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UPCAT the movie.

"Lucas and Joaquin are two teenage boys from the province who believe passing the UPCAT (University of the Philippines College Admissions Test) is the passport to their dreams. While Joaquin's goal is to eventually get a well-paying job and bring his OFW parents back home, Lucas wants nothing more than to win the heart of schoolmate Jane -- and perhaps her family, all of whom are UP-educated. The two seek help in reviewing from Michael, a UP Fine Arts graduate with a secret. In this light coming-of-age journey, Lucas and Joaquin discover some truths about life, love, dreams and shaded circles, and a little more about themselves along the way."

(from UPCAT the Movie)

I first found out about the movie in a UP Multiply group. Immediately after watching the trailer, memories just came flowing back. Has it already been a year ago when I was a very hopeful senior wanting to get into one of the best universities in the Philippines? It still feels all to familiar to me. The sleepless nights and the unending apprehension before and after the test was enough reason to keep me anxious all throughout the school year. I wasn't in the "UP or nothing" scenario though -- I wasn't that desperate. But at some point, it kind of felt that way because UP was my dream school.

After all, it's college that we've all been working for for the past 12 years of our life. Now that I think about it, it was the ultimate goal then wasn't it? Get into a prestigious college. Pass the entrance exams.

OH WELL. I'm glad I'm over that already. Now my ultimate goal is to survive in UP. Don't get me wrong though -- it ain't any easier. Because passing the test is only half the battle :P

P.S. One Tree Hill Season 6 is ♥!
P.P.S. 3 days to go! :)