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Para Kay B.

"Me quota ang pag-ibig. Sa bawat limang umiibig ay isa lang ang magiging maligaya. Kasama ka ba sa quota?"

This is the main premise of Ricky Lee's much-acclaimed novel, Para Kay B. And given that love is such a universally accepted theme in whatever genre, be it literature, music, or art, of course it's bound to get noticed. Especially if it ends up in anguish or pain. (Because we're all secretly broken emo souls inside..)

The novel is composed of five main characters with each of their unique and individual stories intertwining in the end. They each have twisted and rather complicated tales to tell, not the typical "He-doesn't-love-me-huhuhu-my-life-sucks" kind of theme, but leaning more on the dark and peculiar side. Despite their eccentricity though, what surprises me is how well I can still relate to the characters. I'm just an average seventeen-year-old girl with not enough experience to grasp the complexities of life (and love), but somehow I felt the rawness of every emotion. Like an itch I couldn't stop scratching, the book got to me so bad, I couldn't put it down. The way it was written was so interactive; it really brings the readers into the story. Along with the characters, you can't help but think about the entire situation too. What will happen? What will I get from this? Is love really as messed-up as this book says? Am I doomed to fail?

I usually dislike being left hanging.
This book did just that -- but in a good way.

Kudos to Ricky Lee. I hope love doesn't become too harsh on me, but if it does, well I'm taking this book with me through the heartbreak and the loss! It would probably be all I need to get through it :)


Okay so, I've been thinking of a good way to get people today because I have been a victim of two pranks already (NYARRRR).. and the only thing I could think of is a joke on my current relationship status -- not very unique, I know.

I did fool one friend.
For like two minutes. HAHA.

After that I gave up. I can't lie well. That's one of my biggest waterloos (or strengths? Hmmm..) ever. My nostrils flare, my cheeks burn, my mouth grins -- basically my whole face gives me away into the first five seconds of the lie. I have to turn away from the person I'm talking to or raise my voice (make it seem like I'm angry) to disguise the bursting laughter. On the very rare occasions I do succeed, I have to get away from the scene of the crime to grin like a maniac or laugh like a hyena just to let the "guilt" out. In short, I SUCK. EPIC FAILURE.

Well, at least I got one friend.
It was easier because it was through YM.
I'm sorry it had to be you, Mikka :)

I hope your pranks turn out better than mine :P
Happy April Fools' Day!

"At.. paminsan-minsan lang naman, napapaluhod siya't nanghihina sa tapat ng kanyang kama, sa dilim ng silid ay nakayukong iginugupo ng isang letra."

(Really can you blame me for believing that life imitates art? Why, of all letters!)

Oh, BTW. I'm leaving on Friday for Singapore and Bali. The first leg of my summer world tour 09! Haha \m/ Can't wait!