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I've always loved sundaes. I'm a huge ice cream addict in general, but there is something about a sundae cone that always pulls me in for an irresistible bite. There is something about that rich, creamy explosion of vanilla that sends tsunamis of fulfilling sensations in my mouth. Unknown to many, I love vanilla or any vanilla based flavor because much like an all-time favorite karaoke tune or your most comfortable pair of jeans, you never go wrong with vanilla. It's sweet, safe, and makes you feel good.

My days are usually very vanilla. Nothing really spectacular happens but they're okay. I go to class, I listen to the prof and take down notes, I meet up with friends -- the typical. No sudden headache-inducing setbacks or adrenaline-rushing moments. It's just.. okay. Normal.

Well, today was nothing new. Today was as vanilla as all the other days. It rained around two o'clock as usual. Everything was muted to the predictable overcast that comes with the weather. I was ready to lie down in my bed and contemplate on my CW100 paper due tomorrow. I was all set to finish my routines and end the day. It was so vanilla -- melted vanilla ice cream, almost.

And just when my day was coming to a close, I suddenly had a pouring of good old hot fudge :)

Rude awakening: Now that I think about it, it's ironic that my "sundaes" are almost always figurative. I want a real actual ice cream cone right now. Sometimes no matter how happy I may have been because of a dollop of metaphorical chocolate syrup and a spoonful of symbolic strawberry sprinkles, nothing beats the real thing. A sundae might just be what I need to give me that little push to help me finish this CW100 draft.

Dial 8-Mcdo?