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The aftermath.

What a devastating weekend it has been.

I wouldn't even try and elaborate how badly we were hit by typhoon Ondoy because the effects are so obvious. It came at an unexpected time, and the results are completely distressing especially because it hit so close to home, literally. It's not just something we saw on TV, it really happened to us, our families, our friends.

I was stuck at the dorm Friday evening because my Saturday classes weren't suspended until late that night. So the whole Saturday, I was just inside my room, with my phone, iPod, and laptop charging. I was anticipating the blackout. I couldn't leave because in front of our room, it was already starting to flood and our kitchen had started getting wet. I just decided to finish my due papers while waiting for the rains to stop. (Un)fortunately it didn't, but thankfully I managed to finish three papers! That's the only bright side to all this I guess. I had no choice but to stay in and just write, so yes, I was able to do two reaction papers and one short story.

I spent the night with Trixie, my friend, at the third floor. When we went out for dinner at the store just beside our dorm, we saw the whole Katipunan strip was dark and flooded. Apparently, we were the only ones (I think) whose electricity didn't get cut. Thank God for that. I am really thankful that I had Trixie with me that night, otherwise I would've gone crazy since the Globe signal was already starting to fail me and I had no way out. I started frantically texting my friends, asking them how they were especially the ones in Cainta, Rizal, and Marikina. That night we watched the news and saw how terrible the situation was in the nearby areas.

I commuted home to Paranaque the next day and thankfully arrived home.

I feel lucky that we weren't as distraught here in Paranaque, but a part of me also feels guilty that most people out there are suffering while I was just here at home playing Wii and watching TV. So yesterday, I went to UP with some of my friends to help out with the relief operations led by the University Student Council. We helped out in the packing at first, and eventually were deployed to Old Balara a few minutes outside UP. Thankfully their area wasn't as devastated because the flood has already subsided, but they were still in dire need of food and clothes nonetheless. It was actually quite nostalgic for me, it made me remember our Community Extension Service subject way back in fourth year high school. There really is no greater feeling than knowing you have helped someone in any way possible.

The only thing we can do right now is really try to help. I hope everyone else goes out there and extend their helping hand to those who were greatly affected by Ondoy. Please, if there are relief operations around your area, do your part and reach out. :) Even the smallest contributions matter.


I had to leave the relief operations early yesterday though for my scheduled anti-cervical cancer vaccine at my mom's office in Makati. I was actually quite nervous because I've been hearing that it's really quite painful because the medicine was viscous. But I'm used to getting shots anyway, so what the hell.

Now my arm still hurts. *tear*


Three of my friends went here last Monday for RockBand. Hindi talaga papatinag sa bagyo :))


My v3x finally gave up on me last Tuesday :(((