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Dearest Sembreak,

What's taking you so long? How much longer do I have to wait?

About a week to go for me. My classes end on Wednesday but there are still deadlines for final manuscripts and projects, plus one more exam to go. I know my remaining schedule is quite light as compared to others because I'm done with my finals, but this doesn't make me any less stressed. And once again, anxiety is creeping up to me.

Add the fact that I have colds, and my head hurts because I overslept this afternoon/evening.

On the brighter side of things, our Italian11 prof already emailed our grades to us this evening and I am very, very pleased :) Sono molto felice con la mia classe italiana perche giustifica il RockBand! :)) Well, at least that's one thing that paid off already.

Please come soon. I need you. I want you.