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There are only two ways to classify a surprise: a good or a bad one. It's either it makes you feel better, or dampens your spirits. Either it encourages you, or leaves you hopeless. Either it gives you confirmation, or confuses the hell out of you. Either you like it, or you don't.

This week has been so far a week of little revelations that aren't necessarily life-changing, but surprises nonetheless. I guess I think they are worthy enough to be blogged about anyway. Are they good or bad?

  1. I've been such a nerd lately. I sweeear the amount of readings I have after just a week and a half of school is beyond crazy. But the funny thing is, instead of procrastinating and refusing to even look at it, I am actually feeling compelled to go home early and just READ. I swear to God, I was just studying and reading all week long. All my subjects have heavy readings: For CL121, I have this unbelievably thick photocopied book on literary criticisms. For Eng23, I have dozens of Shakespearean plays to worry about (and memorize because it's a freakin' drama class). For CL111 & CL184, I have short stories and poems to worry about. It's a never-ending READING process. But yeah, it surprises me how motivated I am to work lately. Sure I feel like I'm dragging myself to do this, but at least the will power is there.

  2. I "signed-up" for the Mark Aranas Intense Training program. Our barkada has always been meaning to do this together (of course we have other things to do other than Rockband! Haha.) and now that the timing is right, I can't believe it pushed through. What shocks me more though was that I willingly joined! I am the last person on earth who would want to jog, run, walk or even do any exercise whatsoever. But with a little peer pressure, and a huge determination to have great legs, I gave in. This afternoon was no easy task. The MIT program was indeed, INTENSE. Mark was unforgiving! Jogging twice around the Academic Oval, plus endurance training that involved lunges and push-ups. Hahaha. But I need that, actually. More than the desire for a sexy body (which is what motivates me!), I want to do this to prove something to myself. I need to defy my limits!

  3. I just found out something about a very good friend of mine. I was actually expecting it, but I just didn't think it would happen this soon. Of course I have nothing against it, and I am very happy for him. In fact, I am actually relieved. But my reaction to the discovery spoke more about myself than it did about our friendship -- that it really was better off that we ended things the way we did. Because we just couldn't be something we hoped we would be.

  4. I am finally starting to warm up to a friend again with whom I had quite of a falling out a few weeks back. It wasn't like before but at least it's a start. I'm shocked that I'm letting myself put my guard down a bit even after what happened, but I realized I can't hide from her forever. She is still after all a friend. And despite the circumstances, at least I still want to be a good friend to her.

  5. The more I suppress something, the more it consumes me. Yes, I admit it, there are just some feelings I can't escape or deny, no matter how much I want to.

The thing with surprises is it all depends on how you look at it. Whether it enthuses you or ruins your day is your call. Are these good or bad surprises? Well, I can't say for sure just yet but they are welcome surprises. If anything, at least they are signs that I'm growing up, and finally going beyond what is expected of me. And who wouldn't want that?

What surprised you lately?