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Reasons Why Papa is The Greatest Guy On The Planet.

- He still insists on playing Wii and other fun games with me and Mommy.
- He buys me the complete DVDs of my favorite series and movies even when I'm not asking him to buy for me.
- He hugs and kisses me before he leaves and when he arrives -- even whem I'm already 17, hehe.
- He always texts Mommy and me before and after he boards a plane for his business travels.
- He brings home yummy tempura because he knows it's my favorite dish.
- He serves the church and the community religiously.
- He knows everything -- from literature, to science, to history. I can ask him about anything and he will always always always give me the right answer. I really think he's the smartest man ever :D
- He doesn't say no when it comes to books.
- He and I can talk about anything, from the littlest things like shoes to the big issues like sex. And no awkwardness whatsoever. Our conversations can stretch out for hours and we wouldn't be running out of things to talk about.
- He tolerates Mommy and me's kakikayan (and kasungitan, hehe)
- Even when he gets mad at us sometimes, he still always hugs us and makes lambing.
- He loves his family so much. His love for his mother, siblings, aunts, and other relatives is beyond words.
- He willingly sacrifices if it would be for other people's happiness.
- He can sing along to Craig David and Usher!!! And The Corrs, hehe.
- He allows me to go to gimmicks that my mom won't, hehe.
- He always tells me stories about his childhood.
- He explains everything so well. Everything he discusses with you will make you feel convinced in the end.
- He makes sound and reasonable judgment. He doesn't let emotions get in the way.
- He only spanked me once in my life :D
- He spoils Mommy and me, hihi.
- He always forgives me even if I'm not the most well-behaved daughter out there.
- He finds a way to solve the problems all the time.
- We both love vanilla ice cream. We can eat vanilla ice cream forever!
- He still kisses me good night.
- He is an excellent tour guide because he reads too many travel books.. but I'm better than him. Hehe. He panicked when we were at the Subway.
- He loves taking pictures of anything using his digicam.
- He brings me and Mommy to wherever we want to go -- from Vegas to New York! :D
- He loves watching superhero movies with me.
- He always calls and checks on me, just like Mommy. But he is not makulit. Hehe.
- He shoos away the cats that stay in front of our gate because he understands my fear of them.
- He says "I love you" to Mommy and me everyday.

I can write this list forever and I still wouldn't run out of things to say about Papa. He is not the typical strict or disciplinarian dad, but I have great respect for him because despite every negative thing you could say about him, there is a genuinely loving and caring person inside. He never spoiled me like the dads on TV with credit cards and cold hard cash that were spent by their bratty little daughters -- he spoiled me with love and kisses and hugs. I am so lucky to have him as my father. I don't know what Mommy and I would do without him :)

If not having any siblings meant I would have my parents as my best friends, then that's not so bad after all.

Forever the Papa's girl :)

Belated Happy Father's Day, Papa!
I love you!