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Reaching greater heights -- literally!

I wall-climbed and rapelled last Friday! And boy did it feel good :)

Who knew daring yourself to do something you never thought you're capable of will make me feel so.. rejuvenated? With all the stressing school-related things going on with my life, yeah, I needed that boost. It felt great reaching the top (albeit very slowly, HAHA!) and coming back down in one piece.. and it didn't hurt that my crush was watching too :"> Haha, landi.

It's my SocSci2 long exam again on Thursday, so I can't really blog that much. I'm determined to ace it! Haha. But seriously. I won't let the Great Political Thinkers intimidate me. Though I have to admit, Machiavelli just really gets on my nerves. I bet our government officials look up to him. Harhar.

BTW, I'm loving Calculus yet again. I've been reciting and answering exercises like an eager beaver. My seatmate Ericson can attest to that. Gawd, I'm such a nerd. What is wrong with me? :))

I can't wait for the UAAP Finals this weekend! Ateneo-La Salle! FINALLY! After six long years, the UAAP finals will at long last be again a battle of blue and green. I wonder who will emerge victorious a couple of weeks from now -- Katipunan or Taft? Oh, it is soooo on!

I shall update again before you know it. Adios, mi amigos :)

P.S. Add me up on Plurk! :)