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"You won't be seventeen forever,"

So goes the somewhat-famous Metro Station song. And because I like the number 17, I will make a post about it :D

Yesterday, I watched 17 Again with my mom at MOA. Okay, so I initially didn't want to watch because 1) I don't like the current Disney people: HSM, Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, Camp Whatever, and all the other people whose shows fall under that category, 2) I think the premise is completely overdone and overrated and 3) I don't like the current Disney people -- err wait, I already mentioned that.

But because I 1) have nothing better to do, 2) want to bond with my mom, 3) am willing to watch anything that has any of the Friends cast in it, I went along with zero expectations.

So imagine my surprise when after the film I found myself 1) actually liking the movie, 2) wanting to watch it again, 3) and ohmygoodness actually ogling over Zac Efron! Yes, friends, I have been blinded and lured into ZacEfron-dom. I still actually cannot believe it. What happened? The core of his character, Mike O'Donnell isn't that much different from Troy Bolton -- high school basketball superstar, in love with a girl. So why? Why?

Was it the 1) "Shades" scene? I swear I never thought the "Edward pandemonium" will ever happen in my life again. Or maybe it was because 2) he wasn't singing and dancing? Or maybe just that fact that 3) Vanessa Hudgens wasn't there. Haha. I think that was it.

I don't know what got into me yesterday. Maybe it's just the fact that I am, like any other teenaged-girl out there, fantasizing over the idea of having a basketball superstar as my sweetheart. Nathan Scott, Chris Tiu -- ring any bells? :) Yeah, I'm cliche. LOL.


Oh by the way, 17 is Chris Tiu's jersey number ♥
And the jersey number of someone else I know. :)

There can't be any other :)


I'm still 17. I'm enjoying this year so far -- things are looking up and I'm really having fun. Let's just hope that 20 years from now, the 37-year-old Karla Bernardo (OMG THAT'S OLD, LOL) won't be regretting anything about this year :)

I just really made an excuse to blog about the number 17.