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Eh sana nasa UP na ako ngayon oh.

I guess I was alone in my prayers for classes to resume on the 9th. UP Diliman has joined the bandwagon and has postponed its classes until the 16th for health precautions against the A(H1N1) virus. And also because of the complete enrollment fail for most students, thanks to last weeks heavy rains.

Most people are enjoying the one-week extension of summer. Meanwhile, I am not. I have got nothing to do at home; NOTHING, but stare at the computer all day long. For a while it feels like the best thing in the world, but now I'm just so sick of it.

(It's ironic though that I am blogging about this.)

I just want to go out and live a life already. I need to feel the stress and pressure of school again: surprise quizzes, rushed group reports, crucial review papers -- everything! I know I have the tendency to procrastinate and be lazy, but I want to crave for the feeling of idleness again. I want to be so stressed, lying down would be necessary not because I have nothing better to do but because I am loaded with priorities and I just need to relax for a bit.

I don't get myself. I apparently crave for stress. I work better when stressed. I get better results when I push myself harder, and not when things are just going smoothly. Right now, I feel like so indolent and unproductive. GOD, I NEED A DISTRACTION.

(Let's see two weeks from now if I'd still be saying the same thing.)

Today is Inna and I's roommate anniversary. Well not really, our first night was June 8. But still. Our first real "day" together was today. WOW. Has it really been a year? I will not be all dramatic and nostalgic about this, but I will share one funny anecdote that happened twelve months ago.

So we just moved in and we had nothing to do. In high school, the things we mostly talked about were UAAP, basketball, and Chris Tiu. Oh, and sometimes the same love-hate feeling towards our beloved Miss Pepito. But of course we can only talk about so much in like, four hours together. I began to worry. "What if we run out of things to say!?" I started asking myself. Being the talker that I am, I felt pressure to kept opening up new conversations. I guess she felt that too because we began contemplating on even the most mundane things on the planet.

But alas, after some hours, there was silence. Inevitable, deafening silence. Our first day -- and we already ran out of things to talk about! So, I suggested we open the radio I brought. Thank goodness for the radio, right? However, to our disappointment, most radio stations were playing old boring tunes at that time. We didn't need beerhouse songs, you know.

And so..


I know, I know, what were we possibly thinking, I hear you ask. Well, we weren't. So for the next few minutes, we lay in our beds listening as Myrna typed her novel late at night despite her parents effort to stop her from pursuing her dreams. We listened as this one guy fought for their love despite the impossible circumstances. Wow, the beauty of cheesy radionovelas. We couldn't control our laughter! :))

And now here we are, twelve months, a Chris Tiu experience, a rat encounter, and lots of all-nighters later. We ended up having a TV, if you guys are wondering: a TV smaller than your average filler, and has no ABS-CBN. *tear* But at least we were able to watch Project Runway, and yes of course, the UAAP.

Ewww, nene pa kamiiiiii :)))))
JULY LANG 'TO!? :))))

One year down, [x] more to go! :D

Okay, I'm off to meet my high school friends now. Ciao!