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The battlefield that is college.

It has only been two weeks and already so much has happened.

How is second year life so far? Not much difference from last year's other than, I suppose, less awkwardness and a huge sense of familiarity. My eyes don't sparkle in awe every time I step into one of the gigantic buildings, my legs don't ache from all the walking, my ears don't yearn for the public address bell anymore -- in short, I am used to college. UP is now really my second home.

Everything is a blur. I still haven't wrapped my head around my schedule. All I know is that I get off at 2:30 or 1:00. Sometimes I meet up with friends, sometimes I go straight home. More and more recognizeable faces greet me along the hallways, but it takes me 2 seconds to remember where I've met them. My roommate is sick. More and more papers are piling up. Half of my coins already went to photocopying readings. I'm running out of yellow paper.

The thing I'm worried about is that because college, like an old comfortable t-shirt, has already become so au fait with me, I don't feel excited anymore. Stress is creeping up to me, and yes I admittedly feel relieved that finally boredom and idleness have a reason to crawl out of my system, but I feel like a machine already. And this early into the sem! I need some oiling! I feel like a squeaking, mechanical robot. I need a push. And no, not a new crush.

Maybe I just need to watch Transformers? Since everyone is talking about it..

Nakaka-tibo :))

I have a strong feeling this has got to do with the weather.
Or hormones.
Or the fact that I haven't been eating ice cream for God knows how long.
Or maybe I just feel alone, and I need to go back home and curl up in my own bed.

Oh, I wonder how the rest of the year will be like.
Let's hope I've got enough optimism in store to keep me going :)