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So far.

So far.. I am enjoying Snunch time. It's the term Jamie, Andy, and I invented for the meal we eat before or after lunch since our CW10 class falls on 11:30-1:00. Get it, Snack + Lunch? :) The first day I made it up, we couldn't stop saying it. Snunch. Snunch. Snunch. Haha. Who knew monay and peanut butter/coco jam are perfect together?

So far.. I am surrounded with Ateneans. There's Keith from my Comm3 class. Viktor (with a K!) from my Ital10 class. Chips from my Socio10 class. Now I have two sets of guy friends: Claretian friends and Atenean friends. Who's complaining? :))

So far.. I like all my profs. And most of them are young and very witty. My Socio10 prof looks like Maja Salvador -- and she just graduated last April! It's funny because one of our classmates was her classmate before in NatSci1. Some of our other classmates are older than her as well. Meanwhile, my NatSci2 prof is without a doubt the funniest geologist ever! I love how he makes every meeting something to look forward to. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm actually beginning to like Geology! :) I'm feeling a little optimistic about my professors -- I just hope my vibes don't fail me!

So far.. my PE dance partner and I are still not connecting! I really try to be friends with him, but he's always rejecting me! I try to make small talk with him [Me: "Mech Engg ka di ba?" Him: "..." Me: "..." Him: "Hinde."], but he just stares at me like I just said the lamest question in the world. You can only imagine the awkwardness every time we are forced to look into each other's eyes for the dance. Right now, I just hope we pass the practical test.

So far.. I'm getting back into my study mode. It was hard to take off the "Sembreak" out of my system but it can only inhabit me for so long. Finally, reality is kicking in -- readings, papers, requirements are slowly piling up. Oh the joys of being a college student! [*insert sarcasm*]

So far.. I can ask anyone's cellphone number in Italian. I think it will work as a pick-up line given that you have the right accent and the right "moves." I'm loving my Ital10 class because we are so interactive -- as exercises, we have to converse with everyone and really memorize the phrases/accents. Over the weekend, I peeked at one of the Italian channels on cable and I must admit, Italian really sounds hot. Qual'e il numero del tuo cellulare?

So far.. I'm running out of things to say. So.. I'll leave you with this:

ElephantLove ♥