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high school for a day.

Because me and my Kas-mates are just so freakin' cool, we decided to wear our high school uniforms for our Quiz Bee last Thursday. And boy, was it F-U-N!

St. Paul, UPIS, Miriam, St. Mary's

Kas1 girls

WOW, KASmates!
(Photo credit: Chantal!)

I miss high school. Wait, that's an understatement. I TERRIBLY, SORELY, REALLY MISS HIGH SCHOOL. There, I said it. It has only been five months and yet I feel like St. Paul is such a distant memory already. The moment I put the uniform on, I had an instant nostalgia attack! I remember getting ballpen and highlighter stains on my blouse, losing my necktie, my feet hurting because of my deadly heels, hiding my cellphone in my pocket instead of surrendering (oops!).. an outrage of memories came pouring in. This may sound cheesy, but no matter how much fun college is, there will always be a part of you that will long for high school. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think high school in the Philippines is as overrated as it is in the US, where Regina Georges and Cady Herons exist. Sure, we had "bitches" and "outcasts," but things aren't as harsh as they were in the other countries. Right?

Which is why high school is so miss-able. Because my experience was not at all bad. It was extremely amazing. Chantal and I planned on wearing my uniform all throughout the rest of the day, but it was getting to hot and I just had to take it off. Plus it was a hassle to run around AS in heels! As I looked at the mirror one last time, it felt like graduation night all over again. It was hard removing the uniform, because it was a remembrance of so many things. For the short time that I wore it, I was a Paulinian again, and it felt great. I believe that an hour and a half was too short to satisfy my yearning for my dear alma mater. But as always, one must let go. No amount of longing can ever bring the past back, and alas, I was brought back to reality. High school may be over, but being a Paulinian won't be.

Oh, by the way, our group placed 3rd in the quiz bee -- out of 4. LOL. But that's okay. We had fun naman. (Haha, bitter!?) Congrats, Group 3! :)

Can't PHELPS falling in love.

Yes, terrible pun intended. But I can't deny that Michael Phelps has got me swooning over him like mad! 8 gold medals, 7 world records, 1 Olympic record -- my God, who wouldn't fall in love with him?! I would gladly pretend to drown if it meant having him save me! But on second thought.. it would be lovelier to be with him in the sea, swimming together onto the glorious sunset.. *moments of silence for daydreaming* He just made me love swimming even more! Now I know what my PE for next sem would be :) He made it to my "Hot Men Who Should Save Me If Ever I Need A Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation" list. Haha!

Demmit, HE'S SO HOT!!
I love him super! ♥

I'm currently watching the closing ceremony for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. To tell you the truth, I'm a bit sad because it's over already! For the past weeks, I've been watching almost all events I can in all the Solar channels. And what fun it was! As you all know, I'm not very athletic so I rarely enjoy watching sports because 1.) I suck at them, and 2.) I don't get them. But after watching the Olympics, I'm not a little less naive especially regarding the more unknown events like the pole vault or judo. It was also a little bonding experience for me and my dad because we'd stay up late at night during weekends finishing all the basketball games or athletics events. Laugh trip, and super enjoy! For a while, I got addicted -- ask my friends! Awww. I'm gonna miss the Olympics! Can't wait for 2012 at London! :)

This got me speechless. I cannot believe it. T_T

For the past weeks or so, I've been hearing rumors about a Philippine version of Gossip Girl in the works. It was rumored that KC Concepcion and Anne Curtis will play the roles of Serena and Blair respectively. I was relieved that that turned out to be false. However..

One word: UGGHHHH.

Not quite over.

Just when I thought I can finally enjoy this weekend, our SocSci2 professor announces that our first long exam would be on Thursday next week. Oh, the horrors! As I have mentioned before, this may be my toughest subject yet because we have an extremely difficult professor. She talks and talks about irrelevant things, or in the rare instances that she does discuss about the philosophers, she keeps on repeating the things she's saying for the whole hour or so! It doesn't help that we have to study five philosophers, and four of which we just discussed in the last week (we were discussing Plato for one month). I feel incredibly nervous! I don't know what to expect from this subject. But I shall not let the pressure get to me. I just watched a snippet of the documentary The Secret, and it said that when you think of positive thoughts, the positive energy will come back to you. I now have new mantra: "I will pass SocSci2. I will pass SocSci2. I will pass SocSci2!!"

Oh, and I have another one pa.
"I will lose weight! I will have flat abs! I will be sexy!"

Because looking good is the sweetest comeback.
Right, Andy & Jamie? ;)


Jackpot Week! :)

Well hello, August. Sorry I wasn't able to welcome you properly. You know how things are.. acads take most of my time these days. And besides, it was only recently that Smart Bro actually worked for me. But I'm glad things are a-okay so far. In fact.. this week has been one of the best so far! I love it, really. Jackpot week talaga. So I'd like to thank you for every single day of this week..

  • Jai Reyes. I almost forgot about my new "ritual" of listening to U-Rock every Monday at NU 107. Good thing I remembered to pop my earphones before I went to sleep. And would you believe my luck, JAI REYES WAS ON THE SHOW! And you know me and Inna. We're the biggest UAAP, Ateneo, UP fans ever! So we started texting like crazy under the pseudonyms Kbear and Paola, and then eventually using Karla and Inna.

    (not in verbatim)

    Lia Cruz: "Hey Jai, we love you super kahit taga-UP kami," that's coming from KBear and Paola.
    Jai Reyes: Thank you, KBear and Paola.
    Karla and Inna: WAAAHHHHH!!

    *after a few minutes*
    Karla calls the number.
    The call is rejected.
    Karla texts and asks why they can't call.
    Inna texts a message.

    Lia Cruz: Okay so a while ago, our phone started ringing, and some were asking if they could call.. I'm sorry we can't answer the phone call.. but you can text your messages to us and we'll read them out for Jai to hear..

    *Lia reads some message*

    Lia Cruz: "Hi Jai, good luck sa game niyo.. we're your biggest fans!" Oh, it's from KBear and Paola again.
    Karla and Inna: WAAAHHHH!!

    *after some more minutes*
    Karla texts again.

    (exact words na to!)

    Lia Cruz: "Hi Jai! We're probably your biggest non-Ateneo fans ever! Anyway, if it's not too much to ask can you please wish us luck on our midterms tomorrow? We love you!" That's coming from Karla and Inna.
    Jai Reyes: Hi Karla, Hi Inna. Good luck sa midterms niyo bukas, whatever subject that is. Good luck!

    Karla and Inna: @_@ WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!! ♥

  • Kas1 Long Exam. I had my first long exam for my favorite subject today. I was so nervous because hours before, I was trying to squeeze in every bit of information I can into my brain, and I just couldn't take them in anymore! I wanted to be sure I got everything covered, but my brain just won't cooperate. So I just wanted to chill and relax. I went downstairs to buy myself a bluebook together with Reg, and to our surprise, when we cam back who did we see as we ran up the staircase? Mark Lopez and Czarlo dela Victoria of the UP Fighting Maroons!! We practically screamed in front of their faces!! Hahaha :) That certainly perked us up for the test! :) Anyway, I'm not totally confident about the test but I guess it's safe to say that I was able to answer all the questions. It really is a good thing na essay siya, and hopefully I was able to get my point across.
  • A conversation with a friend. I was able to get a hold of one good friend of mine, and we were finally able to talk. Finally.

  • Katips day. I ate lunch at KFC with Inna, Andy, Mark, and Jan. Wow, achievement toh because finally hindi na kami Rodic's at tapsilog! Whooo! :)
  • Math1 Results Day. Yes, judgment day after our long exam. Our professor walked in with our bluebooks in hand and I swear to God we all groaned in unison. She gave out our bluebooks randomly, and to my utter luck, I was one of the last ones called. Imagine the nervousness I was feeling while everyone else around me already got theirs and I was still waiting! Finally, it was handed out to me, and I was able to heave a huge sigh of relief. 41/50! Yehey! :)
  • Martin Reyes and Migs De Asis. As usual, after Math1, Drea, Mark, and I meet up with Inna in our Secret Meeting Place 2 or SMP2 (loser ng tawag, I know haha), the passageway we found cozy enough to stay in while we wait for our next class. And yes, our main purpose is to.. SEE THE BASKETBALL PLAYERS, because this is where they pass. Haha. So as usual, dumaan na naman si Martin at Migs. Ang adik! (Kawawa si Mark, puro babaeng adik sa basketball player ang laging kasama! :P)
  • Pusoy Dos. Drea has been bitten by the card bug, so she decided to bring a deck with her. And guess what? After much persuasion by the three girls, Mark taught us how to play Pusoy Dos! Whooo! I must admit that I don't know card games, except for 123 Pass, Bluff, Ungguy-ungguyan and other lame ass games. But today, I finally finally finally learned. And you know what? I DON'T SUCK. Out of the 6 rounds we played, I won 2 times! And in the rounds I didn't get, I finished 2nd! Whooo. Take that. I. Am. Not. A. Loozaaah. :) I love Pusoy Dos already :)

  • ACLE day. Our Physics professor told us last Tuesday that we won't be having classes today. And since, ACLE in the afternoon.. I had no classes today! Whoopeeee!! :) For the information of the non-UP readers, the Alternative Classroom Learning Experience, popularly known as ACLE, is an event hosted by the University Student Council every semester. Students are invited (or sometimes required) to attend lectures prepared by various organizations inside the campus. The topics of each lecture should be related to the overall theme of the ACLE. For this semester, the theme is Juan vs. 100, in commemoration of the University’s 100th year. (Thanks!) So since we were required, guess what Inna and I attended?

    "Timeout! Ang Pinoy at Basketball" featuring the UP Fighting Maroons!!

    It was hosted by the UP BroadGuild. Grabe. I think we were the only two non-CMC people there! But that's okay. The moment the players walked in.. ay nako. Major kilig alert!! Too bad Migs De Asis and Mike Gamboa weren't there :( But that's okay because Martin Reyes was!! ♥ I swear I can't stop looking at him the whole time. Haha. Ang cute cute cute niya kasi! And his facial expressions -- ay grabe, priceless! He's so kengkoy and makulit. I fell in love with him even more! Grabe. Ang puso ko, laglag na laglag na! HAHAHA :) But of course, we didn't just ogle over him. We also listened to the other speakers. The basketball trivia were really cool. It's funny because when you come to think about it, basketball is THE sport of the Filipinos. No other sport can compare to the love and the respect we have for it. The adrenaline rush, the drama, the thrill -- everything just adds up to its alluring factor. SO TRUE ESPECIALLY FOR INNA AND ME :) Trish Roque was there too. Paulinian din pala siya. Whooo! Lalo ko tuloy gusto maging courtside reporter :) That's my Ultimate Dream #2! (Second to being an editor-in-chief in a magazine :P)

    Of course, we didn't miss an opportunity for a photograph!

  • I wished them luck pa nga, sabi ko ingat sila sa UE baka may ma-injure din sa kanila. Then Martin Reyes SMILED AT ME! ♥ Takte yan, tinunaw puso ko! :)

    (BTW, Martin is the guy in white behind Inna. The one wearing retainers. The really cute one, yung maputi :P)

Tomorrow.. and the days ahead.

I don't have Math1 and PE tomorrow, so that means I only have one class: Eng11 from 8:30-10. That means at 10 am I'm freeeeee! :) Yipee! I'm going home to Paranaque tomorrow! MRT adventure na naman to for me. I love commuting on my own. Makes me feel so.. grown-up. Anyway, tomorrow is also Kristine's birthday. Then on Saturday is Tophe's birthday celeb (I'm still not sure if I will attend). On Tuesday is the Maroon 4's U-Hop day. Our stop: University of Sto. Tomas! Whooo! :) I can't wait. I'm so excited and perky. Haha.

Another reason why I'm so happy is because.. Inna and I were able to connect to our dorm's Wi-Fi by some sort of miracle. Hahaha. Illegal connection!? I don't know how this happened, but it did. So DSL surfing for us! Whoo! No more Smart Bro! -- at least for tonight. Haha.

Thank you dear August. This week has definitely been a great one for me :)

Word of the Week: WASAKKKK! -- courtesy of Drea :)