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Think happy thoughts.

After a week of pseudo-sem break, we're back to school.

I wonder if stress can be physically tangible. Because upon stepping on UP ground this morning, I felt the collective anxiety filling up the atmosphere. Everyone looked tired, probably from all the readings they have to catch up on. The place we always sit on was filled with disgruntled, worried noises, all worrying about exams or projects. And if you breathe deep enough, I swear, you could probably smell the tension around you. Stress. Ahhhh. Hello, hell week.

Our last day has been moved to the 13th.

The thought that this coming Thursday should have been the last day still frustrates me to pieces. Setting aside the trauma that last week had caused due to the typhoons, for a student, the delay is more exasperating than helpful, because most of our assignments couldn't have been accomplished at home. Meetings that could have been finished, projects that could have been done, examinations that could have been taken -- argh. But all the complaining in the world won't make them go away.

So I guess I just have to close my eyes, think positive thoughts and get myself through this week. Just one more week, Karla. One more week. Then.. fuhreeeedoooom!

Speaking of happy thoughts..

This is why we're addicted.

How you look like while playing Rock Band.

How you feel like while playing Rock Band.

I will use RockBand to motivate me. Study hard, rock hardeeeer! \m/