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A confession :">

My SocSci2 test was today. I have one word to describe it: NGGHHHHH. I studied well last night, and in fact I was quite proud of the really cute and colorful reviewers I made for myself. I knew I can answer it.. but somehow, after the test I still don't feel completely (for lack of better term) confident. I was able to answer all the items, but it wasn't a walk in the park. Default answer: IT WAS OKAY. It's not like I didn't study enough (I know this is what my Mom would tell me! She'll tell me hindi ako nagseseryoso) -- in fact, these months, I study more than I normally do! I take my studies seriously. Especially my exams. If I have a major test coming up for a particular week, all week long I will stay up late just to review my notes and lessons. Nag-aaral naman talaga ako. But I don't know why I still feel "sabaw" after every exam I take. Hay. I don't know, maybe I just miss the feeling of knowing I aced the test. I haven't been getting that for quite a while already. I guess it's true what they say, UP's harsh.<br /> <br /> Shoot, I sound so grade conscious. I'm not. It's just really hard not to be one when everyone around you is. And besides, I'm a student! It's normal to get frustrated over this right? Right? T_T<br /> <br /> OH WELL, THINK OF HAPPY THOUGHTS, KARLA.<br /> <br /> So. There is a teeny-tiny bit of information I haven't been sharing to you, guys. At first I didn't want to admit it because I was shy. Haha. And because I was scared people would call me boy-crazy because when I have crushes, you know how I get -- it's hard to not talk about them! But.. they say the truth will set you free. So I shall tell you the truth: YES I HAVE A CRUSH ON SOMEONE :"> Ay, lande.<br /> <br /> His name starts with a J. But his nickname starts with a B. He's my classmate in Eng11. He's ALWAYS late. He wears glasses. He's tall and lanky. He's quiet. He has a black bag. He was from QueSci. I always see him in AS. And in the Math building. He's always with his friends. But sometimes I catch him alone. He's so cute when he smiles :"> He plays PSP while waiting for his friend in MB. He always wears a shirt, shorts, and slippers. But the one time he wore a polo shirt, pants, and sneakers, he was sooo pogi! :) I can't talk to him because I'm shy.. And I think he knows I like him! O_O<br /> <br /> You see, I'm not very shy around my crushes. I'm not the usual girl who stutters when the guy she likes talks to her. In fact, sa sobrang kapal ng mukha ko, I'm the type who will approach my crush and get to know him better. But not this time. This guy has gotten me so SHY, I can't even utter a word to him! And it sucks because I sooo want to get to know him, but I can't. I really can't. Actually, I did try once and I only embarrassed myself. Deym. I think I really like this guy. HAHA :))<br /> <br /> I must do the moves soon because the sem is almost over O_O<br /> LateBoy, my name is Karla. Let's be friends :)<br /> <br /> <br /> And suddenly, thinking about him made me feel better. HAHA. Shettt :)) And no, he does not distract me from my studies AT ALL! In fact, mas ginaganahan ako mag-aral because I want to impress him. HAHA, shoot. I got it bad :))<br /> <br /> Sorry, I'm sabog. Later y'all, I'ma get myself some ice cream pa :)