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Bombastarr's Guide to Finishing Senior Year

It is once again that time of the year when doors have been opened, dreams have been fulfilled, and the future has been made real: yes, it's College Entrance Exam Results month. (If you can give me a cooler name for it, that would be great :P)

Has it already been a year ago when every weekend, I would wait oh-so-patiently for the websites to load, and type my name in absolute precision, then to jump out of extreme delight five blissful minutes later because I found out I passed all the major universities I applied in? I can think of no other idiom to describe it: Time slips by so quickly. I can still almost feel the euphoria of knowing that I'm thisclose to going to college and finally living out my dream. And that euphoria extends to days, weeks, and yes even months. Unknown to many, it evolves and becomes this lame excuse to not get anything done, all because you know your future is already secure. "What's the point of studying? I already got into my dream school anyway," will surely keep ringing in your head. And trust me, if you let this little voice in your head take over, well let's just say it's not such a great idea to leave high school with failing marks.

Trust me, I know exactly how that feels. It's tempting to be all petix and relaxed this time of year, but somehow I got around it. So here are some tips that hopefully will make things a little bit easier for all you seniors out there. They may not work for you the way they did for me, but they're worth a try :)

  1. Make a countdown.
    I swear to God, nothing motivated me more than the calendar Mikka and I made on the back of our Calculus notebooks. Just the idea of crossing out a day and taking one step closer to Graduation made me want to do better every time. It also help made me look forward to Calculus, because we made a pact to cross out a day only in Math class, so at least, I have an excuse to be excited for the period!

  2. Go to the website of your future school, and know more about your course.
    I basically had two career choices after the results were released: Accouting/Legal Management or Creative Writing. It sparked something inside me that made me want to study more in our Accounting and English classes. I mean, just think: the next four or five years of your life will be centered on this field. And what a better timing to start than now. It may be difficult to really "love" (like Accounting), but trust me this will be like the pull that will set you flying in the next months or so. Up to now this still works for me. I chose English of course, my first love. And to some it is relatively easy (compared to say, Engineering), but every so often the idea of shifting (to Econ or BAA) would come swinging in my mind. Going to the CAL website makes me realize why I chose Creative Writing in the first place.

  3. Talk to your friends about the future.
    Let's put behind all the drama first: you will be separated from the friends you've had since you were in diapers. I still haven't heard of barkadas with all the members going to just one school. This really is one of the saddest facts about college. But think of all the great possibilities too: you can visit each other's campuses and meet new people, venture out to new malls and tambayans (nakakasawa ang Courtyard, Paulinians. Aminin niyo na. Haha) and know your way around Metro Manila. Then, think of all your future careers. I remember our long and seemingly never-ending discussions of the future during recess and lunch: how in ten years we would all be successful and rich but still the best of friends. I would be a successful editor or columnist and corporate lawyer, Trixie would be a diplomat or ambassador, Nica would be big-time in an advertising agency, Mikka and Inna would be filthy rich engineers, Hope would be busy travelling and making the Philippines a major tourist destination, Tin would own a very successful restaurant or chain of hotels, Kassey and Kaila would be sought-after accountants and ITs. And trust me, it puts everything into a whole different perspective. It really made us want to prove our worth. Our fourth quarter grades were proof of that determination :)

  4. Buy a book related to your course.
    Being the geek that I am, I bought one book, The Prentice Hall Guide for College Writing from Book Sale. Like the previous tips, reading it just made me want to excel more, especially in English. I mean, it would suck to get such a low grade on the subject you would major in, right? And of course, this book would be a great use in the future (it is to me now), so it won't hurt. I suggest you go buy in Book Sale or stores selling used books because they're cheaper and the selections are more diverse.

  5. Relish every last bit of high school.
    Accept it, people, these are the last three months of high school -- ever! Don't you at least want to leave an impressive mark? Nobody wants to be known as the alumni who rocked all her years in school, but sucked big time in the last three months. It's your last time to shine, impress teachers, do good, make everything perfect. I suggest you lie low on provoking teachers or collecting reprimands, and focus more on being a really good student. At least try to make your teachers feel that they were able to mold you in some way, and that they made you a better person one way or another. After all, they did make you who you are, regardless of how much you loved or loathed them. You owe it to your school and your teachers to be at the very least, a good (not perfect) student. It's just three months to go after all, how hard would it be?

When you come right down to it, it's all just about making that extreme bliss into something positive and productive that will help you make it through the last of your senior year. But I guess the most important thing to remember is to ENJOY! I'm sure your family, friends, and teachers are all very proud of you. Brag all you want -- I really think with passing comes bragging rights, even for just a few weeks. Haha. Just make the most out of it because five months from now, you will embark on one of the most exciting adventures of your life: College.

To the future Ateneans, La Sallians, Thomasians, and of course future Iskolars ng Bayan,

As for me, I might have to go and find a way to motivate myself to study this weekend. The coming two weeks are packed with tests -- Comm3, Socio10, and NatSci2 exams plus Ital10 orals. Good luck na laaaang sakin. My life depends on my colored index cards and pens -- I hope they will do their job in making my reviewers more interesting and exciting. :|

Weber, Marx, and Durkheim, I'm all yours for the next two weeks.
(Yes, this is me announcing I will be on a short hiatus)

(P.S. Advanced Happy Birthday, Ayiene Silvestre! :* I am so lucky to have you as an offline and online friend. Labyu, classmate!)