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No doubt about it?

So I'm in our newly airconditioned living room, supposedly finishing a paper for my Philosophy class, but blogging while listening to Chris Martin's melancholy vocals in the Coldplay's version of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas." I feel like I'm almost in an ending montage of scenes in a sad Christmas episode of an American TV drama show. Haha.

I feel like sharing another epic quote from last week.

In Philosophy class, we're currently on Rene Descartes' Meditations, or simply put, on the famous I think therefore I am statement. We were discussing the sytem of thought he used to come up with this conclusion, which was to adapt the way of the skeptics. Thus, leading us to his method of doubt.
"Unless you are absolutely certain that a thing is true, you must doubt it."
My first reaction was, "Darn, this could have saved me a lot of heartache if only this came along sooner!" Of course, it's a natural human tendency to try and overanalyze, then put meaning in everything, even if we're not completely sure about it. It's actually a coherent argument: if there is any possibility for something to be false, then doubt it. That way, you won't be deceived. Right?

Then again, would one really want to doubt everything? Is it wise to be suspicious and careful rather than be open and vulnerable?

With what has happened to me during the first semester, this quote makes perfect sense. I should learn my lesson. Maybe I should try being cynical next time because at least only one of two things will happen: either things will go wrong as expected, or things will turn out right and I'd be pleased. It's as if Descartes is preaching me that next time, I shouldn't be letting my guard down that easily because it makes me susceptible to hurt. He's right, I guess. But only up to a point.

Because I'm really not the type of person who can't grant anyone the benefit of the doubt. I wouldn't want to be skeptical about everything and everyone. I don't think it's very practical to be highly dubious all the time. It's so suffocating to always be worrying over things that can just be, anyway. Something about the unknown possibilities makes me always hopeful and optimistic about things. Maybe it's just how I am. I can be skeptical but not all the way.

What do you think?


Thirteen days to go. It's that time of the year. Are you feeling it?