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little miss random.

I thank God for this Internet shop. I'm a suki here already, especially every Tuesdays and Thursdays! :) It keeps me sane.

In the groves of the academe..

As usual my SocSci2 class is constantly keeping me stressed simply because I don't learn anything from it. Our professor just keeps on repeating the same things she says every meeting; we aren't moving forward in our lesson! We've been talking about The Republic for more than a month already! The other SocSci2 classes already had their long tests, and are now in Chapter 11 of our book. Us? Chapter 3. Guh-reat. I have a very strong feeling that she will resort to rushing the lessons at the very last minute. I am (not) looking forward to my first taste of self-studying and cramming for SocSci2. Hurrah?


By the way, I forgot to share something a piece of really great news last time: I already received the results for my first Physics long test. And I got.. *drum roll* 48/50!! :) :) :) Thank You, Lord! I heaved a huge sigh of relief after that. Hopefully, my geeky prowess (if you could call it that, HAHA) will not fail me come long exam week -- which is next week! O_O Panic mode.

Tomorrow, long test for Eng11. August 5, long test for Kas1. August 8, long test for Math1. *hyperventilates* Okay, inhale, exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Haaay. Is there such a thing as academic nebulizer?


Yesterday, I was able to get myself a copy of Paramita's self-titled second album. Unfortunately, it is a pirated version I found in some underground place here in the university (haha, undisclosed location), BUT!! I promise I will buy myself an original copy of their album because that's how much I love them. You all know Paramita is my ultimate painkiller. So last night, while Inna was taking a bath, I popped the CD in my trusty radio-slash-CD player, and just like that everything else just blurred away and I cried. I cried because Ria Bautista's voice is just so haunting. I cried because their music always unleashes the sentimental in me. I cried because the words of the song hit so close to home. But most of all, I cried because in those few moments the reality of everything dawned me -- I keep on denying the separation, the departure, the severance. I miss the people I used to just always have with me, the places that used to be just there, and the feeling of being at home. I always just brush these feelings aside because I know soon I'll forget if I don't think about it. And I thought I have been successful. But why, upon hearing the familiar sound of my favorite OPM band, do I feel like I'm stuck in the past?

Paramita sure knows how to unleash the emotional in me. :P

Thank God, it's Friday tomorrow!

Things I look forward to on Fridays (and Wednesdays):
  • Hanging out with my guh-reat friends Andy, Jamie, and Ria! Sabaw kami lagi. We real cool. :P
  • Math1. I'm weird, but I like my Math class. And the people in the Math building. Haha :)
  • English11. Because our prof is so coooool. Beyond words. I'm an Ick-ist. Haha!!
  • PE. Because I get to hang out with Drea and Inna.
But tomorrow.. there's a huge possibility that there won't be afternoon classes in preparation for the UPCAT. No classes stump Math and PE big time. So sana. Sana. Sana. Wala talagang klase. Kailangan ng mga Seniors ang matinding preparasyon para sa kanilang UPCAT noh! It's the biggest test of their lives. Their future depends on it. Di ba, Seniors?

(Wehh. Ayoko lang talaga mag-klase haha)

Wag kabahan sa UPCAT, mga takers. Read my previous post if you're going to ask me for tips. Or better yet, read this. Haha, shameless plugging of one's own post :))

OMG. I just remembered. It's our long test for Eng11 tomorrow! O_O Wish us luck!


I have LOTS of pending photos stuck in my digital camera. But I have great friends who are religious and devoted Multiply-ers. I admire you for being such consistent updaters. Haha :) I shall, I shall, when I have the time :P

Karla, Jan, and Reg
Seatmates sa bus!
(I told you I have bangs and brown hair! :P)