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Last hurrah with CrEngg!

I went to UP today because it's my friends' Math 53 finals. And being the ever-supportive friend that I am, I wanted to see them and cheer for them :)

And also because they might eat out.
And because we don't have Internet (again) at home.
And I don't want to be stuck at home all day.

In short, gusto ko gumala. Haha :)

I won't be telling you the seemingly gruesome details of what I heard from their finals. Basta from the looks on their faces as they left their rooms -- well, let's just say Math will forever be a subject of torture. : Hehe. (I'm really lucky my course does not require any Math AT ALL. English foreverrrr! \m/)

So after their finals we went straight to the UP-Ayala Technohub, and ate at KFC. Upon our arrival, the rain fell really hard! As in. So it was a good thing we got there in time. Of course while eating, picture-taking (courtesy of my camera and Enzo as the official photographer, hehe) and some kwentuhans. We can't believe we already survived first year! It has been ten months since we first laid eyes on each other, and yet there we were, as if we've known each other for years! Awww drama much :))

After that we went to Timezone. YEAAH BABY! Thanks to Jan for being the financier. Haha :))
We played Dance Revo, Air Hockey (with Jan), Time Crisis, Basketball, and Racing. OMG INNA IS THE BEST SHOOTER! Grabe, I didn't know she had it in her! X consecutive shoots in a row -- my god! She deserves Chris Tiu! Haha :)) In all the games I played, I sucked. Well, not really pero still, I didn't really win anything.. or I wasn't great in anything.. harhar! L-) That's not very surprising; I'm the least athletic and coordinated person I know. But I still had soooo muuuuuch fun. I'm not one to give in to cliches, but really, just being with friends made my day. Even though it was raining like crazy, I did not feel senti or emo at all -- it was one of the most fun days ever :D Sayang lang we weren't complete :

I'm gonna miss CrEngg. SOOO MUCH. This summer all of them will be taking summer classes except for me (and Andy, I think?). I'll be leaving so for the next two months I probably won't be seeing them :(((( Awwwww.

If there's one thing I'm extremely thankful for this school year, it's my group of friends. I know I've said it already lots of times, but as far as friends are concerned, I could not ask for more :D Ang bait ni God sakin grabe :)
I love y'all, CrEnggBB ♥

Sayang I want to upload the pictures but I don't think my mom has a card reader or a USB cable here in her office. So maybe when we have Internet at home again :)

So, how's the first week of your summer so far?
Hope you're all having a blast :)

Let me rock you. Haha!


Dahil na-survive ko na first year ko sa UP.

Bago ang lahat, isang malaking..


I cannot believe it. Freshman year is officially over. I survived ten months of college! Ano baaa! Ang bilis! PARANG KAILAN LANG, AMFFFF.

I hate cliches. But really.. how time passes by!

As a college freshman, of course having so many second thoughts and fears was inevitable. For one thing, I chose to go to a very errr-- liberal and open university, a far cry from the school I came from. You can probably call me a "pampered little private-school girl" because really, I haven't been outside the walls of St. Paul for twelve years, tapos sa UP ko pa piniling pumasok. I was sure that UP will at me alive.

Err. Well yes, UP did eat me alive. At some point it stepped on my pride, deflated my ego, dampened my spirits and rained on my parade. But you know what? I looooved it. \m/

Top 10 Things I learned
in my freshman year in UP :)

  1. "UP is a stress factory." -- Sir C.P. David
    Wala na atang mas tatama pa sa sinabi na 'to ng Geol prof ko. In UP, you will only have two states: either stressed or super stressed. So many nights have I stayed up late to study, finish a paper (!!!) or cram about something for the next day. Totoong sa UP ko nafeel na 24 hours is not enough. It never issss.

  2. "Akala ko, matalino na ko. Pag pasok ko sa UP, hindi pa pala." -- Inna De Castro
    Aminado naman kami nila Inna, Drea at Cathe na nung high school, syempre there was a feeling of confidence because we've been awardees for so long. So of course, we felt that, "Ah kaya ko 'to, matalino naman ako eh." WRONG. SOOOO WRONG. Even three years of Physics, four years of Chemistry and X years of academic excellence certificates wil NOT make you intelligent enough para hindi na ma-intimidate sa mga classmates mo. Dyos ko, ang dami-daming halimaw sa UP -- halimaw sa katalinuhan! Mga tipong nakapikit na, makakasagot pa rin ng problem. Or yung kahit patulog-tulog lang sa klase, parang nagmemorize ng libro pag nag-rerecite. Super nakaka-insecure minsan. But the good thing about this is the intimidation will drive you to work harder. Syempre panis ka naman kung hahayaan mo na lang na ganun ka di ba? I cannot count the number of times I studied 20x harder because I also wanted to prove for myself that I deserved to be here. Kahit para sa sarili ko lang, dba.

  3. People don't care.
    Akala mo lang they do, pero they honestly don't. This is actually what I really love about college. Nung high school, konting mistake lang, the teachers will come calling for you already. Magpalit ka lang ng chuba, pinag-uusapan ka na -- everyone in school will be talking about you. But not in college. Go dye your hair red, hold hands with a new guy every week, cut classes -- people don't care. You can comfortably be yourself in UP.. kahit pa ano ang sexual preferences at guilty pleasures mo. You go live your life, and I'll go live mine. It will actually make you realize who you really are because you won't be afraid to explore so many options out there and worry about what they'll think of you.

  4. People do care, actually.
    One of the unexpected things in college, kahit pa freshman lang ako, feeling ko ang tagal-tagal ko na sa UP. Kasi everyone is so welcoming and friendly. Kahit di mo ka-close, minsan may sasama sayong mag-cram sa isang subject. Or pag may nakasalubong ka, willing ka sabayan bumili ng pagkain. Or pag may kaklase ka na kasama mo sa pila sa photocopy, papahiramin ka muna ng 2 piso. Small things, really. But isn't it the small things that count? :)

  5. "Tataba ka rin!" -- my cousins T_T
    Oo na bitter ako :)) Pero totoo. Halos 75% ng kilala ko ngayon, nag-college lang tumaba na. Nakakainis. To think na lakad ako ng lakad sa UP. Paano ba naman.. tapsilog shawarma taho peanut-butter monay dirty ice cream buko juice fishball siomai.. ANO BA! :)) Pero in fairness, pumayat na ko ngayong second sem kasi may class ako from NIGS to CAL fifth floor na magkasunod! Grabe din. CAL 5th floor everyday!! Tapos wala ko lunch pag TTh. Nako lang eh :| Pero still. Mataba lahat! Ano ba. That's a fact :)) Tanggapin na lang. :P:P

  6. You will meet the greatest people ever.
    Let's set aside the fact that high school friends are irreplaceable. That's a given. When you go to college, you fear that no one will get your complexities the way old friends do. But you'll be surprised. I was. Sobrang mahal na mahal ko talaga CrEnggBB. I cannot ask for anything more pag dating sa college barkada ko. Akalain mo ba namang SOBRANG SOBRANG SOBRANG we get each other -- lahat ng complexities and weird fetishes namin. Dyos ko. Hindi ko inakalang there are people out there as crazy and sabaw as me! :) Tipong same wavelengths talaga eh -- magkatinginan lang gets na. Ano baaaa. :D Pati sa chur-churan, winner \m/ Ang galing nga eh. Woooh lahat kami Claretiano na! HAHAHA :))) And it's not just with my barkada. In every class, you will meet the coolest people talaga. Sobrang diverse ng mga tao sa UP, you'll realize how small your world was in high school. And kahit sino ka pa, tanggap ka. Even if you don't have a car, or live in a snooty subdivision, or go to bars, or have the newest cellphones; even if you rally for political issues, stay in the lib during break time, or whatever your thing is -- you're just as good as everyone else.

  7. Chur-churs are everywhere ♥
    Ano baaaa. Dami-daming gwapo at maganda sa UP. It's just a matter of diskarte. Syempre not all people in UP are book nerds and anti-social.. we have our share of churchur lives too! Sa UP natuto ako that nothing is impossible. Walange excuse for you to not make a move on your crush. Ano ba. Dami-dami inaaral sa UP, okay lang naman mag-indulge sa mga guilty pleasures noh.. :P At san ka, swerte mo kapag yung crush mo.. halimaw na sa ka-cute-an, halimaw pa sa katalinuhan. WHAAAT. Yesss, such creatures exist, my friends :D

  8. "Mga taga-UP di nag-cocompete sa iba eh. Nakikipag-compete sa sarili.. sa perfection." -- Hey Arnold!
    Haha. Seryoso. Inspiring words from Arnoooold :D :)) Pero totoo. Ano ba. Narealize ko after ko siya tawanan nun, totoo nga naman. Unlike high school, you don't hear your profs saying na you need to do better because somene else is getting higher scores than you do. To each his own dito. But still, it doesn't mean you have to be petiks. You have to strive and work harder -- for yourself. Totoo naman. Sabi nga, dapat lagi mong matalo si Perfection. Yon dapat ang goal lagi :) Hindi naman sa GC eh, it's more of kung alam mo namang kaya mo, bakit di mo pa ibigay best mo? Di ba.

  9. Basta makapasa, blessing na.
    Hindi rin naman sa lahat ng oras maaabot mo si Perfection. Sometimes, napaka-sarap na talaga maka-tanggap ng 3. Ako that's one thing I also discovered in college -- dati I was sooo afraid of getting so-so grades. Pero sa hirap talaga sa UP, sometimes you just have to be thankful for whatever grade you get. Hindi na pwede magpaka-selfish. At all times, just be grateful. The 3 could be your friend or fiend, it all depends on how you look at it.

    This is probably, hands down, the biggest lesson I've learned so far. Sa lahat talaga ng pagkakataon, this always proves itself correct. Countless times na na yung kilala ko, kilala ni ganito.. ganyan-ganyan. Ang galing nga eh, sometimes when you step back and take a look at the big picture, that is your social life, sobrang daming connect-connect. Ang galing! Kaya talagang it's important to treasure every friendship you establish with everyone 'cos you'll never know.. :> PS. Syempre napaka-useful nito pang-chur-chur. Madali lang mag-research kapag marami kang kakilala. Chances are may kilala ka na classmate/friend niya! :P

There are so many things I can still say about this year. Pero sige yan na muna. After all, first year pa lang ako. Madami pa ko ma-eexperience. UP has been a wild ride. Madaming ups, downs and all that. But do I regret choosing this over any other school? HELL, NO. College is such a new experience -- but I'm in a school rich with diversity, knowledge and spirit. I could not ask for more, really.

Thanks, UP.

Next year ulit :)