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Taking back Wednesday.

You are everything I want,
'coz you are everything I'm not.

And we lay, we lay together
just not too close, too close
How close is close enough?

I just want to break you down so badly
I trip over everything you say.

I'm gonna make damn sure
You won't ever get too far from me.

This is the anthem of a confused admirer (?)
And an addicted Rockband player (!!!)

I know, I know. We suck. Rockband kahapon at kanina. We just couldn't resist it. :)) But hey, at least there are musical and emotional nourishments. I did drums AND vocals at the same time for Dashboard's Hands Down, and I was the top performer! \m/ Fulfillment! Haha. It's just sooo addictive. Darn, we have such a high-maintenance hobby. CrEngg, I think we should be serious about the "RB fund." Somebody bring a can and collect. Haha, LOL.

I can't wait for the semester to end. I am feeling absolutely stressed, I can almost feel premature wrinkles forming and pores clogging on my forehead. Ahhh stress. Stress motivates me to work harder but also makes me want to procrastinate. Oh, it's a vicious, never-ending cycle. I just hope I come out of this sem alive.

Thank goodness for Rockband. Keeps me sane.
Or not.

In PanPil17 class this morning, I think I was seeing the colored notes scrolling along the tiles while I was staring at the floor. My foot suddenly started tapping and my hands suddenly did air-drumming. Oh no.