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Once again, the CRS drove me insane.

My fantastic pre-enlistment schedule.
(Click the pic to enlarge)

I am sure as hell I am not the only UP student out there who is going crazy over this. Every one of us is (im)patiently waiting for the [I cannot stress this enough] EXTREMELY SLOW LOADING [also known as Slowding, haha] process of the site, and I guess it's safe to say that it's enough to make anyone -- most especially a freshman -- go berserk.

The entire pre-enlistment process is just pure frustration, I tell you. First, the waiting. You have to wait oh-so-patiently for the page to load -- that is if you're lucky enough to not have the connection time out on you. Second, the searching for the subjects you need and checking their availability. And third, the arranging of your schedule. You have to consider so many things before clicking the "Pre-enlist" button: the professor, the time, and the classmates too if you and your friends decided on going to the same class. So many options to weigh, so little time.

And if that's not enough to get you so exasperated.. well maybe the whole "Selection and Rejection" process will. The chances of you getting your desired subject is like you winning in the lottery or something. IT'S THAT HARD. And every after batch processing, you only end up feeling more upset because you have to do the entire thing all over again.

AAAAARGH. After the second batch processing, I still haven't completed my 15 units. I'm still six units short. I guess I can still consider myself lucky though because I got 4 out of 6 subjects after the first batch processing. However, two subjects lacking is still two subjects lacking. I NEED TO COMPLETE THIS BEFORE ENROLLMENT TIME. I don't want to prerog! :( [For the non-UP people, prerog is short for "prerogative" -- if I'm not mistaken, in a nutshell, it's the process of pleading a professor to give you a slot in his class.]

Which explains the over-choosing of subjects. Haha. I don't care if there are conflicts right now as long as I get two subjects! Please CRS, don't fail me.

Anyway.. on the brighter side of things.

Like what I said, I got 4 out of the 6 subjects I pre-enlisted in! [Thank God for the freshman priority. Teehee]

In my CW10, I'm classmates with my two best college buds, Andy and Jamie -- and in a subject related to our course at that! It's not really a requirement anymore unlike our English11 class, but we figured we would be together for the next four years of our lives talking about English and creative writing anyway so why not take this one together? I'm sure the three of us will have a blast again. But the biggest shock of all was my PE class. As usual, it is not an exciting heart-racing exhilarating sport because you all know I am anything but sporty. It's.. [drumroll please!] Folk Dancing. Okay, laugh all you want. But I was actually pretty good in our folk dance lessons in high school. Ask that to Mrs. Laxa! :D Anyway, I suppose I wouldn't suck that bad this time. My only problem was I had no one with me unlike in Walking class where I had Drea and Inna. In short, I was alone in a supposedly fun subject -- or so I thought. Turns out.. AYIENE AND I ARE CLASSMATES! :) We only found out earlier tonight when we were asking each other's subjects [so far] in the pre-enlistment. This is so awesome! I cannot believe our luck! See.

Once again, the Small World Theory at work. Aww I'm gonna miss Physics 10. But I'm already looking forward to my classes [so far] this coming sem! :)

Speaking of Physics 10, another great news..

My grades are [so far] really good -- especially Physics 10! I so didn't expect that. Anyway, I have only seen the final grades of 4 out of the 5 GE subjects I took. I'm still waiting for the English11 grade to come out. That's all I'm saying for now, though. I don't want to jinx anything just yet. So.. there. Haha.

It really is a good thing I have One Tree Hill to keep me distracted from all this academic-related vexations. The only problem is it takes forever to load on the Internet. Especially during peak hours.

Now that I think about it, I guess everything that I'm thinking about right now just boils down to PATIENCE. Waiting. You can't always have what you want right there when you need it. You got to hang in there for a little while first. That way when you do get it, you'll know you really deserved it.

I guess I should go practice that whole tolerant and uncomplaining side of me now. Because we all know patience is so not my virtue.