaan, if you only knew how badly Inna and I wanted to skip class today in hopes of seeing and greeting our beloved. But being the industrious, diligent, and loyal UP students that we are (weeeh!) we decided to just give him a little tribute.. by wearing Ateneo shirts to sleep last night! Rewind to senior year, almost all of us bought college shirts/souvenirs from all the universities we applied in. I, of course, bought A LOT from UP and Ateneo, which are both my dream schools. But of course, since I am now a full-pledged Iskolar ng Bayan, it would be hypocritical to leave the house wearing my "Good things come in Blue and White" shirt in the open. Thus, my Ateneo shirts have been demoted to pambahay shirts. Last night and tonight would be the PERFECT time to wear them again. Chris Tiu, if ever you're reading this (which I highly doubt, but who knows?) HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! No matter how much I love UP there will always be a part of me that will beat for Blue.. and that part is You. :">

HAHA CHEESY MUCH. I love you, Tiu :)

But of course. UP Maroon pa rin ako. And yes, I am still inlove with my 3Ms namely Martin, Migs, and Mike. AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT? My very very very good friend Ria will introduce me to Migs De Asis tomorrow!! FOR REAL!! :D Migs is her classmate in.. uh, I forgot what class. Basta! And I asked her, no wait, I BEGGED her to do some moves on him and get him to agree to meet with us, UAAP addicts. Fangirl alert! :) I'm hoooooooping that it pushes through tomorrow. Tae. Na-eexcite ako. You all know my ultimate weaknesses are hot, macho basketball players I see on TV.. aka UAAP players. Haha. So there.. I'll meet him again tomorrow, and this time he'll know my name :) AY GRABE, I'm so landi. Hihihi :">

Ayan, tapos na rin ako. I'm going home na! -- to the dorm I mean. I just transferred the files on my USB na lang, so I'll just read them again later. Yehey, thank God for technology. So mamaya, I shall immerse myself in The Republic for SocSci2, and the Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock for English 11. Whoo go Geek :P

And because I love you all, I leave you with this :)

Oh no, I wouldn't dare!! :))



(with my 3 major crushes from UP Fighting Maroons: Migs De Asis, Mike Gamboa, and Martin Reyes! This was during the UP Pep Rally last Monday)

#14 ♥



First game, first win. Super school spirit mode na ako! GO UP!!

I sooo love my 3Ms na! Martin Mike and Migs. Grabe ang gwapo nilang tatlo! Si Migs De Asis, ang cute ng nguso! :P Tapos si Mike Gamboa naman, so cute kasi kahit ang liit niya ang galing pa rin! :) Pero syempre, I love Martin Reyes the most! ♥ Grabe! Did you see his three-point shots?! Beyond words! <3 He was sooo adorable! So adorable! I can't believe I'm saying this but.. I THINK I LOVE HIM MORE THAN CHRIS TIU NA! :) Haha. Especially because he's so cute in person.. ay ay ay! I love him for real :)

I have a very good feeling about this Season :)

And congrats too, to ATENEO! I cheered for you Chris Tiu! Syempre. First love never dies. Haha! :) Ganda ng araw na to! UP and Ateneo! Double victory to my two favorite teams! :) YEHEYY!

Yesterday naman, I was at Araneta for the Opening. GRABE. GALING TALAGA NG UP! :) Bongga ng opening!! Then we also watched the FEU-AdU and UST-UE game. Honestly hindi ko talaga alam kung sino iccheer ko.. kasi pag nandun ka pala, mapapa-cheer ka talaga! Grabe ang school spirit ng mga school eh! Kahit hind UP, napa-sigaw ako! Haha. HAD SUPER FUN! :)


Sorry I'm so sabaw :P Better updates next time! High pa ko sa UAAP eh! :)