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Food for thought.


Despite their many quirks and differences, they all have one thing in common: the very, very interesting things they have to say.

Today was more thought-provoking than the usual, though.

Quote number 1.
"Hindi lahat ng sayang ay para sa 'yo. You have to choose your struggles 'di ba. Hindi porket nang-hihinayang ka lang doon eh yun na yung maganda para sa 'yo."

-- my Italian 11 prof talking about her career-related dilemma

Now let's juxtapose it with this:

"Huwag kang bibitaw, noh, nako! The joy is in the struggle."

-- Grandmama, my PanPil19 prof, being her usual alpha-female self.

The first one is admitting that maybe not everything is for you and being okay with it. Sometimes we hold on to things because they are too good to pass up. But that doesn't always mean that they are good for us. Sometimes they are just that -- a good opportunity. They may not always be the big break suited for you. Sure, they may mean a lot to us, and yes, they may be something we want, but is that all you will ever want? We cannot dive into the unknown just because it seems fleeting and intriguing. And besides, there are plenty of other choices out there, it's too much to hang on to just one right this very moment, right now.

On the other hand, what will become of us when we don't choose? One cannot let too many choices become an excuse for not choosing. What if that was your once chance at something great, something extraordinary, and you just let it slip right through your fingers? Just imagine the many opportunities you're letting go of if you don't fight for something. Because, after all, what else is there to do in life than to take risks and -- our own battles? We cannot play safe forever. Somewhere down the line, we have to jump right into the water and just swim.

Now I throw the question to you.
What do YOU think?


Let's be cryptic again, shall we?

"So while he waits and hesitates
His chance of winning me slips by
Ah! Should he dare I firmly swear
My love for him will never die,"

-- excerpt from Song of My Seven Lovers (PanPil19)