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how my July 15 went.

11:27 AM

So I just came from a "trek" from the distant land (and mountain?) called the National Institute of Physics. Today was our first long test for Physics 10. All weekend long I studied for this test because after all it was my first long test EVER as a freshman, as a college student, as a UP student. I was so determined to do good on this test that for every moment possible, I thought about it. I reviewed during commercial breaks of the UAAP, I read in the jeepneys, I recited the laws inside my head. I guess I was pressuring myself but I don't know, I guess you can blame it for desperately wanting to make a good first impression. So, I must say it got me up all night tossing and turning, to the point of waking up at 2:00 in the morning, gasping "Law of Areas! The planets sweep equal areas at equal times!" (luckily my roommate Inna did not get awakened by this, LOL) This morning, I woke up extra early, wanting to get the test over with right away. I wanted to push the second hand just so I could speed up the time. I just want it to be OVER! It was driving me insane.

It's over.

How was it, Karla?

Well to tell you honestly it was certainly not unlike any Physics test I ever took in my entire life. No computations, no mathematical formulas, no equations. Just objective questions on concepts and theories. You see, this is why I love Physics 10. It is the perfect subject for the Physics geeks like me who love the topics, but hate going through the tedious details. The whole test was composed of Matching Types, True or False, Multiple Choices.. and then the Essays. The dreaded Essays. I'm a writer, I suppose I should not be afraid of essays, but the problem isn't with the capability to write and explain, but explaining them briefly. I knew all the concepts, but what was challenging was presenting it in brief and concise sentences. For an hour or so, I struggled to keep my sentences short, but full of meaning. It was hard, really, especially for a girl like me whose mind never stops running out of things to say. Thankfully, though I got out alive. As I trekked my way back to mainland, I must say I felt good knowing that I was able to answer the test, that I knew the answers to all the questions, and that hopefully my review paid off.

So what's the point of this blog entry? Am I supposed to give a moral or something? Well not really. I just happened to have some free time in my hands, and I wanted to blog about this. Because the whole ordeal of taking this test literally got me bonkers all weekend long. And wala lang. Gusto ko lang i-share.

Haha. I'm weird :)) And I'm hungry too. I'm off to Engg to meet with Inna and Reg. Gutom na ko. Happy lunch y'all! :)

3:44 PM

Just got back from my SocSci2 class. We were dismissed early, so yehey for me. I'm back at this Internet shop because I have nothing left to do. Oh wait, I have something to research about pala. The Republic by Plato. Geeeez. You know, I hate Socrates. I have only read the first few chapters and yet Socrates gave me a headache. At some points of the book, I'm like, "Dude! Shut up!" Haha. He keeps on asking and asking and asking and asking.. unquenched thirst for knowledge? LOL. But what can I do, I must read the entire thing lest I fail my SocSci2 class. Honestly it's my most challenging subject this sem. Aside from a very difficult professor, our lessons are so.. inconsistent. One meeting we're discussing Greek mythology, and Plato the next. We even talk about the Persian Wars, and James Bond. WHAT THE HECK? What are we supposed to study!? And every meeting we're threatened with surprise quizzes.. so I read all my notes.. tapos wala. Our prof just talks and talks and talks and talks and.. zzzzzzz. T_T I really hope I pass this subject.

It's raining again today. And yes, I'm one of the romantic-sentimental-mushy rain lovers, simply because it makes you feel so.. well, romantic, sentimental, and mushy. Haha. But now I'm starting to love rain more.. when I'm in UP. I don't know but to me, UP is soooo beautiful when it rains. The trees, the walkways, the buildings, the people.. hay. When I look around everything just feels so tranquil. For a moment, I don't hear the jeepneys or the noise or the laughters or the shrieks. Just the raindrops.

I walked all the way from AS to here (Shopping Center). It wasn't raining as hard as it did during lunch time, but it was drizzling. I didn't want to ride the jeep despite the Free Rides today (thank God for Tuesdays.. and thank God for Accenture! Just another day at the office for the Tiger. LOL) because I wanted to admire the scenery. I'm starting to appreciate walking more because I become more aware of the things around me. It's like my senses are automatically put on alert mode not just for safety purposes but also for entertainment. Like the one time I was walking from AS to Engg in the Beta Way, I saw a guy proposing to a girl to be his girlfriend. Major AWWW! It's the little things like that that I really enjoy when I walk. I notice things. I see things. I hear things. I feeeel things.

Oh shoot. Writer hormones on the rampage! :)) I'm getting overly sensitive. Ooooh, maybe I should write a poem or something?

Anyway. Today is Chris Tiu's birthday!! :D As much as I love the UP Fighting Maroons, nothing beats my first true basketball love: number 17 of the Blue Eagles! :) Maaaaan, if you only knew how badly Inna and I wanted to skip class today in hopes of seeing and greeting our beloved. But being the industrious, diligent, and loyal UP students that we are (weeeh!) we decided to just give him a little tribute.. by wearing Ateneo shirts to sleep last night! Rewind to senior year, almost all of us bought college shirts/souvenirs from all the universities we applied in. I, of course, bought A LOT from UP and Ateneo, which are both my dream schools. But of course, since I am now a full-pledged Iskolar ng Bayan, it would be hypocritical to leave the house wearing my "Good things come in Blue and White" shirt in the open. Thus, my Ateneo shirts have been demoted to pambahay shirts. Last night and tonight would be the PERFECT time to wear them again. Chris Tiu, if ever you're reading this (which I highly doubt, but who knows?) HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! No matter how much I love UP there will always be a part of me that will beat for Blue.. and that part is You. :">

HAHA CHEESY MUCH. I love you, Tiu :)

But of course. UP Maroon pa rin ako. And yes, I am still inlove with my 3Ms namely Martin, Migs, and Mike. AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT? My very very very good friend Ria will introduce me to Migs De Asis tomorrow!! FOR REAL!! :D Migs is her classmate in.. uh, I forgot what class. Basta! And I asked her, no wait, I BEGGED her to do some moves on him and get him to agree to meet with us, UAAP addicts. Fangirl alert! :) I'm hoooooooping that it pushes through tomorrow. Tae. Na-eexcite ako. You all know my ultimate weaknesses are hot, macho basketball players I see on TV.. aka UAAP players. Haha. So there.. I'll meet him again tomorrow, and this time he'll know my name :) AY GRABE, I'm so landi. Hihihi :">

Ayan, tapos na rin ako. I'm going home na! -- to the dorm I mean. I just transferred the files on my USB na lang, so I'll just read them again later. Yehey, thank God for technology. So mamaya, I shall immerse myself in The Republic for SocSci2, and the Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock for English 11. Whoo go Geek :P

And because I love you all, I leave you with this :)

Oh no, I wouldn't dare!! :))