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Three hundred!

Oh my goodness, I can't believe it: This is my 300th post! I've always been a frustrated writer, and I will be the first to admit that even if I didn't always take this blogging business seriously, it has helped bring me to where I am now. I'm not proud of everything I've written here, especially ones that have exposed way too much about my private life, but I guess in a way seeing everything written down made me view myself in a different perspective and helped me become a better person. It has been said that much of the words we write mirror who we are. I guess three hundred posts are not enough to show you a whole reflection of me entirely but it is me, it is Karla -- all real.

Thank you to all the readers and visitors who have become such great friends offline and online. It is a pleasure getting to know all of you, especially meeting some in person! I must admit that blogging wouldn't be half as fun if it weren't for you. So I guess this post is also for you guys. Thank you, really :)

I'm crossing my fingers for three hundred more!


I think the post before this may seem intriguing to some. And if you haven't already noticed, well, I like keeping things vague. I like being cryptic :> But let's get the records straight -- I don't have a boyfriend. Just so we're clear :) I just happen to be a regular 17-year-old girl who met a guy and really liked him. I tried downplaying this for the last six months but I guess some things cannot be hidden forever.

Sometimes things happen when we least expect them. I've made some decisions that I don't necessarily regret but wish to have turned out a different way. Things could have been better, things could be so much greater than how they are now. But what is there left to do but just let things be? I didn't always like the phrase, "We'll see," because it's a double-edged sword -- does it mean the end or just the beginning? It seems so unsure. It's like venturing into the unknown and having no idea if you can come back alive. And I hate being unsure.

However something about this situation, this person, makes me find solace in the uncertainty.


This week is full of birthdays and rains.

Yesterday classes were postponed much to the delight of everyone. Me, initially, not so much. I stayed up all-night finishing a paper for the quantum theory of turbulence and reading an inch-thick worth of readings for another subject. However, after the initial annoyance wore off ,I felt intensely relieved -- NO CLASSES! Wooooh! I haven't experienced cancellation of class in such a long time already, something I missed in high school. So yeah, who was I to complain?

It was also Ria's birthday yesterday. Had so much fun with CrEngg! We just hung out at our dorm and at KFC Katip. Nothing else to do anyway since it was raining practically all day :)) And we played, what else, Killer Killer! Hahaha. But tomorrow is Ria's debut. Wooh, party time! \m/ Can't wait!

Then, tonight I went to Keng's birthday celeb and met up with high school-mates. I missed the familiar noise and asaran of long-time friends! Haha. The best part of the night was The Book of Answers which Inna, Tin, and I now fervently believe. :))


I held The Book of Answers in my hand. Inna and Tin were waiting. I closed my eyes, whispered the question, held the book tight, and opened the page.

"It is certain."

Ano baaa.

I leave it all to you, Fate. I leave it all to you.