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of UPCAT, wounds, unos, and mountains.

I speak with a wounded foot.

Back story first: We had our first practical test for PE last Friday. Two times around the Academic Oval in 46 minutes. And no, you have no right to say, "Two times lang pala!" unless you've actually measured it and walked around it yourself!! Anyway, it was obviously a CHALLENGE, considering that we had to WALK. I suppose this is the hardest thing about walking -- you have to control yourself from running. All those times I could've just skipped or hopped or run or ANYTHING that would make me move faster.. I couldn't do, because I had to WALK. So see, my PE is not "chicken" contrary to popular belief. It caused such a pressure on my legs and foot -- to the point where I had a huuuge blister on my talampakan!! T_T As in. I had to go to the infirmary to get it cleaned (and the skin cut, ugggh!!) and disinfected. It hurt like hell. But it was okay because.. NAKA-UNO NAMAN AKO!! My time was 45 minutes and 10 seconds! So.. it was all worth it. Now I know how it feels. ALL FOR AN UNO! :) Haha.

But the problem was.. field trip the next day. T_T

Last Saturday was our field trip for Kas1 at Mt. Banahaw, and boy was it the bomb! :) It was my first official educational trip NOT in St. Paul, but quite surprisingly I had a blast. This is of course thanks to my ever lovable KAS-mates, who made the whole trip extremely unforgettable! Sobrang saya ng TTh 1-2:30! :) Syempre, as usual, I was the resident Joker at Singer.. representative ng aming class! Haha. Go Karla. Kapal na naman ng face ko di ba! :) Carry naman :) Pero of course, despite all the happiness sa bus, I can't disregard the fact that I had to climb the mountain with a HUGE WOUND ON MY RIGHT FOOT! Imagine the pain I had to go through. And don't tell me I shouldn't have joined, because I already paid! :)) Pero okay lang, because my very gooood friends Regine and Jan helped me! Grabe, super thankful talaga ko because if it weren't for them assisting me, I might as well be a helpless little prey for all the wild animals out there. Haha.

Anyway, Mt. Banahaw is the Holy Mountain for the Rizalistas in Quezon. They have this belief that it is the New Jerusalem, and that God transferred His holy land here in the Philippines. It was interesting listening to the different sects of Rizalistas and their doctrines. Some saw Rizal as the new Jesus, while some merely saw him as a great symbol of our nation. Whatever their beliefs were, it was certainly more than our usual respect for our hero. A part of me never really understood WHY they saw him that way, but of course that is probably because I grew up learning Catholic doctrines, so in a way there are prejudices in me. But nevertheless, it was a very thought-provoking experience. Immersing oneself in a different culture makes one more aware of his/her own beliefs. It might have been quite a painful "climb" out there, but it was definitely worth it! :)

I want to post pictures, but I am here at the friendly internet shop here at the SC again, so I can't afford to. (Besides I'm researching for Eng11) I can, however, refer you to my very masipag KAS-mates Chantal and Reg, and also Joseph, who have uploaded the pictures already. Super saya, I swear :P



To all you Seniors out there: I'm sure most of you are experiencing symptoms of extreme nausea, dizziness, confusion, and brain-hemorrhages, for the past few days or so all because of ANXIETY. And I can't blame you. I, for one, went through the whole ordeal. It definitely wasn't easy, especially if like me, UP is your ultimate dream school. The pressure of getting there is emotionally and sometimes physically paralyzing -- the thought of not passing brings tears in your eyes. I completely understand. And I know I cannot simply say, "It's just a test, you can do it!" because we all know it's not just A test.. it is THE Test that will determine your future. (It goes for all the other universities' entrance exams as well)

And so, to hopefully help ease your suffering, I give you this:

Haha, okay so it's just a link to my blog post after my own experience with the dreaded UPCAT. It isn't that big of help, I suppose, but because I was inspired by one vandal from the ladies' CR at the Math Building, I want to get this across: "The UPCAT is just a phase, it too shall pass." After a few hours or so, the whole thing will be a thing of the past. So might as well make the most out of it! Do everything you know you can do RIGHT NOW because after it's over, that's when it ultimately becomes what it really is -- just a test. But right now, you can still do whatever it takes to make it worth your Php 500. So it really is up to you, dear Seniors :) After all, you wouldn't want to be regretting in the end right? I mean, who likes the whole "I wish I could've done better.." moments right?

And I've been getting this a lot lately: Do I have any tips? Hmm. Don't get intimidated by your seatmate. Arrive early. Bring extra pencils. Bring your map with you so that you don't get lost. Shade the circles properly. And the most frequently asked question: regarding the right minus wrong thing.. YES, RIGHT MINUS WRONG SA UPCAT. Pero you only lose 1/4 of a point or 0.25 for every mistake you make. To risk it, or not? It really is up to you. If you think you can eenie-meenie-miney-moe yourself out of it, then great. But what I did was I tried to make the smartest guess I can for those I think I can answer, and just really left the out-of-this-world types blank. Except of course the math part. I have to try and answer.. or else blank yung Math test ko! :P And also! May reading comprehension :) Wala lang, it wasn't really a problem for me because I'm a fast reader, pero if you are not, I suggest you read the questions first, then the paragraph. It works :)