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I have been putting off blogging for a while because I wanted the Chris Tiu experience to last longer -- at least in my blog. I promised you guys I will give you an account of everything that happened on October 10, and I will. But right now, even after almost a week already, I still can't wrap my head around it. And it still seems so -- okay wait for it -- magical :) I can't get myself to write it down without stopping for a while and thinking about his beautifully perfect face, or his wonderfully chiseled body, or his -- I should stop. Maybe I'll let the "fascination phase" sit for a little while longer. And besides, don't you all like a little wait? :P

[If you've been under a rock for the last few days and have no idea about my Chris Tiu experience, I strongly suggest you read my previous post. Haha]

So, how are all your semester breaks so far?

I have been spending my time wisely on [remember, keyword here is WISELY] catching up with my favorite TV series and music downloads. Admittedly, I've missed out a lot on One Tree Hill especially on Season 5. The obvious reason is of course school work. Ever since college started, I didn't really have time for anything other than school. I was so engrossed with the whole adjusting and changing process that I sort of forgot about everything else. I've got more than 5 books pending in my bookshelf, and yes, more than 5 episodes of my all-time favorite show waiting to be watched.

But this was the reason I kept telling everyone else. The truth was..

I had the time to watch it if I wanted to. I just didn't because one night, I was looking around OTH fansites, doing my usual fangirl-ing, when I came across this spoiler about Nathan and Haley's marriage probably ending in divorce. And it just broke my heart. I wanted to stop reading but I just couldn't -- Nathan would flirt with Carrie, Haley would give up on Nathan.. everything just flashed before my eyes. I also hated the fact that Lucas would be marrying Lindsay. Don't get me wrong, I love Brucas, but I'd rather see him with Peyton than with that big-nosed Lindsay! And right then and there, I decided I won't be watching One Tree Hill for a while. Yes, I'm THAT sappy. Mock me, throw rocks at me, do what you please but I admit it. I COULDN'T HANDLE THE POSSIBLE NALEY BREAK-UP THAT'S WHY I STOPPED WATCHING.

But knowing OTH creator Mark Schwahn [not personally, though I wish I did!], he couldn't to that to the fans. People love Nathan and Haley. I did not give up on them that easily. And another fateful fangirl-ing night, I found out that they were going to patch things up. But by that time, it was too late. Season 6 was about to start. I was not able to catch up with the Season 5 bandwagon. I was the lamest self-proclaimed OTH addict ever. So I vowed to myself that come sembreak, I will finish the whole season, and start with the new one. I shall be as up-to-date with the lives of my favorite Tree Hill characters just as I was a few months ago.

"Oh my God, Karla! You're back!"
Oh yes, I am. Did you miss me, OTH friends? :)

[Oh, I can be such a nerd sometimes :P]

So really, thank God for the sembreak. And now, not only am I back in the One Tree Hill craze, I'm riding the Gossip Girl wave too! :) At first, I really was hesitant after I found out about the possible Blair/Chuck team-up [again, caused by another night of spoiler-snooping] but alas, I've come to terms with the fact the TV series is entirely different from the books. I'll forever love the books better. And hell yeah, Blair/Nate is still my favorite NYC couple. Always have, always will. I must admit, it's hard to resist the cattiness of the show. And the fabulous wardrobes doesn't hurt either.

I'm a B/N girl!
Always have, always will.

It's hard to talk about these two programs without mentioning the music used in the show. We all know that music is practically another character in One Tree Hill, what, with all the artists they've featured and discovered through the course of five seasons. But who knew Gossip Girl had that capability as well? This is another great thing I am admittedly geeky about: I download the songs I hear on the episodes of One Tree Hill. Recently, I started with GG episodes too. And I must admit, they are ALL incredibly good. I swear they are all wonderful. I just pop the earphones, and bam! One minute I'm chillin' in Tree Hill, the next I'm strutting down the streets of Upper East Side. Nothing like good music to cheer you up and bring you places :)

OTH Friends With Benefit Soundtrack // OMFGG: Original Music from Gossip Girl
Two of the most AWESOME TV show soundtracks ever!

And good friends too! Shout-out to my loves Jamie and Andy who are with me right now wallowing in.. virtual misery and laughter :P Love you guys.


A huge thanks to Bianca! I really didn't expect anyone to find my blog cool, but this means a lot! KISS! :*
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And now my top ten:
THE PEOPLE ON MY FAVORITES RIGHT THERE ON MY SIDEBAR! *points to sidebar* My reason? Well, they wouldn't be there if I didn't find their blogs beyond awesome :)


Enjoy the rest of your sembreaks guys! Remember, a few weeks from now we're all going back to that crazy battlefield called school so you better make the most out of it! Miss you all :)

P.S. Hindi pa tapos birthday ko :) Haha. Advanced birthday gift si Chris :">