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I've got the hots and the colds.

For the past few days, it's been raining cats and dogs every afternoon, around two o'clock. I don't mind the heavy downpour, in fact in most occasions I love it because it gives me the license to be all mushy and sentimental. I like the broody feel that is naturally emitted by everything that surrounds me when it rains. It's as if the world has been notched down one shade darker and suddenly everything is gray and pleasant. I also like romanticizing rain as much as you all do.

What I don't like is when reality has to settle in and I actually have to rush through the rain. Even with my trusty umbrella in hand and my super kick-ass pink jacket on, I still end up wet. Also, I hate that after just five or so minutes of intense pouring, the sun comes shining out immediately and it's all hot again. GREEEEAAAT. Then I feel all sweaty and icky afterwards. Getting wet or sweaty per se is not the problem, it's the aftermath of both: COLDS.

I hate the feeling of having to *sniff sniff* every second or so, because it just keeps dripping despite continuous blowing! Ugh. It feels gross. And it is gross. No-Drowse Decolgen temporarily relieved me (and saved me from falling asleep in my STS class) but the colds are back to haunt me tonight. Oh noooo. I wish, however, that this is only the result of the quick weather changes and not exactly a symptom of a certain dreaded flu virus. It cannot be. IT SHOULDN'T BE. I finally got myself motivated for school.. somehow.


The question for tomorrow's PanPil19 paper is, "What was your most erotic experience?" and the prelude to that is, "What is the most sensitive part of your body?"

How do I answer this?! Sure, we're all teenagers with occasional hormonal moments every now and then, but how do I put this down on paper? I have considered inventing, just 'cause I've always wanted to try writing something -- ahem, sensual. But alas this isn't my CW100 class. Or even CW198 (Erotic Writing) for that matter. This isn't supposed to be fiction; it's asking me for my own experience. My own. Oh God, what to do what to do what to do.

I guess that's up to me to find out and write down for the next few hours or so. I have the whole night to lay down and "reflect" about this. Of course, the paper will be for my professor's eyes and mine, so perhaps there is no problem in letting it all out.

Not that I have anything to let out in the first place. Haha :))