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Taking a break from PanPil17.

I have an exam tomorrow for PanPil17 (Kulturang Popular), and I have been doing a whole of reading since 6pm. It's one of my pretty interesting subjects this semester, especially because 1) We don't really have lectures, more of exchanging of opinions, 2) Our topics are very relevant to our everyday life. We've talked about malls, movies, TV shows, street food -- typical and ordinary stuff we often take for granted but ultimately shape our lives.

Anyway, I was in the middle of reading Rolando Tolentino's "Sa Loob at Labas ng Mall Kong Sawi" and was trying very, very hard to not fall asleep when I came across this:

"Ganito ang paradox ng nostalgia: sa pag-igting ng pagnanasang makabalik, lalo lamang nabubura ang alaala ng pinagmulan."

It took me ten minutes to read and digest anything else after that. It got to me, really. Funny how small, random but timely and relevant things like this find their way into your consciousness when you least expect them.

Okay, back to reading. That definitely woke me up.