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Summer's ending soon.

Finally! I am back! Oh how I missed this :)

I came back from my "world tour" last May 21. To say that I had a lot of fun would be such an understatement. I enjoyed every bit of our trip! We went to Las Vegas, Arizona, Nashville, Cleveland, Buffalo, and New York City! I honestly can't imagine how I can recount the whole trip here, so I guess you should just take a look at the pictures I uploaded. Superrrr enjoy talaga! Despite the weather, the exhaustion, and the scare caused by swine flu, I still had a blast. My whole family did! :)

The reason I asked for a trip for my 18th birthday instead of a party is because of the enormous amount of exhilaration I get from travelling. I have a friend who actually told me that travelling is a waste of money because you can see everything in the Internet. I was quite shocked. Looking at pictures of a location will never be tantamount to being actually there. Immersing yourself in a different culture, seeing a whole new place, enjoying a foreign land -- the whole experience is enough to make the money you spend so worth it. You get to see the world through a different angle, and you get to appreciate it more. I love the excitement of seeing a new country and opening my eyes to a completely diverse location. The adrenaline I get from that will be nothing compared to what a big party can give me.

The view from the top of the Empire State Building
with Mommy & Papa

So yes, this whooole summer was so worth it. :) I wouldn't regret it for the world :)

But as with everything else, it has to end. School is starting again in a few weeks and a part of me can't wait. The CRS has been surprisingly kind to me this semester and has given me the sufficient units I need. Aside from that, I've been granted a scholarship I really did not expect at all. I guess I have no excuse to slack off this sem. It's another sem, and it's another chance to do my best. Grabe, ang bilis, second year na koooo! Haha. Parang kailang lang! Freshie pa lang ako, wala pang friends, kinakabahan pa mag-dorm..

*enter nostalgia trip*

Ngayon! Wooooh. Grabe. :D

I'm full of hopes and excitement for the remaining half of the year.
Let's hope I can be able to rock it \m/