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Arrivederci, 2008!

I've always wanted to do this because this year has been particularly lucky and eventful for me. So many things have happened, both good and bad -- and in the end, there was a silver lining to everything. I'm more than grateful for everything that God has bestowed upon me this year. Let's do a little recap, shall we?

  • I passed in La Salle, Ateneo, UST and in the University of the Philippines! It was most certainly the best month of my life! Passing the four most prestigious universities in the country is definitely one of my biggest achievements ever. I really didn't think I would (and could) but I did, especially UP: my dream school since I was in kindergarten! This was the month that really opened the doors of the future for me. It was the beginning of a new chapter in my life -- and everyone else's too! We were going to our dream schooools! \m/
  • Had my last long test ever in St. Paul!
  • Got my yearbook photos. Yikes! :)) I looked like I had a nosejob!

  • LOL =))=))

  • As one of the major projects of the SCC, we went to Bilibid for our yearly outreach program. It was my first time there, and to say that I was moved would be an understatement. Everything about that experienced really changed my outlook on prisoners, and life in general. That trip taught me a valuable lesson -- everyone deserves a second chance. And that forgiveness goes a long, long way.
  • I learned to enjoy Calculus. -- HAHA, UNBELIEVABLE, I know :)) But yeah, for a while I did.
  • Graduation Ball! One of the best nights of my life! It was a night worth remembering -- from the pre-ball preparations, to the food, to the dancing, and even to the last minute of the program.. everything was just so surreal. It was admittedly one of my prettiest nights too. Haha! *winkwink*
  • Gratitude Night. The first time ever I got to sing onstage. Haha. Feelingera ako eh!
  • GRADUATION! Of course, this was the highlight of my entire year. I was finally leaving the halls of my beloved alma mater, St. Paul College of Paranaque, with a Loyalty Award and a Second Honorable Mention medal. All my hard work has finally paid off, and it was time to reap the fruits of my labor. Hooray!

    The Top 5! :)
  • I basically just continued my love affair with Edward Cullen. I was always a very determined bookworm. I wouldn't stop until I get the next installment of whatever book series I am currently crazy about.. so it was only obvious that I went to every PowerBooks and Fully Booked branch in the Metro in search of Eclipse. "Nananananana! Never giving up, giving up.. never giving up!"
  • I got a haircut after X months of sporting my long almost-waist-length hair. I figured, soon I'll be in college and I'll be needing a new look. Thus, the Karla College Look. (My rebond wore off too, which made this look completely new, because for the first time in God knows how long I didn't have straight hair!)
  • First ever pre-enlistment for UP Diliman. It was such a nerve-wracking process simply because I had no idea how the whole thing worked! I had to surf at least five other websites and consult UP friends just so I can do the pre-enlisting correctly. Luckily, I got everything on the first go (thankyouverymuch, Freshman priority!) and had the luxury of having Inna an Drea as classmates in PE!
  • I got into my Classics phase. I started reading Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte, and the likes. I most especially loved Pride and Prejudice. I'm still very much into the Classics, and I'm well on my way to finishing William Makepeace Thackeray's Vanity Fair.
  • Megan Fox was hailed FHM's Sexiest Woman Alive. I just have to include this because I have the biggest girl-crush on her!
  • Freshman enrollment and orientation. Two of the most exciting days of my life. Truly, my journey as a UP student is about to begin. It was on these two fateful days that I got my first taste of the infamous "pila" -- everywhere I went, there were lines here and there! I saw hundreds of other scared and anxious faces just like mine, and somehow felt relieved that I was not alone. I met my blockmates and now my current kabarkadas, Jamie and Andy too. It was just all too overwhelming for me, but it was exciting all the same. I learned the UP cheers too, taught to us by none other than the UP Pep Squad! UP Fight! :)
  • Vanessa Carlton. I got to watch her perform live at Trinoma. I swear, I fell in love with her music all the more! She is such a wonderful musician and I really look up to her. It was me and my mom's Mother's Day date.
  • Dorm. We started shopping for Inna and I's dorm, and boy did it get me excited! I can't believe I will be living away from home 4 or 5 days a week! It made me feel all grown-up and independent. I think the idea of living in the dormitory was a reminder to myself that I was no longer a little girl, but in fact an independent lady. Yes!
  • Bangkok trip! Thailand has got to be my second favorite country after ours. Our trip this summer was my third. And obviously it was spent for the thing us Vistan girls loved the most: SHOPPING! We went not only to MBK and Chatuchak, but also to Platinum Plaza, City Center, and Pratunam. Trust me, Bangkok is a shopping mecca. 168 does not stand a chance! :P And of course, a trip to Thailand would not have been complete without a visit to my most favorite creatures in the whole entire world: Elephants! ♥ If you still don't know by now, I'm completely head-over-heels in love with elephants, and I will never get tired of playing, feeding, and riding them! I miss Bangkok because it's so similar to Manila yet also completely different. I hope the political turmoil will come to rest so that I can come back and visit again soon.

    Karla loves elephants! ♥
  • Start of College! This was the official start of my Iskolar life! I cannot even begin to explain and recount all the details of this months simply because it was just so surreal! I met lots of great people from different walks of life, and got a chance to be on my own for the first time in my life. Going to UP was far better than being accepted in UP! I just knew the first day I stepped onto UP soil on the first day of classes that I made the right choice. I could not ask for anything more -- I was going to study in the most prestigious university in the land for the next years of my life! And, I am a Centennial Freshman too, which makes everything just that much sweeter! I feel so blessed. UP kong mahal, woooh!

    The Maroon 4!
    Karla, Cathe, Drea, Inna

    KAL, baby!
  • My first Oblation Run! Ayayayayayay! Thank you, Centennial Year! I saw a hundred different.. men.
  • July was pretty much the adjusting period. After the hype of the first month came the normalcy. Everything started to settle down and I was beginning to get used to things. Though it was very demanding, I'm glad to say I managed!
  • I had my first long exams ever in UP. And yeah, I passed! \m/
  • Dark Knight. Oh, I miss Heath Ledger. His performance was indeed very remarkable. Seeing the movie made me remember why I love Batman the most among all the superheroes -- because he's very mysterious and is kind of a jerk, and I'm the kind of girl who wants to demystify her men. *winkwink*
  • Kas1 Field Trip to Mt. Banahaw. Hands down, Kas1 was one of my most favorite subjects ever! I had a great teacher, topics I really liked, and beyond awesome classmates! Everyone was just really close and it felt like we've known each other since high school! I terribly miss my Kas-mates :|

    Miss y'all, Kasmates!
  • WASAKKKK: word of the month, thanks to Drea Reyes.
  • Emotional meltdown-- don't ask.
  • UAAP Fangirl-ing. I guess it was really just in God's plan to put Inna and I together in one room (the two biggest UAAP fans) so that we can share the love for our basketball fafas. We practically spent the whole month ogling over both the UP Fighting Maroons and Ateneo Blue Eagles. We've had a couple of encounters with them, like the greeting from Jai Reyes on NU107, the ACLE with the Fighting Maroons, and random sightings of Martin Reyes and Mike Gamboa. All in all, having Inna as my roommate is a complete blessing! Love you, Roomie!

    Maroon love!

  • High school for a day. Because my Kas-mates are just complete geniuses, we decided to wear our HS uniforms for our Kas1 quiz bee. We enjoyed wearing the uniforms more than the actual quiz bee! Of course, we couldn't help feeling nostalgic since we will never get to wear them again, but it's fun to look back and realize that if it weren't for our beloved alma maters, we wouldn't have gotten here to UP. Oh yeah :)

  • UAAP! Definitely, the highlight of my month was being there in the gigantic Araneta Coliseum and participating in what seems to be the most sought after sports event in the whole country.. and actually representing a school! :) It didn't hurt that we were the champions of the cheerdance competition too! Woooh! Getting the tickets were soo worth it! UP Fight!

    with Inna and Drea!

  • The Crush Saga. Yes, my crush-affair(s) reached its peak this September. What, I'm a convent-school girl! Ngayon lang ako magkaka-matinong crush na mga lalaki!
  • Wall climbing. Thank you very much, Chalk magazine and other sponsors! I was able to reach greater heights -- literally :P

  • The Chris Tiu Experience. This has got to be the ultimate icing on top of my UAAP fangirl cake! Imagine our luck when my tita got Inna and me tickets to GMA for the taping of Chris Tiu's Pinoy Records! It was so surreal. It was on such a short notice but who cares? Anything for Chris! When we finally got face-to-face with him, there was this 3-second silence because Inna and I just couldn't believe we were standing in front of our crush-to-end-all-crushes! OHMYGOD. He was so kind and so gracious, he even had small talk with us and asked where our dorm was! I remember everything he said :"> He even asked if my name was spelled with a K! :""""> I fell in love with him all over again that day.

    October 10: I'll never forget this day ♥

  • First real sembreak! Back in high school, sembreak meant the long weekend after Intrams week. In college, it meant a month of no academic-related things! Yeaaah! \m/ It gave me all the more reason to love October.
  • Pre-enlistment for 2nd sem. Wow, this time around, luck was not really on my side! I had to go through three batch processes just to get what I needed. It was definitely like joining the lottery.. I had to hoard subjects just so I can complete my 15 units. Luckily, I got out alive, and I'm currently loving all my subjects! Yeyy.
  • SEVENTEEN. I still really think that 17 is the epitome of your youth. It's the year I've always been looking forward to and I'm determined to rock it! I can't wait for what's in store for me as a 17-year-old, because there are so many things that could happen! I'm just really thrilled to be growing older, and hopefully, wiser.

    with high school friends :)

    with college friends :)
  • Twilight. You can say whatever you want to say about it, but I liked the movie. Period. :)
  • Second sem begins. New subjects, new classmates, completely the same level of stress and anxiety! Hooray :| HAHA. But I honestly love my subjects now compared to last sem's.
  • My lola passed away. This has got to be one of the toughest times for our family. I miss her terribly.
  • OBLATION RUN! I think this was very recent enough, it needs no further explanation :P
  • Christmas with my family! Enough said :)

WHEW! Writing it down just made everything that much.. exciting! I can't believe so many things happened this year. I guess it's true what they say that often, we overlook the blessings as they come to us and it's only when we look back that we realize how truly grateful we are for them.

2008 has indeed been a good year for me. Despite the many trials that have come my way, the good things still outweigh them. I'm hoping 2009 will be the same, or hopefully even better. I'm ready to rock the new year. :)

Buon Anno Nuovo!


Merry Christmas!

Buon Natale!
It's the most wonderful time of the year..
so have a blast! And spread the love.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

♥ Bombastarr.


An open letter to Santa.

Dearest Santa,

It's been a while since I last wrote you a real letter -- well, actually it's been years. Did you even notice? I'd like to believe so, since you seem to be the most magical man in the world. I mean, how else would you know I lived somewhere in the south of Metro Manila and have my present delivered by the eve of the 25th if you didn't know me at all? How else would you know that I've been consistently good in school and that I deserve my gift? You knew me. That's what the Christmas carol about you said -- and it seemed to be pretty true.

No, Santa, I won't be asking any toys from you this year. Don't you worry. At least that's one kid less in your list (that is, if I'm still on your list -- I think I've been mostly nice than naughty this year. HAHA)

I guess I just wanted to say thank you for always making Christmas a truly exciting and memorable experience as a kid. I can still vividly remember the anticipation I felt every 24th of December as I lay in bed waiting for your sleigh to arrive. I never caught a glimpse of you, but I knew you would pass by. And true enough, every Christmas morning, there underneath our tree would be your gift. The gift I secretly wished for since September, the toy I drooled over every time we passed by Landmark's toy section, the present I've been longing to open. Yours was always the one I looked forward to because you were special -- you only gave once a year, and yet it was always right. Always a bull's eye. It was always perfect.

I remember receiving a Barbie typewriter from you in second grade. It was one of the best among all the gifts you gave. It can type on actual paper with real ink, and I would spend the rest of my Christmas vacation just typing anything there -- from little short stories to even the most mundane things like the complete names of all my close relatives. I could not imagine how I had lived the past seven years without this typewriter. I could not think of any other eight-year-old who had a typewriter. I felt so grown-up, so important. It was cooler than cool. Of course, it didn't hurt that it was pink and had the Barbie logo on it. I honestly couldn't remember anything else I received that year. I recall telling myself, "Santa is the bestest awesomest man in the whole wide world," and honestly believing it. You really were extraordinary. And every year, you never let me down.

But what happened in the Christmas of 2001 was probably the most heartbreaking of them all. I accidentally discovered a secret. That year was not supposed to be any different from all the others -- I got an awesome gift again (a Barbie cash register that really scans bar codes from the Barbie items and Barbie credit cards) and I was once more so convinced that you were the most amazing man ever. I was busy showing it off to my cousins and other relatives, when one of my lola's maids accidentally pointed out that my cash register was kept in my lola's house by my parents until Christmas. Of course, my mom denied it, but I already knew -- you weren't real. You were a freakin' imaginary person. I think that was the first heartbreak I ever experienced. How could that happen? HOOOOW? I have been dooped, and I couldn't believe it.

I didn't really had a hard time accepting the fact that you were a fantasy though. I mean, I was already 10 years old that time, and somehow I was already starting to question your existence. But what hurts the most was the fact that next Christmas, there'd be no more Santa. You have been such a huge part of that holiday, I couldn't imagine a Christmas without you. What will I be looking forward to? No more letters to write on September. No more tossing and turning on the 24th, wondering if you came. No "major" gift to open on Christmas morning. Nothing. My Christmases have all been ruined.

And yet here I am, writing you a letter. I'm thanking you still, even if you caused me a pretty unfathomable anguish at ten. Why? Because you were the one who made me feel an indescribable wanting for something. Want. It's such a strong word, and it is quite funny that I learned it from you. To quote Oscar Wilde,

"We can have in life but one great experience at best, and the secret of life is to reproduce that experience as often as possible."

You made me want to replicate that experience year after year because after I lost the idea of you, I was determined not to lose the feeling. So whenever I want something (and not necessarily material things) I push myself to strive harder so that I can get it. I work hard for it. And yes, often by being a good girl all year round. You taught me a valuable lesson: nothing is impossible if you really, really want it. So I guess I haven't really lost you then, because I carry you around wherever I go. Even if our lola's maid ruined the physical idea of you, she didn't destroy the experience of knowing you. And for that, I will always be grateful.

Thank you, Santa. I'm certain you will be making millions of kids happy on the 25th. So I just wish that a couple of years from now, when they find out the truth about you, they won't think of you in regret or bitterness, but in gladness.


P.S. Jesus is and always will be the star of my Christmas. And wanting Him to be in my life all year long is the greatest desire of all.


OBLATION RUN: May rose akooo! :))

FRIENDS, allow me to speak in the vernacular. Yung mga pangyayari ngayong araw na ito ay masyadong mahirap ikwento ng English. At besides, tinatamad ako.

NOTE: Not for the faint-hearted. At kung tinatamad ka basahin lahat, okay lang. Importante yung mga dialogues :P

So ayun nga. Today was the much awaited.. OBLATION RUN. Una sa lahat, ano nga ba ang Oblation Run? Well, hindi ko i-eexplain sa inyo. Kaya nga may Wikipedia. I-research niyo dun.

O ayan, alam mo na?

Kung gayon, alam mo din kung bakit sabik na sabik ako dito.

Last week pa lang may game plan na yung buong CrEnggBB+. Lalo na kaming dalawa ni Drea (my partner-in-crime). Dahil we got a pretty good "view" nung first OR nung July, we decided na gawin ulit yun: Dumikit sa press. Sure fire way. Wala talagang palpak. After ng Nat Sci 2 test ko sa Geol (na nasagutan ko naman agad -- at hindi naman dahil sa excited ako ha! HAHA) punta ko agad sa AS steps kung saan nakaupo na ang ibang CrEngg peeps. So syempre, while waiting, cam-whoring.

(A little trivia about me: pag nagdadala ako ng camera, super tinatamad ako mag-picture. Ang lame ko. Gaya nung party ni Nica nung Saturday. May dala nga ako, pero halos hindi ko naman nilabas. Sinisipag lang ako kapag idle, or walang ibang ginagawa. In this case, wala talaga kaming ginagawa, so fortunately nagamit ko naman yung camera ko. Haha. AAAAND. Medyo "bago" siya. Inarbor ko kasi yung old digicam namin na hindi na ginagamit, so akin na siya. So parang bago siya for me. Labo. ANYWAY..)

Unti-unti na dumami yung mga tao. Feel na feel talaga yung excitement sa crowd eh! Yung talagang.. may collective effervescence sa kasabikan. (O HA, SOCIO10 YUN! :P) Nagsimula na din dumating yung press. Aba, syempre, medyo pumorma na ko. Malay mo naman makunan ako sa TV dba. So yun. A few minutes later, may nagsisigawan na from inside of AS. Signal na yun, na magsstart na. Nagsimula na rin mag-drums yung UP Pep. So sige, tayuan na. Nagkahiwalay na ang CrEngg. Syempre ang kasama ko si Drea. Napunta kami sa may MEDYO harapan. Di kami napatabi sa press, nasa may kabilang side sila. Pero sige okay lang, close enough.

FAST FORWARD. Di ko na ikkwento yung mga pang-gigitgit na ginawa namin ni Drea para mapunta dun at yung paghihintay ng ilang minutes na nakataas lang yung kamay (ready-to-video mode) kasi I'm sure ayaw niyo na basahin yun.


Phase 1.

AYAN NAAAA. Sigawan na talaga. At doon, nakita ko muli -- YUUUN EHHH. Haha. All shapes and sizes! Wooooh! At oo, compared sa unang Oblation Run ngayong taon na may mga oldies (or "alumni" -- para mas less harsh), mga binata yung ngayon. So yeyy? Anyway, talagang concentrated ako sa pag-vvideo. Nag-promise kasi ako sa ilang mga kasamahan sa bahay na kukunan ko for them. So yun. Medyo hindi ko pa natingnan yung actual "things" kasi nga nakafocus ako sa pag-vivideo. (Kaya magpasalamat kayo, lahat kayong mag-bebenefit sa video ha!). Shit, let me just say na sobrang hirap mag-video pag tinatangay ka ng sandamakmak na tao!JUSKO. Na-stampede talaga kami ni Drea. Higpit ng hawak ko sa kanya ba. Talagang all or nothing. So yeaaaah! Naamoy ko na kili-kili ng katabi ko, pero carry lang! All for the sake of.. them. It. Yun. Sadly, wala pa kong nakukuhang rose.

Phase 2.

After ng first na takbo, hindi ko pa hinayaang maka-recover ako. May Plan B agad kami ni Drea. Sumunod kami sa mga photographers. Pumasok sila sa loob ng AS.. at doon, may parang maze ng mga tao na pasikot-sikot naming sinundan. Never give up talaga kami ni Drea eh. If there's a will, there's a freakin' way! So ayun. We ended up at the APO "headquarters" dun sa may daanan papuntang CASAA. Nakita ko pa prof ko sa Kas1! Haha. Pagod na pagod na kami pero okay lang. We didn't have to wait long kasi once again, they were there! Woohooo! Medyo hindi na ko concentrated sa video, pero nagrerecord pa rin ako. Nung 2nd time, medyo mas nakita ko na ng mabuti yung mga bats and balls, pero ang bilis eh! Saka ang sikip dun. Pero okay lang! Whooo! Wala pa rin kaming rose ni Drea, though. Dahil sa aming plan na dumikit sa photogs, hindi pa rin kami umalis. Nagtanong ulit kami, and turns out: BABALIK PA ULIT DUN! Wooooh! So syempre, we stayed put. Medyo inayos lang yung porma para sa third time. Sooon.. may nagsisigawan na ulit. Ayan naaa!

Phase 3.

Eto na yung last. Tumakbo na ulit sila papunta sa headquarters nila. This time, nasa front row na talaga kami ni Drey. Ang hirap videohan kasi sobrang close up, so it's either kuhanan ko yung face or yung.. yun. Pero as I said, medyo second priority na lang yung video eh. Priority na namin ngayon is yung rose. Sigaw kami ng sigaw ni Drea, "Wooh! Kuya! Rose! Rose!" Then, the inevitable happened.

KARLA: Aaaah! Kuya! Rose! Rose!
RUNNER: *inabutan ako ng rose* Ano pangalan mo?
KARLA: O_O Karla po.
RUNNER: Hi, I'm [his name]. *sabay tanggal ng mask*

KARLA AND DREA: @_@ @_@ @_@ O_O O_O O_O

Sorry, pero ang initial reaction ko talaga eh ang matuwa. Haha! Imagine, nabigyan ako ng rose ng isang runner -- which is THE goal of most of the watchers. After a few seconds lang nag-settle sakin yung fact na, SHIT NAGTANGGAL SIYA NG MASK. I SAW HIS FACE.. AND HIS! YUN! Oh my freakin gosh! Pero, hindi ko naman ma-process yung thoughts ko nung mga oras na yun noh. Basta, sigaw lang ako ng sigaw. Kami ni Drea. Shouting for many reasons. Totoong, words are not enough :P

[Because may konting respeto pa naman ako sa pagkatao ni not-so-Mystery Runner, hindi ko na lang irereveal yung pangalan niya. Haha]

(Secret info: Na-interview din ako ng isang small-time network at hindi ko sasabihin kung ano dahil sa kahihiyang maidudulot ko sa pamilya ko. Dahil tae, ang excited ng boses ko! Parang kinikilig na ewan. Taena. Haha.)

So yun. Lumabas na ulit kami sa AS steps. I shared the "news" to my CrEnggBB+ friends. Ewan ko kung masaya sila para saken, or sadyang na-ggross-an na sken. Pero okay lang. IT WAS ALL PART OF MY UP EXPERIENCE. Sobrang.. adventure talaga eh! Grabe. Grabe. Grabe. After, I was hyperventilating. Ewan ko kung dahil sa init, sa dami ng tao, o sa.. raging hormones? HAHAHA :))

SPECIAL MENTION: Andrea Reyes! Couldn't have done it without you. Labyoww! Next year ulit ha! :P

It has been so many hours later, marami ng nangyari between twelve noon and now. Lunch at Beachhouse (with Nikki and Tophe!), tambay at Sunken Garden (:"""> -- at nanalo ako ng Pusoy Dos!), and watched Maskipaps at Engg (O_O).. pero syempre, the Oblation Run was still the highlight of my day. Woooh. Finally, I can say: Mission Accomplished! (Uploaded na rin ang videos sa Multiply :P O ha)

Kung ang tingin niyo na sa kin (or sa amin) ay pervert.. ang masasabi ko lang ay: let the sinless cast the first stone! Whapaaaaak! :)


Lessons from Pumpkiny.

Living in a dormitory has a lot of perks, especially when your roommate has been your friend since grade school. You get to share secrets, tell endless stories, talk about certain people, eat and sleep whenever you like, study while the other takes a bath, and all within the confines and safety of your room. It's pretty exciting, most particularly for me because I grew up with no siblings, so it's like having an automatic sister. It's all good.

But then of course, after all has been said and done, more often than not comes the inevitable -- awkward silences. And utterly, extremely dorky moments.

Meet Pumpkiny.

Pumpkiny disguised as a Halloween jack-o-lantern; Pumpkiny disguised as the forbidden apple from Twilight; Pumpkiny as an emo ponkan-slash-pumpkin

Pumpkiny is was the unfortunate tiny ponkan (kyat-kyat) that suffered severe identity crisis from Inna and me last Thursday night. We wanted to load ourselves with Vitamin C so as to not catch the colds or the flu most especially this time of the year. So we bought a basket of kyat-kyats at our friendly neighborhood grocery store, and for several days we just ate and ate the delightful citrus fruit. But alas, just eating them became too boring for me at least. So, when we I picked up Pumpkiny and realized that he looked quite different than the rest (he really was shaped like a pumpkin), I thought, why not. I made a "masterpiece" out of this unique-looking ponkan.

"So what's the point in all this?" I hear you ask. There are a few, I promise.

First, our health is of extreme importance. It's easy to overlook our physical well-being because of school work or other seemingly more relevant aspects in our life. But it should be our number one priority. I only realized this more now that I'm in college, living on my own. Before, I could just absent myself from school when I feel a little feverish, and my mom can cook Nido soup for me back at home. Now, I have no one taking care of me other than myself so I have to really make sure that I'm strong enough to go to school everyday -- and not just to be physically present but to be mentally alert as well. Attending a class when you sneeze every thirty seconds and your head aches like a hammer is being smashed on your head is no fun. So, better load up on your ascorbic acid, people!

Second, for very obvious reasons, my Twilight obssession has been reawakened for the past couple of weeks. Like what I said before, I tried downplaying it, in hopes of not being one of "them" -- meaning, the super crazed Twi-hard girls [and boys haha] that go gaga with the very mention of anything related to the series. But so what if I'm supposed to be a writer who should only appreciate "real literature" and not a lame hormonal narration of an impossibly ridiculous story? Whoever said I cannot appreciate both? Sure, Meyer's writing and plotting could have been better, but in the end it moved me and I think that's what matters. To me, literature is supposed to take you to a completely different place and touch your life in more ways than one. This so-called "crappy piece of writing" did that just to me. So yeah, I guess I'm a fan-pire. \m/

And lastly, because of Pumpkiny I realized the importance of self-worth. In a world where everything about you can be defined by just simply how you look, it is so difficult to pay no heed to the pressures -- especially of vanity. I am after all a seventeen-year-old girl, a typical prey to the mundane insecurities of life. On some days I feel extremely good about myself, but on most days I don't. It's part of human nature I guess. After all, who doesn't want to be beautiful? Last week, I had a little makeover [Secret kung ano! :P] As much as I wanted to deny the fact that I don't care about how I look, I do. So I went for it. I don't regret it at all. And you know what, I realized that I don't feel guilty about pampering myself every once in a while, because I know I deserve it. If I can't appreciate myself, then who would? And I guess there is no harm in doing what you think is best to help make you feel better. At the end of the day, you're still you -- whether you have curly or straight hair, flabby or thin arms, a big or toned tummy. Like Pumpkiny, his pumpkin-like features doesn't make him anything more than a ponkan. Just as long as you have a strong sense of self, you're gonna turn out okay. [I doubt that Pumpkiny realized his self-worth though.]

All this because of one little ponkan. Wow. I should get myself more Pumpkinies.

[By the way, if you are wondering what happened to Pumpkiny.. I ate him. Haha.]