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Last hurrah with CrEngg!

I went to UP today because it's my friends' Math 53 finals. And being the ever-supportive friend that I am, I wanted to see them and cheer for them :)

And also because they might eat out.
And because we don't have Internet (again) at home.
And I don't want to be stuck at home all day.

In short, gusto ko gumala. Haha :)

I won't be telling you the seemingly gruesome details of what I heard from their finals. Basta from the looks on their faces as they left their rooms -- well, let's just say Math will forever be a subject of torture. : Hehe. (I'm really lucky my course does not require any Math AT ALL. English foreverrrr! \m/)

So after their finals we went straight to the UP-Ayala Technohub, and ate at KFC. Upon our arrival, the rain fell really hard! As in. So it was a good thing we got there in time. Of course while eating, picture-taking (courtesy of my camera and Enzo as the official photographer, hehe) and some kwentuhans. We can't believe we already survived first year! It has been ten months since we first laid eyes on each other, and yet there we were, as if we've known each other for years! Awww drama much :))

After that we went to Timezone. YEAAH BABY! Thanks to Jan for being the financier. Haha :))
We played Dance Revo, Air Hockey (with Jan), Time Crisis, Basketball, and Racing. OMG INNA IS THE BEST SHOOTER! Grabe, I didn't know she had it in her! X consecutive shoots in a row -- my god! She deserves Chris Tiu! Haha :)) In all the games I played, I sucked. Well, not really pero still, I didn't really win anything.. or I wasn't great in anything.. harhar! L-) That's not very surprising; I'm the least athletic and coordinated person I know. But I still had soooo muuuuuch fun. I'm not one to give in to cliches, but really, just being with friends made my day. Even though it was raining like crazy, I did not feel senti or emo at all -- it was one of the most fun days ever :D Sayang lang we weren't complete :

I'm gonna miss CrEngg. SOOO MUCH. This summer all of them will be taking summer classes except for me (and Andy, I think?). I'll be leaving so for the next two months I probably won't be seeing them :(((( Awwwww.

If there's one thing I'm extremely thankful for this school year, it's my group of friends. I know I've said it already lots of times, but as far as friends are concerned, I could not ask for more :D Ang bait ni God sakin grabe :)
I love y'all, CrEnggBB ♥

Sayang I want to upload the pictures but I don't think my mom has a card reader or a USB cable here in her office. So maybe when we have Internet at home again :)

So, how's the first week of your summer so far?
Hope you're all having a blast :)

Let me rock you. Haha!