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It's a small world after all.

FINALLY! Ladies and gentlemen, after four months of hard work, stress, anxiety, and nervous breakdowns, I can now officially say: I survived my first semester of college! Yahoooo!

Today was my last day for exams. I want to spare everyone (myself included!) from the agonizing details of my tests from the last couple of days (*ehem* SocSci2 *ehem*) so I'd rather not tell you how they went and how I feel about them. I don't even want to think about what grade I might get. All I know is that they're over, and finally I can do all the bumming around that I want. Woot woot! :)

If there's one major lesson I learned in my first semester (ever) in UP, it's this: It is, indeed, a small world after all. How many times have I come across people who know people I know, places I've been to, events I've attended, school I've gone to, and the like. It's surreal actually. But what's even more fantastic is that it's because of these "connections" that I've come to love this new way of life that is college.

  • SMALL WORLD INCIDENT #1: CW Blockmates. There are only six of us in Creative Writing. Yes, SIX. 6 out of the 6,000+ freshmen who passed the UPCAT. Three of us in the block are Paulinians: St. Paul Paranaque (me), St. Paul Pasig (Andy), and St. Paul QC (Rose). Five of us are from all-girls schools (Jamie is from Colegio de Sta. Rosa, Jonika is from Miriam -- and yes, I still think our school falls under the girl-school category :P). Cathy and I are in the same Math1 class. Jamie and Rose are in the same SocSci3 class. Andy and I have the same breaks every Wednesday and Friday -- and we both don't know how to bike. Teehee.
  • SMALL WORLD INCIDENT #2: Eng'g Friends. My roommate Inna and I have the same breaks as well (purely coincidental) so it was just natural for us to eat together and hang out. Because of this, I got to meet her blockmates from G-18. Regine is also dorming along Katipunan, and is from Las Pinas (from the South, reprezeeent!). She is my classmate in Kas1. Mark is from Claret. We have the exact same breaks everyday. Jan is also from Claret. We share the same prof in Kas1. Kyra, who is from Ateneo Davao, has the same break as we do every Tuesday and Thursday. Myron is also from Las Pinas, studied in Paranaque Science, and knows a lot of Paulinians. Jon is my classmate in Eng11.

    Fabic (first name is Julian, but his surname just sounds way cooler) is technically not Inna's blockmate (Comp Sci), but because he is also from Claret and is friends with Mark and Jan, he hangs out with us too. He is the classmate of Regine in Eng12.

    Ria is also not Inna's blockmate. She's a Chem Engg major. She was Andy's friend in high school. Andy, Jamie, Ria, and I first hung out on the first Wednesday of the sem. Turns out our breaks overlap. We found out that Ria is Drea's classmate in Chem16, and was actually one of the first people Drea befriended. We've been close friends ever since.
  • SMALL WORLD INCIDENT #3: CrEnggBB. Turns out, most of us have the same breaks, especially during Wednesdays and Fridays. Thus, the formation of my college barkada: CrEnggBB. (Cathe is an honorary member -- she's a Math major but she hung out with us a couple of times already :D Small world incident #3.1: Cathe is Jamie's classmate in MBB!) I love those guys to bits!

    Me wit mah boys Mark and Fabic.

    (I shall upload all of our pictures in my Multiply soon! Watch out!)
  • SMALL WORLD INCIDENT #4: QueSci. It only dawned on me recently, but I have quite a number of friends who are from Quezon City Science HS! Number one of course is my very, very good friend Ayiene. (Small world incident #4.1: We always see each other in the CAL and Math building because our classes overlap!) Then my two very good friends in my Math1 class, Ericson and Tina. Their other friend, Orly (Small world incident #4.2: Orly is Drea's classmate in Math17) also became a friend of mine. Also from QueSci are my classmates in PE, Ian and Fred, my seatmate in SocSci2, Avril, and my new friend, Finella. (Small world incident #4.3: They are close friends of Ayiene!) And of course, last but not the least, the object of my month-long desires <x>(Pero nag-mellow na.. I think I'm getting over him? O_O)</x>: the one and only <b>LATEBOY</b>. Yes, he's from QueSci. And it is precisely because of my QueSci "connections" that I found out who he is and got introduced to him. WHOO. I think QueSci is now my favorite science high school :P</li>
  • SMALL WORLD INCIDENT # 5: Math Building. The Math Building is undeniably my current most favorite building in UP. Why? Because I get to see everybody there! Bea, Karina, Kath, Joseph C., Jins, Aila.. just to name a few. I always see random people I know in MB: from old friends, high school acquaintances, classmates, batchmates, and yes even crushes (Yes, pati si LateBoy :">). (Drea, Mark, and I all share the same time slot for our Math classes [1:00-2:30 pm] by the way.) I also have another crush, JeepGuy, who I liked way before LateBoy. From what you can derive from his name, I first laid eyes on him when he sat across me in the jeep. HE IS SO HOT, I tell you. LateBoy is adorable, JeepGuy is HUNKALICIOUS. Anyway, I never saw him again after that incident -- until one fateful afternoon in the Math Building! (Small world incident #5.1: Mark knows people who know JeepGuy!) I therefore conclude that the Math Building is the best place to people-watch.
and the latest Small World Incident?
  • SMALL WORLD INCIDENT #6: Right after I was murdered by our SocSci2 final exam, I saw LateBoy right when I was leaving the AS building. (I haven't seen him for quite a while, he didn't show up for our last Eng11 class) I told myself I will let him go already.. but alas, he shows up and makes my heart flutter again. With one last parting glance, I walked past him and rode the Katipunan jeepney. He rode the jeepney going to SM North. I guess that was goodbye? (Though there was never a hello in the first place! HAHA!) But still. Serendipity? :) Because I must admit, I felt less miserable after that.

I can tell a dozen more Small World Incidents and it still wouldn't express how amazed I am at the affiliations we all seem to have with everyone else. It's like we're all entangled in each other's circles. I guess it all boils down to FATE. Maybe we were all predetermined to meet and somehow weave our way into the lives of each other. No matter how big or small our impact is in their lives, there was a connection. And that's bound to have an effect on someone.

Or then again, as what I've learned from my Physics 10 class, maybe this is just the concept of Complex Systems at work. Somehow, everyone's connected in six-degrees or less. Yes, all six billion of us.

Well, who knew The Small World could turn out to be so scientific? And I thought it was just a Disneyland song..

Wow, so much for freeing myself from academics! I didn't realize it until only in the later part of the post though. I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY YOUR SEMBREAKS! I know most of you are still in hell week, but just think: Study hard, party harder! :D

(Malapit na birthday kooooooooo!)