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Obligatory "This is my schedule!" post.

- The CRS has somewhat been genuinely kind to me :">

- I only prerog-ed for one subject, STS. I didn't even consider taking this subject at all, but since I was left with no choice, I had to take it. I was kind of hesitant at first -- until I saw the venue. EEE! Most of my friends are from EEE. Is this a sign!? Maybe in another lifetime, I was an Engineering student, engulfed in codes and transistors.

- I hate it that my class ends so early on Fridays.. I might be tempted to go home to Paranaque and skip CWTS altogether. Ahhhh. I hope MilSci turns out okay. If not, there's someone to blame. (Hi, Enzo!)

- My sched is Tuesday-Saturday. Inna's is Monday-Friday. That means one night alone for both of us in the dorm.

- I might take piano lessons again, either on a Wednesday or a Friday. I miss the College of Music already.

- I will try my absolute best to use my early dismissal wisely. No to tambay, petix, and sleeping.

- I decided not to take PE this sem. I am boycotting PE because the CRS didn't give me striptease, bellydancing, or even basketball for a PE. (Yes, friends, basketball. I was thinking, might as well learn to play the sport I have come to love only because of all the hot men playing it. And besides, I had an interior motive when I signed up then too..) So it's either those three or none at all. Hmph. Now that I think about it.. what if I got into striptease/belly dancing? *insert laughter* And.. what if I got into basketball? *insert tear*

- I can watch UAAP games on Thursday afternoons! No more Chris Tiu though :(

- Last sem's Ital10 was on the 5th floor of the CAL bldg too. And now, this, again!? Is this a curse or a blessing? Hmm, well all the climbing did wonders for my legs.. so I guess I won't be complaining.

- Also: major workout for me every WF. From fourth floor of CAL to fourth floor of AS to EEE! Look on the brighter side, Karla, look on the brighter side. (The ultimate question "Boobs or legs?" comes to mind, haha.)

- Pan Pil 19!!! For the uninformed: Pan Pil 19 is Sekswalidad, Kasarian at Panitikan. If that doesn't sound interesting to you, I don't know what is. Now I have an academic excuse to unleash whatever locked-up raging hormones I *might* have. Hello, porn? Lol.

- CW 100 with Jamie, Andy, and Rose! Solid CW mates. I miss our Eng11 bondings and taho sessions! :( I am already looking forward to the next three years ahead.. awww. *inappropriate nostalgia moment*

- I have already grown accustomed to not eating lunch last sem.. so.. hello again, monay + peanut butter. Happiness in a bun.

Despite recent happenings that have caused certain sadness, I am still very much looking forward to this sem. Will I still get to hang out with my friends often? Will I be persuaded enough to join an org already? Will I become GC this sem? Will we *insert melodramatic question pertaining to my non-existent love life*..? So many questions that won't be answered until school starts.

So please, please, please do not postpone our classes, higher-being-heading-the-university.

I think I can *really* go to sleep now. Good night.