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Cramming for tomorrow's report on liberal feminism for PanPil19.

Yes, you read it right folks, I have a class tomorrow, A SUNDAY. Our beloved professor, whom I fondly nicknamed as "Grandmama" would be out for four meetings in August so she wanted to give us an advanced make-up class. And since most of us had Saturday and Monday classes, the only free day for everyone was this Sunday. Which actually sucks, because hello, Sunday. SUNDAY. You never touch Sunday. Sunday is acads-free day. I never spend Sundays anywhere else other than with my family.

(Oh wait, I'm suddenly reminded of high school Sabayan practices. But still. That isn't entirely academically related.. it was for a competition. So, not counted.)

Anyway, I have been looking for the PDF file of our required reading for quite some time already but I just couldn't. I failed to go to the Main Lib last Friday because one of my groupmates told me the topic is easily searchable online. Well, thank God for my friend Enzo who was luckily still awake and helped me look for a parallel reading copy in text format. Nonetheless, I'm still somehow panicking because I haven't read the entire thing thoroughly.

Thank God Grandmama isn't that strict when it comes to reporting. However, slacking and not reading are inexcusable. So yeah. I want to make good tomorrow.

I have to change the topic lest I explode out of stress.

[Change topic]

*insert fangirl screaming*

Fact: Megan Fox is hands down, the hottest, most kick-ass babe to ever walk the planet. I'm as girly as a lifetime of pink frills and Barbie dolls, but man I can't help but feel so lesbo when I see her on screen! Haha. (I just had to say that.) But of course the movie itself was just made out of pure awesome. The action scenes were just amazing, thanks in large part to the great visual effects. They look so real -- for a while I actually believed all cars might secretly be Autobots or Decepticons. Haha. Of course, I won't spoil any of you guys because it is really worth watching on the big screen. I'm telling you, YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE IT NOW.


I am surprisingly saddened about Michael Jackson's passing considering that I am not a fan. What really hurt me about his sudden death was that he was supposed to make a big comeback. After everything he's been through -- pedophile cases, huge financial debts, declining music career -- I can't help but root for him. He is the King of Pop for Pete's sake, but he turned into a big joke, with everyone making fun of his big fake nose and eerily white skin. But despite all that, he is still Michael Jackson, probably one of the greatest musicians of all time and he deserved to redeem himself, even for the last time. So it really, really breaks my heart that he didn't even get that chance. Right now, Rock With You is playing inside my head. He will be sorely missed. RIP Michael Jackson.

Another was that of Farah Fawcett's. I also am not a big fan of her but I used to watch reruns of Charlie's Angels on Star World when I was in grade school. I remember my mom telling me stories about how she and her two sisters would pretend to be the Angels and play like the super spies. I always wanted to try her famous hairdo because it looked so uncomplicated and refreshing. And she always had that big smile on her face. RIP Farah Fawcett.

I wonder how my parents' generation feels right now. Two of the most iconic people from their time passed away in one day. People they used to scream for, watch, idolize, just suddenly gone. What would happen to me (and us) when our pop icons die? Of course the world won't stop turning but suddenly everything will change. It's like a part of your childhood or adolescence would die along with them too. It's as if life is giving you one huge reality check, that the past is really in the past, that time is moving quickly and you are growing older. Sigh.

[/change topic]

I'm afraid I might regret my decision of watching Transformers instead of researching early for this report. However, the mere thought of the bragging rights I get for seeing it on its opening weekend -- oooh, priceless. Haha :))

I'm off to sleep.
Buona notte!