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There she goes.

They say looking good is the best revenge.

Haven't had it this short since Grade 6! How's that for change? So I was kinda depressed. I was so frustrated, something just had to go. It was a spur of the moment decision, but hey, I'm not regretting it. After all, the best revenge is looking good. So, did I win the battle? :))

It's funny though, when I look at the mirror, I still don't recognize myself. This will take several more days of getting used to. So far, I've been told I look like 1) a 15-year-old, 2) my mom, 3) Brooke Davis from Season 5 and 6. As for me, I just want to not look like the usual Karla this time.

Went back to the dorm today for my 3-hour break. I was planning on either sleeping or watching TV but ended up just reading for my CL111 class later at 2:30 and reviewing a bit for my CL121 exam on Friday. But I feel really bored and lazy today for some reason. It's a little bit more difficult to wake up in the morning and to stay awake in class. Is it because the chilly weather is starting to creep in already? Well, I'm not complaining. I love December weather! And if anything, I have an excuse to use my favorite hoodies :)

Engg Week and Lantern Parade next week! Can't wait.

Okay, off to my CL111 class. Later.