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Today was made of epic win!

UP won versus Ateneo.
UP won versus Ateneo by ten points.
UP, the last team in the standings, won versus Ateneo, the defending champions, by ten points.


The Battle of Katipunan has been won by the Maroons! I don't care what you all say, WE BEAT ATENEO! Did YOUR school beat Ateneo? By 10 points? Huh? Huh?

(Sorry, pagbigyan niyo na ako, hindi naman ako makakapag-yabang ng ganito dahil once in a blue moon lang ang pangyayari na ito, haha)


Today was my paternal grandmother's 89th birthday :)

We had a party at their house with some close relatives. I miss bondings with the family, especially with my cousins. I may not have siblings but I have excellent family-socializing skills :) I miss being around the people I grew up and spent my weekends with because we don't get to see each other around much these days. It was a good night :)


I added a question box :)
I missed having to answer random questions from random people.


While inside my FX with my mom from Tutuban, I asked for a sign.
And a sign was given.
In less than five seconds.

I swear.

And not just a sign.

The stars must be all in perfect alignment now.
It's true really, when a door closes another one opens :)

"I'm never gonna dance again,
the way I danced with you."

(Thankfully this song is a backdrop to a completely wholesome scene in my case, haha)