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How long have you been seventeen?

A while.

I'm seventeen and a week old already. Hooray! My two birthday parties were a blast. The first one, with my college friends was held at RedBox Trinoma. We had so much fun singing our hearts out to all the songs you can think of. I didn't know they were just as crazy as I was when it came to karaoke! Now I can say they are true friends because they heard me sing yet they still love me! Harhar. Then last Friday, I had another party here at home with just my really close HS friends. We also sang karaoke for a bit, then we watched The Grudge. I think it's like an unwritten tradition that we watch horror movies during birthday parties. Timely, since it was also Halloween. As usual, it was a scream fest. Then we played mind games and just made kwento. It was fun because we haven't seen each other in ages but it really just felt like the old times. And I miss that.

My HS barkada gave me a very sweet gift too. Aside from the pink shades and the Artwork shirt that says "I love Cats" (uggghh it was to annoy me because they know I hate cats :P), they also gave me a notebook with all their pictures and messages in it. They said since I was a CW major, I need lots of inspiration to be able to write so that notebook will serve as my inspiration since they are all there. It was so sweeeet really. Love them to bits! ♥

Special mention si Cars. I heard she was supposed to go to another event but chose to go to my party instead. Awww. Love you, Peyngel! :*

I extremely had a wonderful time with all of my friends this week. I loved hanging out with them again. The gifts were just bonuses, really. Until the next celebration, guys! See you soon! :P (Pictures at my Multiply)

I will most definitely rock 17 :)

"I find the greatest strength in wanting to be strong." -- from Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan

I never really realized the impact of this statement until very recently. Last night after visiting the cemetery, we went to the Makati Med ICU because one of my grandmothers has been confined there for over a week. Her condition has been very inconsistent for the past couple of days, sometimes she's getting better, sometimes she isn't. Last night however, it got a little worse. Suddenly all the doctors rushed in, and did all these procedures on her. It was tough on my mom, dad, and me because we were there. I was there in the ICU all throughout. I saw almost everything, and to say that it was painful would be an understatement. During the course of the night, I was just there. I couldn't bring myself to cry or to feel anything. I was comforting everyone else, from my parents, my tita and my other lola. Thankfully though, my lola got better. Her condition has somewhat stabilized, but she has all these tubes connected to her. After what seemed like forever, I went outside the room, sat down along the corridor, and just cried. I am not the most courageous person I know, and during those times I was very helpless, but at the same time I also felt strong because I braved the whole thing. I guess it's true, bravery is not the absence of fear but the decision to continue despite the fear.

I hope my lola gets well soon.

On a much lighter note..

Buon giorno, amici!

I finally completed my 15 units! Thank you, beloved CRS! As a result of my subject-hoarding for the third pre-enlistment, I got two additional subjects: Comm3 and Italian10! Okay, so I'm not really supposed to take a foreign language until next year but luckily we have the "academic freedom" in taking the subjects in our curriculum. My original plan was to take up French, but since it was Italian that made its way into my schedule, then let's see what will happen. I'm really looking forward to that subject.

My schedule is pretty neat too. I'm only until 2:30 pm every single day. I am free all afternoon -- this means more sleep for me! Oh yeah. A part of me isn't looking forward to going back to school, but it comforts me that somehow my schedule is not that horrible. Yeyy :)