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Excess baggage.

It's never easy to let go of not only things we cherish but also of things we are used to. We find comfort in the familiarity, and we feel secure in things we have been accustomed to. There's nothing wrong with hanging on to what we are already sure of, what we are okay with -- after all, that's human nature.

But sometimes, it is also refreshing to leave behind emotional baggage that we may feel at home with but are weighing us down. Sometimes, it is important to learn how to release them and chop them off our lives as a way of opening new doors and starting new chapters.

Yes folks, I cut off my hair. The hair I cared for and loved for more than a year. I cut off my waist-length hair because it was dragging me down, literally and figuratively. It reminded me too much of all the unnecessary turmoil that 2009 has caused me. It was difficult -- I think I felt a small shriek from deep inside me when the first few inches were chopped off. But after that was also a sigh of relief. It was like removing all my insecurities, disappointments and frustrations. Because now was the time to let it all go. Finally.

I now look like a 15-year-old again. Yehey?