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She says hello.

I am back! :) Well, actually I was back from Singapore since Sunday but I only felt like blogging this afternoon. So how are all your summers so far? Be it on your summer getaways or summer classes, I hope you are all having a blast.

Sweet Bali High and Singapore Love.

Bali is obviously every beach lover's paradise. Just upon hearing about the place, I can already imagine the sand, the sun, and the waves inside my head. And true enough, it was a gem. It was actually very tourist-friendly, with lots of boutiques, restaurants, native shops, and beaches at practically every corner. I liked the relaxed vibe of Bali -- almost everyone can let their guard down! Walking on the streets are foreigners (mostly Europeans) in just their shorts or swimwear, strolling like no one was watching. And yes, madaming macho papables! *wink* LOL! Bali is not only a place, it is an experience to-die-for :)

At Tanah Lot beach

Meanwhile, Singapore is this ultimately chic metropolis. To say that it is a developed city would be an understatement -- it is such a dream! Being the urban-girl that I am, I enjoyed staying there. Everything is so efficient and convenient, from their transportation to their infrastructures. It is also one of the safest, cleanest, and most organized cities I've ever seen. But despite all that, they also have a rich history they can be proud of. It seems like everything was made with perfection in mind, even their malls! The City of the Merlion welcomed me with such open arms, I would definitely go back there again and again! Singapore is a wonderful place. I would love to go and live there one day :)

Hello, Merlion!

Bali and Singapore are two completely different but equally beautiful cities. To choose and compare between the two would be like comparing apples and oranges. But despite their differences I enjoyed my stay in both places; it was good for both the city girl and the laidback lass in me. Want to see the pictures? Click here.

Rainy days and Mondays.

The weather this past few days has been unbelievably weird. It doesn't feel like summer at all! Well, I must confess -- when we arrived last Sunday, one of the first things I did was sing on our karaoke. So I do feel a little guilty about this, haha. LOL :)) Right now, the skies are dim once again and I can hear the thunder grumbling. It feels ironic that it's supposedly the bright and sunshine-y time of the year and yet the surroundings look gloomy. I'm not exactly complaining though. I like this kind of weather.

I can't help but think though: this is global warming. Uh-oh.

On the brighter side things: Last Monday, despite the heavy downpour, there came a surprise guest. Yayy for the epic gesture! :)) Haha.

CrEngg and HS friends bonding

Of course, one of the things I missed the most while I was away was the company of my friends. And last Wednesday, I seized the chance to hang out with both my college and high school barkada. Cheers for perfect timing! :) One small annoying thing though: stupid me brought extra batteries for my cam but forgot the memory card. Boo for tremendous memory gap! Epic failure :|

In the morning I went to UP to check on my ever-so-lovable CrEngg-mates. Oh, how I missed them all! No amount of Plurking will ever replace the real, physical bondings with them. HAHA LOL CHEESY ALERT. :)) I guess fate must've been on my side because we were stuck with each other for several hours straight due to the rain! We talked and played Spin the Bottle at KFC Katipunan from around 1pm until 4! Haha. Solid. \m/

Then I left Katips with Trixie and Cathe to proceed to Mikka's surprise debut party at the Fort. It was hell lot of fun! I missed my HS friends to bits! It's been a while since we all bonded and acted crazy like we did that night -- too bad we were incomplete. Despite some incidents, we all still enjoyed and Mikka turned out to be pleasantly surprised! :) I couldn't help feeling a bit mushy upon seeing the AVP with our pictures in it (courtesy of Tin!) -- aww I can't believe we've been friends for so long already. >:D<

I missed blogging.

I haven't been updating for real lately, so yeah, I have to admit I missed this. I kinda feel guilty for sometimes forgetting this. I'll be leaving for the States on Thursday, so until then you can still expect me to update at least once. But of course, you can always stalk me on Plurk and Facebook :)

Shout-outs to my awesome birthday celebrant friends this week!
Mikka (22), Trixie and Cathe (23), and Jamie (26)! :****
Cathe, I'm so sorry I can't come to your party :( Have fun, okay? :D


FTW! \m/ :)))

The best effin' sign ever! =)))

Ciao, miei amici!