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  • Ang hirap mag-pre enlist. AMF. Para kang dadaan sa butas ng karayom bago makapag-palista! Tulad nga ng sabi ng aking Confe mates kanina sa YM, parang centennial din ng CRS sa tagal mag-load eh! Buti na lang, natapos din ako. Natuloy naman ang balak kong pag-dikit-dikitin ang mga subjects ko para by afternoon wala na akong subjects. Kung magiging mabait ang CRS sa akin at ipapasok ako sa lahat ng classes, hanggang 2:30 lang ako everyday! Whoo! :) At syempre.. sana ipasok niya ako sa SocSci3! Konti pa lang ang demand nung nag-pre enlist ako dun! At rank 1 ko siya! O di ba, priority ang SocSci3. Haha :))
  • I was sick this weekend. Nung Saturday ng gabi, biglang sumakit ang ulo ko at bigla akong nagkaroon ng feeling of nausea. All night long yun. Tapos nung madaling araw, natuloy na and I puked everything I ate :(( Kaya nung Sunday, dinala ako sa hospital. Luckily I wasn't confined pero I was put on 24-hour observation kasi baka mag-lead sa dengue. So far bumaba naman na yung lagnat ko and wala ng ibang symptoms. I'm feeling better compared to yesterday pero kailangan ko pa rin mag-rest.
  • NANALO NGA PALA ANG ATENEO NUNG THURSDAY! :) Haha. Super late na ba? EH BAKET BA. Super saya ko para sa aking dream team! Syempre kay Papa Tiu <3 He deserves it! Kahit ano pa sabihin nila, I still believe Katipunan deserves it! :)
  • Malapit na matapos ang sem! Whoooo! Next week ay finals week na namin. Kaya sana pumasa ako sa lahat ng exams ko.. lalo na sa SocSci2.. yikes!
  • Malapit na din birthday ko! Ayieee :D Excited na. I am sixteen going on seventeen :))
Sorry sa lack of updates. Ayun nga, super busy sa pag-tapos ng requirements at kailangan ko pa magpahinga. I'll update after our finals. PRAMIS.

Short hiatus muna until sembreak. KISS :*


September 19..


The problem is, I know I'm not supposed to have a crush on him. I already know that.<div style="text-align: center;"> <span style="font-size: 180%;">is LateBoy day ♥</span><br /> We were introduced to each other today :"><br /> Thanks to <a href="http://www.intoxxicated.net/">Ayiene</a> and <a href="http://www.discofiasco.net/">Finella</a>! :)<br /> <br /> <br /> <div style="text-align: left;"> I have better things to blog about, but I'm so blissed out, I only want to share this one detail to you all :) Wheee. Don't worry I'm not boy-crazy.. I'm just really terribly sorely immensely kilig. :"""></div> </div>

But. He. Is. So. Cute. And. I. Just. Want. To. Hug. Him. And. Be. His. Friend. Outside. Class.

Don't worry I'm not boy-crazy.. and I'm not going to do anything or act on it. It's never going to happen. But I need to just let this all out, I guess. It's so hard to be keeping it all in when every Wednesday and Friday I'm sooooo :">


A confession :">

My SocSci2 test was today. I have one word to describe it: NGGHHHHH. I studied well last night, and in fact I was quite proud of the really cute and colorful reviewers I made for myself. I knew I can answer it.. but somehow, after the test I still don't feel completely (for lack of better term) confident. I was able to answer all the items, but it wasn't a walk in the park. Default answer: IT WAS OKAY. It's not like I didn't study enough (I know this is what my Mom would tell me! She'll tell me hindi ako nagseseryoso) -- in fact, these months, I study more than I normally do! I take my studies seriously. Especially my exams. If I have a major test coming up for a particular week, all week long I will stay up late just to review my notes and lessons. Nag-aaral naman talaga ako. But I don't know why I still feel "sabaw" after every exam I take. Hay. I don't know, maybe I just miss the feeling of knowing I aced the test. I haven't been getting that for quite a while already. I guess it's true what they say, UP's harsh.<br /> <br /> Shoot, I sound so grade conscious. I'm not. It's just really hard not to be one when everyone around you is. And besides, I'm a student! It's normal to get frustrated over this right? Right? T_T<br /> <br /> OH WELL, THINK OF HAPPY THOUGHTS, KARLA.<br /> <br /> So. There is a teeny-tiny bit of information I haven't been sharing to you, guys. At first I didn't want to admit it because I was shy. Haha. And because I was scared people would call me boy-crazy because when I have crushes, you know how I get -- it's hard to not talk about them! But.. they say the truth will set you free. So I shall tell you the truth: YES I HAVE A CRUSH ON SOMEONE :"> Ay, lande.<br /> <br /> His name starts with a J. But his nickname starts with a B. He's my classmate in Eng11. He's ALWAYS late. He wears glasses. He's tall and lanky. He's quiet. He has a black bag. He was from QueSci. I always see him in AS. And in the Math building. He's always with his friends. But sometimes I catch him alone. He's so cute when he smiles :"> He plays PSP while waiting for his friend in MB. He always wears a shirt, shorts, and slippers. But the one time he wore a polo shirt, pants, and sneakers, he was sooo pogi! :) I can't talk to him because I'm shy.. And I think he knows I like him! O_O<br /> <br /> You see, I'm not very shy around my crushes. I'm not the usual girl who stutters when the guy she likes talks to her. In fact, sa sobrang kapal ng mukha ko, I'm the type who will approach my crush and get to know him better. But not this time. This guy has gotten me so SHY, I can't even utter a word to him! And it sucks because I sooo want to get to know him, but I can't. I really can't. Actually, I did try once and I only embarrassed myself. Deym. I think I really like this guy. HAHA :))<br /> <br /> I must do the moves soon because the sem is almost over O_O<br /> LateBoy, my name is Karla. Let's be friends :)<br /> <br /> <br /> And suddenly, thinking about him made me feel better. HAHA. Shettt :)) And no, he does not distract me from my studies AT ALL! In fact, mas ginaganahan ako mag-aral because I want to impress him. HAHA, shoot. I got it bad :))<br /> <br /> Sorry, I'm sabog. Later y'all, I'ma get myself some ice cream pa :)


Reaching greater heights -- literally!

I wall-climbed and rapelled last Friday! And boy did it feel good :)

Who knew daring yourself to do something you never thought you're capable of will make me feel so.. rejuvenated? With all the stressing school-related things going on with my life, yeah, I needed that boost. It felt great reaching the top (albeit very slowly, HAHA!) and coming back down in one piece.. and it didn't hurt that my crush was watching too :"> Haha, landi.

It's my SocSci2 long exam again on Thursday, so I can't really blog that much. I'm determined to ace it! Haha. But seriously. I won't let the Great Political Thinkers intimidate me. Though I have to admit, Machiavelli just really gets on my nerves. I bet our government officials look up to him. Harhar.

BTW, I'm loving Calculus yet again. I've been reciting and answering exercises like an eager beaver. My seatmate Ericson can attest to that. Gawd, I'm such a nerd. What is wrong with me? :))

I can't wait for the UAAP Finals this weekend! Ateneo-La Salle! FINALLY! After six long years, the UAAP finals will at long last be again a battle of blue and green. I wonder who will emerge victorious a couple of weeks from now -- Katipunan or Taft? Oh, it is soooo on!

I shall update again before you know it. Adios, mi amigos :)

P.S. Add me up on Plurk! :)


Matatapang, Matatalino.. LABAN UP!

Congratulations, UP Pep Squad! :)
We did it!

(Photo credit: UBelt.com)

I cannot even put into words how EUPHORIC I still am after yesterday's big win. Just the whole experience was enough to stun me for the next couple of weeks. Being there, chanting the ever famous "Unibersidad ng Pilipinas!" cheer along with the whole Maroon side of the coliseum was definitely something worth remembering. I've seen the previous cheerdancing competitions on television and on YouTube before, but let me tell you -- Nothing beats the real thing.

I arrived at Cubao at around 9 am with my mom because we were supposed to meet early so as to get seats right away. I was wrong in thinking that I was an early bird. Upon our arrival, hundreds of people were already lined up in all the gates! I got nervous. But turns out they were all waiting for the last-minute releasing of tickets, so I heaved the first of my many sighs of reliefs for that day. After my mom left me at GoNuts Donuts to wait for my companions, I was constantly shocked at the sheer volume of people at the Coliseum. One would think that only UP or UST would have the large crowds, but no, EVERY SCHOOL had their share of fans. Soon, Drea, Tophe, Ria, and Inna arrived. It was funny that Tophe came wearing Maroon and was determined to sit with us when in fact he is from UST. I guess it's unfortunate for him that the friends he's going with are from UP, haha. We finally marched our way inside the coliseum. With Maroon foam fingers in hand we were ready to rock! :)

The UP, UST, and FEU seats were the first ones to get filled. Obviously, the competition is tight between these three permanent placers, and I'm sure all the fans of these schools were determined to go home champions. But one can't deny the incredible support from the other universities too. UE, AdU, NU, and DLSU had their lots of supporters as well. And Ateneo.. well let's just say their part of the coliseum was empty the longest :P What I love about actually being there was the very intense school spirit. You just can't capture that on TV. Sure you can hear the screaming, but during commercial breaks, you don't feel the animosity between schools. While waiting, each school tries to outdo all the others. All schools have their signature cheers, moves, and paraphernalias. Kanya-kanyang pasiklaban. Haha. One of my favorite moments before the show was when Adamson started to cheer, the UP crowd started chanting "Unibersidad ng Pilipinas!" because the beat was very similar to ours! :)) Haha. Major bitch moment number 1. Then, the UST and UP people started firing at each other, with tarpaulins and banners attacking the other school. The UST had "You can't beat the Salinggawi twice" and "400 <> 397 years of the Others." HAHA, major bitch moment number 2! When UP cheered, the UST fans would wave their hotdog balloons while saying, "Wala! Wala!", likewise when UST cheered, the UP crowd would point their foam fingers downward. See, even before the actual competition took place, there was already a contest! But it was all fun really. It actually made the whole event all the more exciting! :)

DLSU was the first to perform, followed by the UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe. Honestly, their performance wasn't what I was expecting from them. I'm a SDT fan but I just thought they could have done better. But nonetheless, they did well. After UST was UP. And boy was the yellow and maroon side going crazy! We were chanting "UP! UP! UP!" all throughout their entrance. Finally the drummers started banging, and we were suddenly on a cheering uproar! I think one-third of the crowd was from UP, which explains the extremely loud and very thrilled sound we made! And that, my friends, was the moment I realized (cheesy line coming) -- I love being in UP. I've waited so long for it, when finally I get to shout at the top of my lungs for the State University. Nothing beats being there with the Maroon crowd, waving our flags and foam fingers. The UP routine was awesome! I'm not being biased here, but in all honesty, we were very unique from the others especially because of our Tribal concept. SUGOD UP! :) We had some flaws din, which made me really nervous, but all in all it was a great performance from our Pep Squad. And of course, who would forget Oble? The cherry on top of our ice cream. Haha :D

The FEU and AdU squads were probably my two other bets aside from UP. The FEU Cheering Squad had a clean and almost perfect execution while the AdU Pep Squad simply had that "wow" factor. Their floor routine was so cool, and their pyramids were amazing! I sincerely clapped and cheered for them. Anyway, the other squads were quite impressive as well. I liked the costume of the Ateneo Blue Babble Battalion girls -- it inspired me to work on my abs, LOL. The NU's routine has improved tremendously from their previous performances. And the UE squad was also entertaining, but one of their girls almost fell on the floor in one of their exhibitions. In general, all the performers did a great job. I honestly wasn't expecting anything and in fact I was nervous for UP all throughout.

Finally, the judgment time has arrived. The wait seemed like forever! By that time, the whole coliseum was on a fiasco. Once again, all the universities were cheering their hearts out and you can hear nothing but screaming and drum beats. It was defeaning!! But it was very, very exciting. The moment Boom Gonzales silenced the audience as he held the envelope, my heart started beating so loud.. as loud as the drums perhaps! I wanted us to win sooo badly. I started praying "All for thee, O my God, O my Jesus all for thee," in my head, all while the five of us held hands. Parang Sabayan lang eh noh :)

When Boom announced FEU as the 2nd runner-up, I started jumping for joy. I seriously thought they were going to win! The whole UST-UP crowd went wild. The commercial break was just agonizing. I couldn't wait. WE ALL COULDN'T WAIT. Will the Salinggawi win back the crown? Or will UP succeed in retaining the title? I was hyperventilating.

Soon, Boom announced the 1st runner-up. And it was.. the UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe! My golly, we were relieved! And sincerely, I really clapped for them. It's funny because when UST started cheering the signature "Go USTe!" UP was joining too. I don't know if it was because we were happy for UST or because we had a sure feeling we would win. HAHA. But as for me, I really did cheer from the heart. You all know I love UST.. it's my third university choice after Ateneo :)

And at long last.. the Champion was announced: THE UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES PEP SQUAD!! :) It was extreme pandemonium! The whole Maroon side went crazy! We were extremely ecstatic! WE WON! BACK-TO-BACK! :) It was touching because the whole Coliseum was cheering "Unibersidad ng Pilipinas" with us! I got chills running down my spine. Nothing beats being there to witness everything.. and actually winning! :)


(I'm the lamest camera-bringer. I didn't even feel the desire to take pictures.. masyado akong nasa cheering mode. Haha)

The UP crowd waiting in anticipation; UP's number 1!; Karla's game face on; Four Fighting Maroons and one Growling Tiger in disguise; The smiles of victory!

P.S. I watched the Ateneo-La Salle game last Saturday!
It felt great being an Atenista even for just a couple of hours! :) We watched the game of UP-UST game prior to that, and we were cheering amidst the sea of blue of green. We might have lost, but we kept shouting, "Babawi kami sa inyo bukas!" and luckily we did :P Anyway, during the whole game, we were barely sitting down! I may not be a real Atenista, but you all know how much we bleeeed Blue, especially for Chris Tiu! :) It was amazing to actually be part of the biggest rivalry in the Philippine shores. And it felt great to cheer for the winning school! :) Sorry La Sallian friends.. pero, maka-Ateneo talaga ako :D

Mabuhay ang Iskolar ng Bayan!

(Photo credit: Yoshke.com)


The Golden Tickets.

I was firm in waking up earlier than usual today. I had the goal in mind and I was not going to let anything get in my way. I have been waiting for this since the start of the school year. Like Charlie Bucket, I'm willing to buy all the Wonka chocolates in the world just to have the Golden Ticket -- in my case, they're not literally Golden but they're just as precious in college:

The UAAP tickets.

Armed with money in hand and my cellphone on the other, I was determined to get myself tickets for both the September 6 basketball games and the September 7 Cheerdancing Competition. These two are not only requirements for my PE class, but also two of the most-awaited events in the whole UAAP season. Did I mention that the September 6 match-ups would be UP versus UST, and ADMU versus DLSU -- the four major universities in the country? And that, the Cheerdancing Competition current titleholders are the UP Pep Squad? Yeah. So now you know.

On my way to Quezon City, Inna and Drea already texted me that they were both in line at the Ylanan Gym for the tickets. The windows are not yet open so the lines were not moving then. Inna was in line for the Sept. 7 competition, and Drea for the Sept. 6 games. I, meanwhile, was to go straight to Araneta Coliseum and purchase tickets there. Our plan was set -- we've got all bases covered. Or so we thought. Upon my arrival, the whole circumference of the Coliseum was packed! If I didn't know any better I would've thought there was an event inside right then and there! It was very apparent that it was all for the UAAP. Why else would there be people wearing UP lanyards, UST uniforms, La Salle shirts, and Ateneo ID laces, all in one place? I'm sure there were people from all the other universities as well. I immediately texted Inna and Drea saying that if I fall in line here, I'm certain I won't be getting any tickets at all.

So off to Diliman I went.

Upon my arrival, I immediately saw people crowding outside the gymnasium. I went in and saw Inna and Drea who were on two different lines. I decided to go with Drea first since the line for the September 6 game was shorter. I saw lots of familiar faces there, including my Kas-mate Chantal (who was telling me to buy more tickets so that we can sell them at double the price, LOL!) To pass time, Drea and I talked about the Eraserheads concert which she was luckily able to attend. She shared with me all the excitement and drama that transpired that night. Being the funny and ever-entertaining storyteller that she is, I can't help feeling jealous! But like what she said, maybe the concert getting cut short meant that the Eraserheads should do it again. We just hope it won't be any time soon so that Ely can fully recover physically, and Drea can fully recover financially :P

Soon, the line was moving, but we kept overhearing from the people that "one is to one" lang daw. Oh no! We were supposed to buy four: for the three of us, and for our other Maroon friend, Cars. Nevertheless, we were determined. As we approached the booth, we immediately called Inna from the other line. She asked her "line-mate" to save her a place, and she quickly transferred to ours. Finally, it was our turn.
Lady Selling Tickets: Ilan?
Drea: Tatlo po.
Lady Selling Tickets: One is to one lang.

*Inna, Karla, and Drea smile*
*Lady Selling Tickets gives us three tickets*

FINALLY! Next up: the Cheerdancing tickets. Drea fell in line for the Sept. 6 game again (for Cars' ticket), while Inna returned to her line with me. While waiting, I really felt the anxiety of the people around us. "Ang tagal naman!" "Mayroon pa kaya?" "One is to one lang daw!" -- it was crazy. After a few minutes, one guy came from the office saying they were only going to accept the exact payment because they have no loose change. Inna and I suddenly went to panic mode. We both only had 500-Peso bills with us. So outside the gym I went. In times of hunger and desperation, the sari-sari stores beside the gym were our saviors! Luckily, they had barya so I just bought myself Fit N Right Apple flavor. Hah! It was like hitting two birds with one stone: getting smaller bills and burning fat. Hell yeah! :) I went back inside to find Drea's line moving quicker than ours. But we were almost at the booth as well, so right when we were about to buy the tickets, we called Drea and once again, the same scenario:
Lady Selling Tickets: Ilan?
Karla: Tatlo po.
Lady Selling Tickets: One is to one lang.

*Inna, Karla, and Drea smile*
*Lady Selling Tickets gives us three tickets*

YAHOOOOO! :) Our strategy worked! Drea went back hurriedly to the Sept. 6 line, and just a few minutes later she was able to get Cars a ticket. THE FOUR OF US WERE SETTLED! But there was one more thing left to do: get Cars and Inna's cousin Red tickets for the Cheerdance Competition. Unsurprisingly, the line was longer than for the Saturday event. Not all people were eager basketball fans like us and most of the students only look forward to the Cheerdancing. The line snaked up to the outside of the gymnasium, but luckily there were some benches there. As they say, UP is University of Pila, so there was nothing else we could do but be patient. While waiting, a group of upperclassmen approached this one guy ahead of us.
Guy Ahead Of Us: O ano nangyari?
His Friend: Grabe pare, 6 o'clock pa lang nandun na kami sa Araneta. Sobrang daming tao!
Guy Ahead Of Us: Nakakuha kayo tickets?
His Friend: Hindi! Sold-out na! Bad trip. Mga ten people ahead of us na lang, nagsara na yung window!

*Inna, Karla, and Drea smile*

We couldn't help secretly grinning at each other. If we stuck to our first plan, we probably wouldn't have gotten tickets to either event! Man, we were so LUCKY. As in. Unfortunately though, after about ten minutes, news spread that the tickets were sold-out already. Being the persistent creatures that we are, we stayed in line still. But to our dismay, wala na daw talaga. (Super extremely sorry, Catherine Pascual! We really tried!) A friend of Chantal's approached and told me that there are probably still tickets but they are just holding off the selling until tomorrow or the days to come. He wasn't sure though. Soon, everyone started leaving and we had no choice but to depart as well.

It's funny how in just a small amount of time, and over something relatively trivial, you can see the true colors of different people. Some were incredibly impatient, while some were more forbearing and relaxed. Others passed time by chatting with the people standing beside them, others were just silently anxious. But in spite of that, you feel the excitement and the adrenaline rush, and add in the thrill brought by the sound of the drums and the sight of the athletes inside the courts -- school spirit was in the air! It's undeniable that it all comes down to the fact that everybody just wants to support our dear university. Hey, hey, UP go, UP fight!

Despite all that's happened, we felt triumphant! We got the tickets we were longing for. And obviously, they were anything but easy to get! Buti na lang our diskarte and strategy worked :P Saturday and Sunday, here we come!

Matatapang, matatalino! ...Ganyan kaming mga taga-UP! :)

The Golden Tickets :)