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I am sixteen, going on seventeen.

I've waited for forever to actually be able to sing that for real when I was a kid. Sound of Music was my favorite movie then and Liezl was my favorite character. And now, I can really sing it truthfully. Never again after tomorrow :P

Seveteen has always been portrayed by the media as the "epitome" of a teenage girl's life. It's at seventeen that girls in works of fiction get their first kiss, first dance, first boyfriend.. the usual firsts. And when I was a kid, I've always wanted to be seventeen right away because it just sounds so pretty. I really thought it was the "not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman" age. It was depicted as something so.. exciting and life-changing.

Now that I'm a day away from being seventeen, well, to tell you honestly it doesn't feel like that. I don't see fireworks outside my window, I don't feel certain body parts arriving and transforming me into a real lady. I'm still me. And I'm pretty sure tomorrow I'm still going to be the same boring lazy person [haha]. To tell you honestly, tomorrow would be a real different birthday than the usual ones I have, and I don't know, I just don't feel like it won't be as exciting as it used to be because soooo many things have changed.

But, a birthday is a birthday. The world won't stop turning just because I don't feel like I'm ready to be seventeen yet. Tomorrow, I'm going to be seventeen. And I guess it's up to me if I'm going to just BE seventeen and leave it that way, or BE seventeen and have fun with it.

I'm choosing the latter. So, come on October 26. Bring on your birthday magic! I'ma rock 17.

[17 is Chris Tiu's jersey number by the way! ♥ Oh I'm soo gonna love this age!]

(tomorrow :P)


UPCAT the movie.

"Lucas and Joaquin are two teenage boys from the province who believe passing the UPCAT (University of the Philippines College Admissions Test) is the passport to their dreams. While Joaquin's goal is to eventually get a well-paying job and bring his OFW parents back home, Lucas wants nothing more than to win the heart of schoolmate Jane -- and perhaps her family, all of whom are UP-educated. The two seek help in reviewing from Michael, a UP Fine Arts graduate with a secret. In this light coming-of-age journey, Lucas and Joaquin discover some truths about life, love, dreams and shaded circles, and a little more about themselves along the way."

(from UPCAT the Movie)

I first found out about the movie in a UP Multiply group. Immediately after watching the trailer, memories just came flowing back. Has it already been a year ago when I was a very hopeful senior wanting to get into one of the best universities in the Philippines? It still feels all to familiar to me. The sleepless nights and the unending apprehension before and after the test was enough reason to keep me anxious all throughout the school year. I wasn't in the "UP or nothing" scenario though -- I wasn't that desperate. But at some point, it kind of felt that way because UP was my dream school.

After all, it's college that we've all been working for for the past 12 years of our life. Now that I think about it, it was the ultimate goal then wasn't it? Get into a prestigious college. Pass the entrance exams.

OH WELL. I'm glad I'm over that already. Now my ultimate goal is to survive in UP. Don't get me wrong though -- it ain't any easier. Because passing the test is only half the battle :P

P.S. One Tree Hill Season 6 is ♥!
P.P.S. 3 days to go! :)


Once again, the CRS drove me insane.

My fantastic pre-enlistment schedule.
(Click the pic to enlarge)

I am sure as hell I am not the only UP student out there who is going crazy over this. Every one of us is (im)patiently waiting for the [I cannot stress this enough] EXTREMELY SLOW LOADING [also known as Slowding, haha] process of the site, and I guess it's safe to say that it's enough to make anyone -- most especially a freshman -- go berserk.

The entire pre-enlistment process is just pure frustration, I tell you. First, the waiting. You have to wait oh-so-patiently for the page to load -- that is if you're lucky enough to not have the connection time out on you. Second, the searching for the subjects you need and checking their availability. And third, the arranging of your schedule. You have to consider so many things before clicking the "Pre-enlist" button: the professor, the time, and the classmates too if you and your friends decided on going to the same class. So many options to weigh, so little time.

And if that's not enough to get you so exasperated.. well maybe the whole "Selection and Rejection" process will. The chances of you getting your desired subject is like you winning in the lottery or something. IT'S THAT HARD. And every after batch processing, you only end up feeling more upset because you have to do the entire thing all over again.

AAAAARGH. After the second batch processing, I still haven't completed my 15 units. I'm still six units short. I guess I can still consider myself lucky though because I got 4 out of 6 subjects after the first batch processing. However, two subjects lacking is still two subjects lacking. I NEED TO COMPLETE THIS BEFORE ENROLLMENT TIME. I don't want to prerog! :( [For the non-UP people, prerog is short for "prerogative" -- if I'm not mistaken, in a nutshell, it's the process of pleading a professor to give you a slot in his class.]

Which explains the over-choosing of subjects. Haha. I don't care if there are conflicts right now as long as I get two subjects! Please CRS, don't fail me.

Anyway.. on the brighter side of things.

Like what I said, I got 4 out of the 6 subjects I pre-enlisted in! [Thank God for the freshman priority. Teehee]

In my CW10, I'm classmates with my two best college buds, Andy and Jamie -- and in a subject related to our course at that! It's not really a requirement anymore unlike our English11 class, but we figured we would be together for the next four years of our lives talking about English and creative writing anyway so why not take this one together? I'm sure the three of us will have a blast again. But the biggest shock of all was my PE class. As usual, it is not an exciting heart-racing exhilarating sport because you all know I am anything but sporty. It's.. [drumroll please!] Folk Dancing. Okay, laugh all you want. But I was actually pretty good in our folk dance lessons in high school. Ask that to Mrs. Laxa! :D Anyway, I suppose I wouldn't suck that bad this time. My only problem was I had no one with me unlike in Walking class where I had Drea and Inna. In short, I was alone in a supposedly fun subject -- or so I thought. Turns out.. AYIENE AND I ARE CLASSMATES! :) We only found out earlier tonight when we were asking each other's subjects [so far] in the pre-enlistment. This is so awesome! I cannot believe our luck! See.

Once again, the Small World Theory at work. Aww I'm gonna miss Physics 10. But I'm already looking forward to my classes [so far] this coming sem! :)

Speaking of Physics 10, another great news..

My grades are [so far] really good -- especially Physics 10! I so didn't expect that. Anyway, I have only seen the final grades of 4 out of the 5 GE subjects I took. I'm still waiting for the English11 grade to come out. That's all I'm saying for now, though. I don't want to jinx anything just yet. So.. there. Haha.

It really is a good thing I have One Tree Hill to keep me distracted from all this academic-related vexations. The only problem is it takes forever to load on the Internet. Especially during peak hours.

Now that I think about it, I guess everything that I'm thinking about right now just boils down to PATIENCE. Waiting. You can't always have what you want right there when you need it. You got to hang in there for a little while first. That way when you do get it, you'll know you really deserved it.

I guess I should go practice that whole tolerant and uncomplaining side of me now. Because we all know patience is so not my virtue.


Almost 17.

"Sooo high school."

Our new expression when reminiscing about things in our past [a reminder that we had a pretty interesting life before college, LOL].

Last Saturday I went to my Trixie's house for an impromptu bonding session with my closest friends. It wasn't planned at all, in fact it was a spur-of-the-moment call by Trixie because she said she just missed us so much. I was not allowed to go at first because it was on short notice but because of my superior good-daughter skills [HAHA!], I was able to convince my mom to let me go. Mikka fetched me here in our house and we went to Trixie's together.

God, I missed them so much.

It was just the five of us: Trixie, Mikka, Tin, Nica, and me. Trixie invited the others as well but only the four of us showed up. I guess it was okay that it was only us because I missed hanging out with just "us." Not that I dislike our other friends. I love them all. But you know how in a barkada, there is always a core group, the ones you are really extremely close with? That's us. And it's been a while since it was just the five of us. I can't believe we haven't hung out in ages! We used to eat lunch together! Anyway, yesterday we did some serious catching up with each other.. over some Piattos and tocino. Haha. I miss those guys to deeeath.

with Trixie, Nica, Mikka and Tin.

Then last night I got to talk on the phone with my bestest friend in the whole world, Hope. What's really funny is that no matter how short or long the intervals between our talk-sessions are, I don't feel it. No awkwardness, no uneasiness -- just talking and talking about stuff going on with our lives. The distance is a bitch because this is the girl I've been best friends with since kindergarten and I can't believe it's been months since I last saw her, but I find comfort in knowing that she's still my Enemy, and I'm still hers :P

I won't be doing another dramatic/emo post about how it pains me that we're going on different paths and that we're not as close as we were anymore. Because that's already a given. Things will change. But I guess it's true what they say that friendships kick long distance's ass. It doesn't matter how long it was since we last saw each other, because when we do get to spend time each other it's as if there wasn't any separation at all. We just bond like we used to. So what, we're not going to be schoolmates in St. Paul anymore. I can deal with that. And besides, the separation only makes room for more stories and issues and chikahans later on -- who wouldn't love that? :)

Stupid us, we didn't take a single photo. Guess we just have to wait for a next time.

Losing my mojo.

I don't know what is happening to me but I think I may have been losing my updating mojo for the past weeks. I really do not know why! I'm losing interest in updating my accounts, most especially my Plurk. When I first joined Plurk, I wanted to just Plurk all day, and now.. I don't even open my account anymore. I even considered [gasp!] deleting it.

I unofficially "closed" by blog on Multiply as well. I didn't see the point of updating that blog when I have this one. I know Blogger doesn't have privacy settings like that of Multiply, but I guess I'm just tired of keeping more than one blog when I've lost the will to update anyway. And besides, I don't have anything to write there anymore that is different from what I write here. I mean, sure I do post emo stuff there from time to time, but I figured, I have my real journal for that. I don't need the whole world knowing about my overly-dramatic emotional breakdowns. Everyone else has their own problems to worry about. [I can't believe I'm actually saying this. Haha] And because of that.. My Multiply would now be for my photos only.

I haven't been doing blog-hopping duties as well. I'm sorry online friends. I promise I will make it up to you.

What's wrong with me?!

I am sixteen going on seventeen..

On a happier note, only a few more days to go and I'm about to kiss my sweet sixteen goodbye! I've always waited for the time I can sing along to this song by Liezl on the Sound of Music. And now that's it's coming.. I cannot wait! :)

This is probably the most different birthday I will ever have. First of all, my dad and two of my titas are out of the country on the 26th. Second, it will be the first time that I'll be celebrating it on a vacation: sembreak. And third, I won't be having the usual party here at home with my friends and relatives. I thought it would be better to celebrate separately with my HS and college friends just so we could have more fun. I wouldn't want anyone getting left out with inside jokes and anecdotes that the other party might not know about. I already have a plan with my college friends, but I'm worrying about the party with my HS mates. We all have different schedules, some of them are not on a sembreak [*ehem La Salle ehem Mapua ehem*] and I still don't know where we're going and what we're supposed to do. Hanging out here in my house is certainly out of the question because as they said, it's "so high school." What to do, what to do?

I'm freaking out over my birthday because as what one good friend said, I am such a "birthday girl." One little trivia about me, when I meet someone new, the first thing I ask about them after knowing their name is their birthday. I don't know why but I feel closer to people once I find out. I like asking them their age, zodiac signs.. I'm weird but I think birthdays say a lot about the person. In short, I get excited over birthdays -- most especially mine. I look forward to the day I can officially call my own. I can't stand not doing ANYTHING for this special day. But can you really blame me? I like cake. And the gifts don't hurt either :)

I'm off to watch OTH again. Right now, I'm more in love with Jamie than anyone else on the show. He's the most adorable character everrr! Don't y'all agree? :)



I have been putting off blogging for a while because I wanted the Chris Tiu experience to last longer -- at least in my blog. I promised you guys I will give you an account of everything that happened on October 10, and I will. But right now, even after almost a week already, I still can't wrap my head around it. And it still seems so -- okay wait for it -- magical :) I can't get myself to write it down without stopping for a while and thinking about his beautifully perfect face, or his wonderfully chiseled body, or his -- I should stop. Maybe I'll let the "fascination phase" sit for a little while longer. And besides, don't you all like a little wait? :P

[If you've been under a rock for the last few days and have no idea about my Chris Tiu experience, I strongly suggest you read my previous post. Haha]

So, how are all your semester breaks so far?

I have been spending my time wisely on [remember, keyword here is WISELY] catching up with my favorite TV series and music downloads. Admittedly, I've missed out a lot on One Tree Hill especially on Season 5. The obvious reason is of course school work. Ever since college started, I didn't really have time for anything other than school. I was so engrossed with the whole adjusting and changing process that I sort of forgot about everything else. I've got more than 5 books pending in my bookshelf, and yes, more than 5 episodes of my all-time favorite show waiting to be watched.

But this was the reason I kept telling everyone else. The truth was..

I had the time to watch it if I wanted to. I just didn't because one night, I was looking around OTH fansites, doing my usual fangirl-ing, when I came across this spoiler about Nathan and Haley's marriage probably ending in divorce. And it just broke my heart. I wanted to stop reading but I just couldn't -- Nathan would flirt with Carrie, Haley would give up on Nathan.. everything just flashed before my eyes. I also hated the fact that Lucas would be marrying Lindsay. Don't get me wrong, I love Brucas, but I'd rather see him with Peyton than with that big-nosed Lindsay! And right then and there, I decided I won't be watching One Tree Hill for a while. Yes, I'm THAT sappy. Mock me, throw rocks at me, do what you please but I admit it. I COULDN'T HANDLE THE POSSIBLE NALEY BREAK-UP THAT'S WHY I STOPPED WATCHING.

But knowing OTH creator Mark Schwahn [not personally, though I wish I did!], he couldn't to that to the fans. People love Nathan and Haley. I did not give up on them that easily. And another fateful fangirl-ing night, I found out that they were going to patch things up. But by that time, it was too late. Season 6 was about to start. I was not able to catch up with the Season 5 bandwagon. I was the lamest self-proclaimed OTH addict ever. So I vowed to myself that come sembreak, I will finish the whole season, and start with the new one. I shall be as up-to-date with the lives of my favorite Tree Hill characters just as I was a few months ago.

"Oh my God, Karla! You're back!"
Oh yes, I am. Did you miss me, OTH friends? :)

[Oh, I can be such a nerd sometimes :P]

So really, thank God for the sembreak. And now, not only am I back in the One Tree Hill craze, I'm riding the Gossip Girl wave too! :) At first, I really was hesitant after I found out about the possible Blair/Chuck team-up [again, caused by another night of spoiler-snooping] but alas, I've come to terms with the fact the TV series is entirely different from the books. I'll forever love the books better. And hell yeah, Blair/Nate is still my favorite NYC couple. Always have, always will. I must admit, it's hard to resist the cattiness of the show. And the fabulous wardrobes doesn't hurt either.

I'm a B/N girl!
Always have, always will.

It's hard to talk about these two programs without mentioning the music used in the show. We all know that music is practically another character in One Tree Hill, what, with all the artists they've featured and discovered through the course of five seasons. But who knew Gossip Girl had that capability as well? This is another great thing I am admittedly geeky about: I download the songs I hear on the episodes of One Tree Hill. Recently, I started with GG episodes too. And I must admit, they are ALL incredibly good. I swear they are all wonderful. I just pop the earphones, and bam! One minute I'm chillin' in Tree Hill, the next I'm strutting down the streets of Upper East Side. Nothing like good music to cheer you up and bring you places :)

OTH Friends With Benefit Soundtrack // OMFGG: Original Music from Gossip Girl
Two of the most AWESOME TV show soundtracks ever!

And good friends too! Shout-out to my loves Jamie and Andy who are with me right now wallowing in.. virtual misery and laughter :P Love you guys.


A huge thanks to Bianca! I really didn't expect anyone to find my blog cool, but this means a lot! KISS! :*
1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded it to you.
3. Link 10 other bloggers whom you wanted to share this award to.
4. Give a reason why you consider that person’s blog cool.

And now my top ten:
THE PEOPLE ON MY FAVORITES RIGHT THERE ON MY SIDEBAR! *points to sidebar* My reason? Well, they wouldn't be there if I didn't find their blogs beyond awesome :)


Enjoy the rest of your sembreaks guys! Remember, a few weeks from now we're all going back to that crazy battlefield called school so you better make the most out of it! Miss you all :)

P.S. Hindi pa tapos birthday ko :) Haha. Advanced birthday gift si Chris :">



Yes people it's for freakin' real. Yesterday was hands down, the best day of our lives. (I was with Inna) I still am wrapping my head around it. Maybe I'll tell the details later, when everything finally sinks in :P But for now, I just want to say..


Glad to get that out of my system :)

(We don't have an Internet connection right now, nasa Net shop lang ako. I'll get back to all the commentors and taggers soon! LOVE TO ALL!)


It's a small world after all.

FINALLY! Ladies and gentlemen, after four months of hard work, stress, anxiety, and nervous breakdowns, I can now officially say: I survived my first semester of college! Yahoooo!

Today was my last day for exams. I want to spare everyone (myself included!) from the agonizing details of my tests from the last couple of days (*ehem* SocSci2 *ehem*) so I'd rather not tell you how they went and how I feel about them. I don't even want to think about what grade I might get. All I know is that they're over, and finally I can do all the bumming around that I want. Woot woot! :)

If there's one major lesson I learned in my first semester (ever) in UP, it's this: It is, indeed, a small world after all. How many times have I come across people who know people I know, places I've been to, events I've attended, school I've gone to, and the like. It's surreal actually. But what's even more fantastic is that it's because of these "connections" that I've come to love this new way of life that is college.

  • SMALL WORLD INCIDENT #1: CW Blockmates. There are only six of us in Creative Writing. Yes, SIX. 6 out of the 6,000+ freshmen who passed the UPCAT. Three of us in the block are Paulinians: St. Paul Paranaque (me), St. Paul Pasig (Andy), and St. Paul QC (Rose). Five of us are from all-girls schools (Jamie is from Colegio de Sta. Rosa, Jonika is from Miriam -- and yes, I still think our school falls under the girl-school category :P). Cathy and I are in the same Math1 class. Jamie and Rose are in the same SocSci3 class. Andy and I have the same breaks every Wednesday and Friday -- and we both don't know how to bike. Teehee.
  • SMALL WORLD INCIDENT #2: Eng'g Friends. My roommate Inna and I have the same breaks as well (purely coincidental) so it was just natural for us to eat together and hang out. Because of this, I got to meet her blockmates from G-18. Regine is also dorming along Katipunan, and is from Las Pinas (from the South, reprezeeent!). She is my classmate in Kas1. Mark is from Claret. We have the exact same breaks everyday. Jan is also from Claret. We share the same prof in Kas1. Kyra, who is from Ateneo Davao, has the same break as we do every Tuesday and Thursday. Myron is also from Las Pinas, studied in Paranaque Science, and knows a lot of Paulinians. Jon is my classmate in Eng11.

    Fabic (first name is Julian, but his surname just sounds way cooler) is technically not Inna's blockmate (Comp Sci), but because he is also from Claret and is friends with Mark and Jan, he hangs out with us too. He is the classmate of Regine in Eng12.

    Ria is also not Inna's blockmate. She's a Chem Engg major. She was Andy's friend in high school. Andy, Jamie, Ria, and I first hung out on the first Wednesday of the sem. Turns out our breaks overlap. We found out that Ria is Drea's classmate in Chem16, and was actually one of the first people Drea befriended. We've been close friends ever since.
  • SMALL WORLD INCIDENT #3: CrEnggBB. Turns out, most of us have the same breaks, especially during Wednesdays and Fridays. Thus, the formation of my college barkada: CrEnggBB. (Cathe is an honorary member -- she's a Math major but she hung out with us a couple of times already :D Small world incident #3.1: Cathe is Jamie's classmate in MBB!) I love those guys to bits!

    Me wit mah boys Mark and Fabic.

    (I shall upload all of our pictures in my Multiply soon! Watch out!)
  • SMALL WORLD INCIDENT #4: QueSci. It only dawned on me recently, but I have quite a number of friends who are from Quezon City Science HS! Number one of course is my very, very good friend Ayiene. (Small world incident #4.1: We always see each other in the CAL and Math building because our classes overlap!) Then my two very good friends in my Math1 class, Ericson and Tina. Their other friend, Orly (Small world incident #4.2: Orly is Drea's classmate in Math17) also became a friend of mine. Also from QueSci are my classmates in PE, Ian and Fred, my seatmate in SocSci2, Avril, and my new friend, Finella. (Small world incident #4.3: They are close friends of Ayiene!) And of course, last but not the least, the object of my month-long desires <x>(Pero nag-mellow na.. I think I'm getting over him? O_O)</x>: the one and only <b>LATEBOY</b>. Yes, he's from QueSci. And it is precisely because of my QueSci "connections" that I found out who he is and got introduced to him. WHOO. I think QueSci is now my favorite science high school :P</li>
  • SMALL WORLD INCIDENT # 5: Math Building. The Math Building is undeniably my current most favorite building in UP. Why? Because I get to see everybody there! Bea, Karina, Kath, Joseph C., Jins, Aila.. just to name a few. I always see random people I know in MB: from old friends, high school acquaintances, classmates, batchmates, and yes even crushes (Yes, pati si LateBoy :">). (Drea, Mark, and I all share the same time slot for our Math classes [1:00-2:30 pm] by the way.) I also have another crush, JeepGuy, who I liked way before LateBoy. From what you can derive from his name, I first laid eyes on him when he sat across me in the jeep. HE IS SO HOT, I tell you. LateBoy is adorable, JeepGuy is HUNKALICIOUS. Anyway, I never saw him again after that incident -- until one fateful afternoon in the Math Building! (Small world incident #5.1: Mark knows people who know JeepGuy!) I therefore conclude that the Math Building is the best place to people-watch.
and the latest Small World Incident?
  • SMALL WORLD INCIDENT #6: Right after I was murdered by our SocSci2 final exam, I saw LateBoy right when I was leaving the AS building. (I haven't seen him for quite a while, he didn't show up for our last Eng11 class) I told myself I will let him go already.. but alas, he shows up and makes my heart flutter again. With one last parting glance, I walked past him and rode the Katipunan jeepney. He rode the jeepney going to SM North. I guess that was goodbye? (Though there was never a hello in the first place! HAHA!) But still. Serendipity? :) Because I must admit, I felt less miserable after that.

I can tell a dozen more Small World Incidents and it still wouldn't express how amazed I am at the affiliations we all seem to have with everyone else. It's like we're all entangled in each other's circles. I guess it all boils down to FATE. Maybe we were all predetermined to meet and somehow weave our way into the lives of each other. No matter how big or small our impact is in their lives, there was a connection. And that's bound to have an effect on someone.

Or then again, as what I've learned from my Physics 10 class, maybe this is just the concept of Complex Systems at work. Somehow, everyone's connected in six-degrees or less. Yes, all six billion of us.

Well, who knew The Small World could turn out to be so scientific? And I thought it was just a Disneyland song..

Wow, so much for freeing myself from academics! I didn't realize it until only in the later part of the post though. I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY YOUR SEMBREAKS! I know most of you are still in hell week, but just think: Study hard, party harder! :D

(Malapit na birthday kooooooooo!)